ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴘʀᴇꜱꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴜᴄᴋ
ɪ ᴡᴏᴋᴇ ᴜᴘ ꜰᴇᴇʟɪɴɢ ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜꜱ

Roleplays may take place at any point throughout these timelines. They are a simple relay of events that occur throughout each verse and can be tweaked / altered to fit roleplays at any point in those timelines.
Origin stories may be present in multiple bios within a header.
Triggers involved include violence , manipulation , suicide , murder and a lot of general dark themes. This is not an exhaustive list but gives a guide of what to expect.Every verse does not currently has all the information available. Please do not hesitate to ask for any information not currently written on any of these pages and I'll be happy to answer . Regardless of whether all information is freely available, all verses are available to roleplay in. This account thrives on the exploration of different worlds and biographies linked to Harley Quinn . If there is a world that you require information for please ask , if there's a verse you do not see , or wish to plot your own AU , then my DMs / IMs are always open.Please tap the logo of each world to be redirected to a page with more information.



This is an amalgamation of Arkham video games and the Arkham comic as they follow the same line of continuity. Where the comic and video game names are similar with the comic acting typically as a prequel, the stories have been combined under one verse. Arkham Origins A Matter of Family Arkham Asylum Arkham City Arkham Unhinged End Game and Harley Quinn's Revenge Arkham Knight

Although strictly a part of the DC Animated Universe, due to its length and popularity, date difference and features that are slightly different to the DC Animated Universe (such as the introduction of Superbabes and Harley's complete separation from the Joker), it has been separated from this group of verses. Batman and Harley Quinn

Originally a digital comic, this series has water colour-like artwork and a more joyful tone as the comic passes through time with one-shots focusing on special events that take place throughout the year. Batman Li'l Gotham

Based upon the 2019 animated feature, the end of this bio is canon divergent. Because of the events described, Harley in this verse is able to shapeshift at will into a hyena form using icons from this film as a reference. No threads of a sexual nature will feature Harley’s shapeshifting ability. Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is based upon the stand alone story from Enrico Marini featuring a whole new look for Harley Quinn whilst Joker seeks to find her the best birthday present. The Joker within this verse seems to genuinely love the Jester even if she is hard to get. Batman: The Dark Prince Charming

This is set during World War II so Nazism and the Nazi Regime will be mentioned. It will be tagged ‘tw nazism’. If you want me to tag it in any other ways please let me know. Please be aware that the end of this plot is considerably jumpy due to a lack of Harley’s involvement towards the end of the main storyline makes which made rounding off this retelling difficult without it becoming irrelevant. Bombshells

Assault on Arkham was initially made to add to the Arkhamverse but due to having similarities in art style and an acknowledgment of Task Force X this film has been added to the overall continuity of the DC Animated Original Movies. To clarify one difference between films: in Sssault on Arkham, Killer Frost refers to Louise Lincoln and in Hell to Pay Killer Frost is Crystal Frost instead. Batman: Assault on Arkham Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Batman: Hush Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

This verse is based on a light-hearted world set mostly at Super Hero High where students try and strive to be the best hero they can be. The class clown Harley Quinn usually ends up getting herself into more trouble than it’s worth but she does share her antics with the world on her vlogging channel HQTV which is always fun to share around, as she tries to grab the latest gossip from her school. Get Your Cape On Don’t Be Scared to Fly Adventures at Super Hero High Piece By Piece

As a mysterious techno-virus spreads across Earth, many of the heroes and villains have become infected o a point where elimination is necessary for survival. For the majority of threads in this verse, Gotham’s Jungle will be the main location. A Sanctuary for survivors pre and post the take off of the Ark. DCeased

After the near-collapse of the multiverse Harley Quinn, an inmate of somewhere, held a large question mark over her head. Jonathan Crane took an interest in her and reluctantly she became his liaison. But No one took control of the unpredictable Harley Quinn and she had her own ideas. Future State

This is an alternative universe where Lex Luthor runs a city under a dome and calls it his own, with the rest of the surrounding lands becoming a desolate desert-like wasteland, where the majority of the action takes place. Gotham City Garage

The DC Black Label origin exploration for Harleen Quinzel, shows a deeper struggle in working at Arkham Asylum, especially when one patient is trying to be her psychiatrist, instead of the other way around. Harleen

This comic runs alongside the ideas presented in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn) with Harley knowing the Birds of Prey personally. However, given the art style, and the links between Birds of Prey and Margot Robbie's other appearances, these comics series have been given a world of their own. Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice

An insight into Harleen’s backstory, with links to Coney Island before her move there in other comics. Mary Dahl, Poison Ivy, March Harriet and Magpye are all mentioned by name in a new group therapy concept used by Harleen explored in this novel, whilst balancing her time on her main patient, the Joker. Icons used within this verse will vary as with this being a novella the world itself is iconless. Harley Quinn: Mad Love

A murder mystery adventure set in an alternate universe featuring a Harley and Ivy spinoff series. Accusing Harley Quinn of murder seems like a great idea, and normally she'd be a suspect, but things aren't always what they seem. Heroes in Crisis Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Comics where appropriate have been added chronologically. Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice: Ground Zero have a similar basic story arc, with Ground Zero more focused on Harley’s actions given her narration of the events, which also cover those in Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice Year Zero Injustice Year One Injustice Year Two Injustice Year Three Injustice Year Four Injustice Year Five Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice: Ground Zero Injustice Two Comic Injustice Two Game

This verse is based on the Harleen Quinzel present in ‘The Joker Blogs’ web series. Filmed mostly from an interview perspective it is a set of video diaries filmed by Harleen herself to give an insight into this portrayal of the Joker. The Joker Blogs

Dr. Harley Quinn serves as a criminal profiler and forensic investigator entangled in a series of murders presented to her. Level-headed and underestimated in her department, will she catch the Joker. Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity

As Batman is revealed to be a vampire in this universe I have opted to write this as if she was sired by Batman, creating a Vampire AU. Lore where appropriate will be similar to that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Due to the nature of this verse and her characterization that Harley is more unstable than usual, opting for a chainsaw and is a known serial killer. Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Throughout DC Media Harley has held a few different lantern rings, as well as having her own black and red ring developed. Because of this I decided to create a world in which these rings were permanent entity’s for Harley to explore and use beyond the one-shot storylines. Harley Corps Green Lantern Corps Sinestro Corps

Despite the New Earth timeline stretching from 1986 to 2011 I have opted to focus on two Harley-centric storylines; Harley Quinn (2000) and Batman: Harley and Ivy (2004). Elements of her characterization and icons from other storylines may be brought in for references. Harley Quinn Batman: Harley and Ivy

Harley is not written into the Joker’s past and will be kept separate intentionally although encounters with the Joker and other Gotham villains are encouraged. She will not acknowledge that she knows them personally unless pre-established but does consider The Joker to be a huge inspiration for who she is. Nolanverse

All comics in the main DC continuity from 2016 to 2020 featuring Harley are in this world. This has been split into main comic storylines with her solo comic and Suicide Squad appearances as well as a further verse for her Gotham adventures. prior to her progression in Infinite Frontier. Suicide Squad Vol I Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Vol II Joker War

Throughout these video games, your actions as Batman implicate the potential storyline. Using videos provided by Hippo Reddy, two biographies have been written. The sequence of events is entirely dependent on whether Bruce’s or Batman’s actions can be classed as mostly “good” or mostly “bad”. The Honest Batman Batman: The Monster

Mid-way through her doctorate Gotham City became No Man’s Land and all her years of hard work meant nothing. Recruited as a community nurse, Harleen knew there was one person she could blame for all her hardship. The one man who had created all of this mess and was being praised for it; The Batman. The Batman (2022)

This timeline features two versions of Harley both of which have verses described. The main Harley left the Joker after the Death of Jason Todd, having loved him as Jack. The other, mostly known as Neo, loved Joker because of his chaos. When Joker and Jack seem to fight for control, the city takes the worst damage. Batman: White Knight Curse of the White Knight White Knight: Harley Quinn Neo-Joker

This world is based on the comics that were inspired by the Batman 1966 tv series. Although Harley was never an official part of this despite many fan theories, since her introduction wasn’t until 1992 she did make a few appearances in a slightly altered story under the name Dr. Holly Quinn within the Batman ’66 comics. For any threads that are set in the 1960s this is the verse and storyline that will be used. Batman '66

A lot of Harley’s bio is actually backstory events retold through memories of the Batman Beyond characters. For current events in this world, Harley will be an older version of herself with twin granddaughters, typically spending her time trying to bail them out of situations. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Set in Feudal Japan, Batman Ninja is a mash of ideas from the Japan studios. There are lots of anime tropes and plot points that need to be simply taken for granted including giant mechs. Batman Ninja

Within this series, there is a creature with magic called Bat-Mite from an alternate universe where Batman is acknowledged as a comic book hero alongside Robin as they fight the Joker. Bat-Mite has the ability to force/alter the reality that Batman and Robin live in, like a writer of fate as he pops up in time ‘fangirling’ over the Dynamic Duo. Batman: The Brave and The Bold

In the series that aired in 2002, Harley is a highly psychopathic yet controlled version of herself, mostly working as Harleen Quinzel. This is a world where Huntress fights alongside Oracle and a teen Black Canary to help New Gotham after the deaths of Batman and the Joker. Birds of Prey

Initially written as a GOTHAM verse for Harley, due to Ecco's introduction, this has been moved to an alternate universe I have labeled Harley’s circus verse. This move also allows for exploration beyond GOTHAM. This bio contains many dark themes, including murder as Harley works her way up to being Ring Mistress for the Kopski Big Top as well as a Crime Boss for Gotham City's underworld. Circus

Harley made her debut within Batman: The Animated Series. All the series listed have been grouped as a part of the DC Animated Universe, or DCAU. Some series are considerably shorter, such as the case with Gotham Girls, having been relayed to the audience through webisodes. The order in which episodes have been written is according to the Batman: The Animated series wiki. Batman The Animated Series The New Superman / Batman Adventures Gotham Girls Static Shock and Justice League

DC SuperHero Girls received a reboot in 2019. Animation and storylines changed, moving the location from Super Hero High to Metropolis High. Harleen Quinzel is a friend of Barbara Gordon from Gotham City. At night, however, she changes into her jester costume opting to become the villain Harley Quinn for nemesis Batgirl. This naming system will be used throughout. Get That Super Life Her Harlarious Adventures Flicking Through the Pages

This brings together both Flashpoint (2011) and Justice League Paradox as they’re an almost identical story for Harley Quinn’s Flashpoint alternative; Yo-Yo. Because of this, the verse will be mostly headcanon based as a world in which Martha Wayne is Joker allows for an exploration on how Yo-Yo came to be. Flashpoint

With Jeremiah, and subsequently Ecco, added to the GOTHAM series, I decided to introduce Ecco as Harley's GOTHAM iteration. I had written an AU based on the idea of Gotham for Harley Quinn to explore but this has since been moved to its own world - Circus. Face Claim for Ecco is Francesca Root-Dodson. GOTHAM

Due to the nature of this verse Poison Ivy and Catwoman may make guest appearances throughout as Harley is working directly with them. The adventures entwine the three Sirens, and they are often spotted together. Gotham City Sirens

Harley's adventures with the Legion of Doom and beyond in a rebuilt Gotham City after her break up with the Joker. Unlike the rest of my writing, this verse will contain a lot of strong language throughout. Season One Season Two The Eat! Kill! Bang! Tour Season Three

A young adult graphic novel bringing a new take to Harley’s teenage years featuring Drag Queen ‘Mama’ as Harleen finds a new way to dabble with madness to save the city she now has to call home. A large part of Ivy’s storyline, works on the fact that within this world she is a feminist and woman of colour. This idea will not change for any rp under any circumstances. Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

Meet Harleen, Bernice, Bianca, Jamin, and Kelly, collectively known as the Reckoning. Gap year student Harleen enrolled on a program aimed to boost female participation and diversity within STEM with the hopes of receiving a scholarship to Gotham U. But when faced with sexism and misogynistic beliefs, the girls find a way to strike back. Harley Quinn: Reckoning Ravenous

The latest comic issues will be found here, since the soft reboot for Infinite Frontier. With Harley Quinn back in Gotham, this world will predominantly focus on her solo comic run, and her involvement in Batman (2016) from #107 onwards. Other tie-in issues may feature. Harley Quinn Batman

This verse is an alternative universe story of my own design based on Joker (2019) featuring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. Due to the differences with this Joker’s origin story, it was thought best to develop an AU story for Harleen Quinzel where she is an admirer of the Joker’s work after being one of the many community psychiatrists affected by the budget cuts as she loses a fiancé and gains friends in her old patients and they use the Joker as a Talisman to make the city great again. Joker (2019)

Based upon the graphic novels Joker and Batman: Damned, first released on DC’s Black Label. The stories are separated into verses, Batman: Damned is supposed to be a sequel but is not directly tied to the previous story. Joker Batman: Damned

An animated series aimed at younger viewers with a distinctly different animation style, which is why it has been separated from other animated series. Cute and fun and fairly straightforward. Justice League Action

After the Justice League broke the universe Brainiac blackmailed the heroes and villains of Earth to aid in stopping the Omega Titans who were trying to destroy his world. The only way for them to succeed was for new teams to be developed. Harley Quinn landed in Team Wisdom to show that crazy can sometimes also equal genius, although a PhD helps too. Justice League: No Justice

Although the bios are separate, the world generally is likely to be used, rather than being overly specific. The main differences between each series is her look, but she is almost always a companion to the Joker's exploits in Gotham City. The Lego Batman Movie Lego Batman Games 1-3 Lego DC Villains

For main comic series spanning 2011 and 2016, featuring Harley's red and black half-head look. I have opted to use the main arcs from her three main comic storylines and the crossovers linked to those. Any icons, storylines where she is blonde have been moved to Rebirth. Suicide Squad New Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Initially starting in her main line comic at the time, the mini-series became a world of its own, so was given its own world to explore. The older Harley is having to find new ways to tackle her problems and issues despite trying to have the same tenacity as her much younger self. Old Lady Harley

Currently a placeholder until the full Rocksteady game is released in 2023, since it has now been delayed. Although it is acknowledged that this follows on from the Arkhamverse, given changes in Harley’s attitude and how I have seen her Arkhamverse ending, I have opted to separate this game. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Harleen Quinzel runs her own pop psychology tv series, which due to it's lack of success gets axed by the channel. A cascade of events from here leads her into the arms of the Joker. These ideas alongside the different art styles for Harley but particularly the Joker, lead to Batman (2004) becoming a world of its own. The Batman (2004)

This alternative universe of my own design is set to explore the Harley Quinn within the Death Metal world as she is only briefly mentioned. Influences for this include the art available for Harley interpretations despite her lack of involvement. How would Harley fall for a Laughing Bat?? The Batman Who Laughs

Also known as the DC Extended Universe, or DCEU, this has now been placed under the new header of Worlds of DC as this is the official title for what was previously referred to as the DCEU. Any and all live action Harley Quinn films starring Margot Robbie will be under this header. Suicide Squad Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad

This is an amalgamation of Arkham video games and the Arkham comics as they follow the same line of continuity. Where the comic and video game names are similar with the comic typically acting as a prequel the stories have been combined under one verse. The related animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham has been separated and added to the DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU) as a prequel due to the moves away from the Arkhamverse canon and the similarities in animation to Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018).

>> [ Arkham Origins ]

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was working at Blackgate Penitentiary as a psychiatrist. With the Joker cuffed to his bed, Harleen welcomed the Joker to Blackgate Prison, as she was there to complete his psychiatric evaluation. His cell seemingly only held his bed and her chair within it. The only reason the air was circulating was because of the ceiling fan. As soon as Harley sat down, her professionalism slipped away almost immediately. Asking the Joker if he had had a bad day, she defended him, blaming the police for beating on the sick and defenseless. In response, Joker asked if she had ever had a bad day herself. Asking for clarification, Joker expanded, declaring he felt adrift and that he had been sucked down a drain into something new, labeling it a thrill. He brushed off his comment, as he claimed she was unlikely to relate to how he had been feeling. However, Harleen believed she wasn’t far from the truth.Harleen presumed the male was talking about love. Her devotion to the Joker was now evident, as she believed he was talking about her, despite him thinking of Batman. Wanting him to elaborate, Dr. Quinzel skewed the topic, purposely keeping it anonymous. She asked him to describe how the person in his head made him feel. The psychiatrist giggled along to his response, but it appeared his mind was elsewhere. She had perceived his tone to be flirtatious, and that hadn’t gone unnoticed. It was just another nail in the coffin that had her twisting her mind to fit her ideal of him. In her mind, she wasn’t afraid to let go and fall. That was a feeling she understood, and the female was eager to respond as he asked. Wanting to prove her thoughts right, Harleen asked who the person was that the Joker was referring to for her satisfaction. All he said was that the person was special to him even if he was unsure of their identity, as he didn’t know Batman’s true identity. However, Harleen saw this answer as an opportunity to properly introduce herself, as she was still under the delusion the Joker had been referring to her. He told her she had a pretty name and asked if her friends called her Harley. Harleen admitted she didn’t have many friends, though. The Joker seemingly took this information on board, as he told her that she had a friend in him now. With a grin on his face, the blonde had fallen for him completely, brushing her hand down his arm, her feelings blooming for him, whether he realized it or not.After this interaction, she became a victim of the Joker, tied up and subsequently rescued by Batman. The Bat asked whether she was okay, but Harleen only appeared to dust herself off. A brush with death by the hand of Joker had been close, and she knew that. Harleen noted that this was an occupational hazard of working in Blackgate, the extremities of the situation not bothering her. Walking over to the corridor, Dr. Quinzel told Batman she knew why he was there. The Joker was still running riot around the prison, having escaped his cell. She pointed Batman toward the panopticon with warning him that the Joker was waiting for him there. A fight supposedly broke out between Joker and Batman, with Batman nearly killing him, stopping just seconds before. Commissioner Gordon approached, detaining Joker alongside a psychiatric team, including Harleen Quinzel. Although she was mentally on his side now, the female’s role as a psychiatrist to her patient came first.

[ A Matter of Family ] <<

Harley was first overhead when she and Joker cheered on their goons outside the abandoned Seagate Amusement Park. They fought against Batgirl and Robin. To her dismay, Batgirl and Robin succeeded in taking down their man, and Joker reluctantly welcomed the vigilantes to the amusement park. He called the vigilantes his kids for tonight, as they would either learn to fly or drop and die. Joker declared he had to push them out of their nest, using several hostages from the GCPD to use in his playground.Harley then intercepted the communication lines used by the vigilantes. Overhearing Batgirl, Harley thought aloud about her opinions on the Batgirl persona. She commented that she thought of her as more of a Batlady than a Batgirl, claiming it was all about how she carried herself. Batgirl had the potential to be seen as less skilled or prepared, but Batlady had a nice ring to it in her mind. Robin joked the new title could work, but Batgirl was more focused on the task at hand. As Batgirl flew down to the slow spinning Ferris Wheel, Harley spoke over the tannoy and told Batgirl to speed things up a little. With that comment, the Ferris Wheel gained some pace as it started to spin rapidly. Batgirl managed to reach the control panel to stop the ride, only to find the control box broken. With another laugh, Harley was almost shocked that Batgirl thought such an easy plan would work. Fireworks sparked from the center of the Ferris Wheel, setting it ablaze as guards now surrounded Batgirl. Harley warned the guards that Batgirl had training from two of the best crime fighters in Gotham. She started taking down the guards, and Harley heard the sounds over the frequency. She used it as a warning to the others, but she also claimed the sound of torn muscles and broken bones was romantic. Harley started to believe Batgirl had what it took to defeat them as the fight escalated, with more painful noises echoing over the communication devices. Batgirl called Harley out after taking down all the guards. Because apparently, her sneaky bat moves were applaudable.However, another Joker trap laid in her path, a Merry-go-Round with hostages trapped in the central column. The floor dropped on the ride, separating it into two, leaving Batgirl with a tricky situation. The column surrounding the hostages slowly began to fill with water as an onslaught of guards readied an attack. With a giggle, Harley cheered on Batgirl just enough as the task of saving them appeared impossible. However, luckily or skillfully, the female Bat succeeded in handling all the goons. No matter her best effort, though, it was never going to have been enough, as the central column was full of water. Harley called out over the tannoy system that the three little piggies were to drown, as Batgirl was not enough of a hero to save them. In retaliation, Batgirl sprayed explosive gel on the column, causing it to explode. Glass flew everywhere, but somehow it kept the hostages alive.Taking a more direct approach to matters, Harley appeared in person at the main event. She was ready for the final act as Batgirl was again surrounded by goons, including Harley herself, on an open platform. To raise the stakes, Commissioner Gordon was left hanging in a suspended cage over the arena. Robin joined Batgirl’s side, and the death of the Caped Do-Gooders commenced. With everything set, Joker, Harley, and the goons went to work. With a baseball bat in hand, Harley set out to try to exhaust the heroes. As the fight seemed to head towards a hero win, Joker decided to involve himself, bringing a knife to the battle. Eventually, though, Harley was taken out, and shortly after, Joker also failed.Once the two of them were down, a Batarang flew at the chains, keeping Commissioner Gordon suspended. The cage fell to the ground as the SWAT team busted their way into the park. In a panic, Joker pulled Harley to her feet as he opted to hold her at gunpoint. He warned them that he would shoot Harley if the SWAT team would not back off. With her confidence in him, Harley smiled as the barrel grazed her cheek. With a laugh, the barrel was pulled away and aimed straight at Batgirl. Joker pulled Harley a step closer to the edge. A last-second decision meant Robin would receive the bullet instead, but Batgirl intercepted. She pushed him out of the way, and Harley stood there and laughed at the pair. The Joker made his exit and shoved Harley down to the floor. He got away, throwing her under the bus in the process. She gripped onto the leg of one of the SWAT team, who would escort her to Arkham Asylum in handcuffs. In a last attempt to make herself heard, Harley shouted. She told them outright that it wasn’t over, and that she and Joker would get both Batgirl and Robin one day.

>> [ Arkham Asylum ]

After dropping Dr. Quinzel to become Harley Quinn, Harley transformed her outfit. Her old white coat and other materials she had found formed a corset that mimicked that of a nurse uniform and mocked her previous work attire. Posing as Dr. Quinzel, Harley had been dripping anonymous tips to the police. Because of this, many of the elite criminals of Gotham to be arrested and sent to Arkham. Joker arrived, escorted by Batman, not knowing that Harley had already invited a few guests. Instead of greeting him on arrival, she waited in the control room. Inside, Harley had access to some security fields to allow the Joker to make his big entrance. With the Joker back in Arkham Asylum, she tried to plan a homecoming party for him. A plan Batman fully intended to stop.Her first run-in with Batman came through several television screens. She checked the broadcasting network before introducing herself to him, asking if he liked her new uniform, as it was pretty hot by her standards. Then she remembered she had something to show Batman. Harley asked him to wait for a second as she pushed warden Quincey Sharp on-screen, having tied him to an office chair. His credentials gave Harley access to all the doors and corridors in Arkham, making Harley his substitute. With a giggle, she told Batman that Sharpy had never been happier, but his muffled voice implied differently. To make things clear, Harley explained that she was preparing for the Joker’s big homecoming to Arkham. Batman was to be his guest of honor. In his typical demanding voice, Batman told her she had one chance to surrender. It was tempting, but now the inmates were going to run Arkham. Technically they were Joker’s goons shipped in from Blackgate, but it was the same principle in her mind. It seemed that was all she had to say to him as she said goodbye for now and smashed her camera with a staff she had stolen from her hostage.With his new mission clear, to save Quincey Sharp, Batman headed for the elevator only to have Harley jump on top of the open shaft, wrapping herself around the cords for support. With a laugh, she made it clear that Joker didn’t want to see him just yet. In frustration, she pressed a detonator to explode the elevator. The elevator dropped, crashing to the ground, skyrocketing her upwards. The crash missed Batman by inches and left him having to find an alternative route. Teasing him, she told Batman that he was now trapped on that floor until she and the Joker were ready for him.As he searched for another route, climbing up through the building, he overheard a conversation between Harley and some of the Asylum’s staff, including a corrupt chief member of security, Frank Boles. Calling him a piece of work, Harley admitted that a girl could easily fall for someone like him, presumably akin to her mental state. She was subsequently scolded, by Joker, for flirting with hired help. She reassured him that she only had eyes for the Joker, as Frank Boles aided her in taking Commissioner Gordon hostage.Batman approached Harley, having found her talking to herself with her boots up on the table. She was protected by an electrified fence, as she told him outright that this was her me time. Demanding to know where Commissioner Gordon was, Harley denied Batman a straight answer, so Gordon himself piped up from around the corner, out of view. She picked up something off the table, throwing it at Gordon, demanding he shut up. Batman, Harley, and Gordon were interrupted by a video feed of the Joker, asking why he could see Batman on the cameras as he was too early. Apologetically, Harley leaned into the screen. She asked him not to be angry with her, kissing the screen to show her affection. Reassuring her he wasn’t mad, even calling her a minx, she turned around to deal with Batman. He had to find another way around. Waving him goodbye, she ran off. There were other plans to sort, after all.Harley was spotted again with Commissioner Gordon as Batman crashed through the glass roof, knocking her down and out. Batman ran into a trap set by Joker. It blew a party blower and exploded, knocking him out. When he started to stir, Harley was looming over him, telling him Dr. Young was the intended target, but she was a squealer, and that wasn’t to the Joker’s liking. Walking around and referring to Sharp, Harley started on the subject, beating Sharp up with his cane, breaking it in two. Walking back over to Batman with a laugh, she could not believe Sharp still believed he ran the place, yet was the crazy one. Harley told Batman she had to go, setting two of Joker’s goons on him to knock him out again. They were to hurt him enough but not too bad as they needed him for Joker’s party.With Batman still around, he came across a security camera feed of Harley scanning the walls of Arkham. She came across the cell of Poison Ivy, which had halted her blossoming. Calling out to Harley, Ivy asked for help. Commenting that she looked like crap, Harley offered to sneak in some shampoo, but that wasn’t her issue. Ivy seemed to be wilting. She required help to keep her strength up and rescue the plants, as Ivy heard them, calling for her help. Initially, Harley was unsure about the idea, not having time for the conversation, but Ivy begged her to be released. Opting to give her a break despite her not being on the Joker’s party list, she used Sharp’s card to unlock the cell and free her. As Ivy stepped out of the red-lit room, she blew the blonde a kiss and walked on just before Joker interrupted the feed.With Batman entering one of the cell blocks, Harley greets him with surprise, taking a bow and emerging from the other side. Openly flirting with him, she commented that she always believed she and Batman had a spark between them. With a giggle, she flipped through the hall and kicked out one of the electrical panels. An electrical overload within the cables caused an actual spark between Batman and herself. Her words rang true, but also caused the electrocution of an Arkham guard. Over his painful cries, she laughed. He was shocked at the situation, and Harley double-dared Batman to come and get her.Flying into one of the fights, as Harley’s men were defeated, she flipped and landed in front of Batman. She asked him if beating her men was as easy as it looked She blew him a kiss, telling him it would not be so easy trying to catch her as Harley fled again. Batman caught up with her later, reinforced glass separating them. The distance allowed her to mock him, calling him the Dork Knight. As he glanced around, it was clear there were three guards in danger. Labeling the situation a little problem for him, Harley asked how he was going to save them. He knocked the power off one of the guards, but only had a limited amount of time to grab him before the power came back on. As time ticked down, Harley giggled, checking her watch before realizing Batman only had 30 seconds to get out of the room. With a wave of goodbye, she left him before catching up with him in the control room.Batman headed toward the security panel, and Harley excitedly called the Joker over on the video screens. Leaving it to her, she set some of their goons on him, which he defeated. Slightly stressed, Harley could not quite believe he managed to beat them, deciding to go down there herself. Claiming there had been a change in plans, Joker stopped her from going after the Bat. Nearly blubbering, Harley told him that she had tried her best, but there was no prize for second place. Joker crossed Harley off the party list, telling her it was better luck next time, as she sat there and sulked.With the next run-in with Batman, Harley was frustrated and agitated. She flipped into view, aiming a solid kick at Batman. He counted it with ease, and Harley crashed against one of the walls, dropping to the floor. Clearly in pain, Batman offered her a hand up. She smacked his hand away, telling him not to touch the merchandise. As she batted herself down, he noticed the party-list tucked into her bra. Although it was her party-list, he took it from her and demanded to know the contents and reasoning behind it. He also questioned the reason for the smiling faces. Observing the Bat, Harley noted that he was the detective. He could figure it out himself. As Batman turned his back to her, Harley attempted to land a punch. He grabbed her arm and pulled her over his shoulder, onto the ground instead, before scanning her handprint. Batman grabbed Harley and pushed her into a solitary cell. In frustration, she yelled, telling him he would never find the Joker in the secret lab by the Garden, accidentally revealing his exact location. Harley let Batman know that the Joker would come and rescue her, before repeating the statement far less confidently.As Batman was at the mercy of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin, Harley was seen out of her cell, walking down Arkham’s corridor with Batman strapped into one of the inmate transporters. Wheeling Batman along, her gun aimed at the ceiling, the Joker brought up the rear. Telling him he was right, Harley diagnosed Batman, calling him a classic martyr case with delusions of grandeur, which on a basic level, labeled him cuckoo. As they wheeled up to the entrance, Scarecrow called her to a halt, claiming they had to check over the prisoner. She agreed but told him to be quick about it as he wasn’t looking too good. Batman screamed to let him out as Scarecrow passed the control to the Joker. Excited to finally be involved, she let the Joker know that they were ready for both of them. Claiming he wanted to start the party with a bang, the Joker aims and fires straight at Batman. The loud noise caused Batman to regain control of his mind, fighting off the delusion.

[ Arkham City ] <<

Six months later, the Joker was slowly whittling away. Harley was locked up in Arkham alongside him, as she faintly overheard his laughs through the asylum walls. As long as she could hear him laugh, Harley knew he would be okay, but the guards flipped her world upside-down. They claimed he was done for, that he could go any day. Some were even contemplating ending him early. Curling up by her padded cell door, Harley began to cry at the lack of humanity they were showing him, like vultures waiting on prey. She promised to herself and the outside world that they were not going to take him from her. Not that easily.A previous Harley captive, Quincy Sharp, now mayor of Gotham, arrived with an order from some higher power that had set plans into motion for Arkham City, the city within a city. This area would have social care and other amenities set for the criminals of Gotham. Sharp himself, however, had his attention turned to Gotham City and Batman. The criminals within the walls of Arkham Asylum awaited their fate.The Joker was supposed to be escorted to his seat on a transfer bus to Arkham City, but the guard taking him had another idea in mind. Instead, he was taken down the elevator to one of the darker, more elusive therapy rooms where guards were on standby. Everyone there had pledged that the Joker would no longer cause any harm, as he would not make it to Arkham City. They wanted to make his death as slow and painful as possible. Just before the pain started, with Joker locked into the chair, one of the guards revealed themselves to be Harley Quinn in disguise. Asking whether she made a good punchline, she hit one of the guards straight in the face. Joker returned to his usual self, replying that she should have said something like a wisecrack joke or a quip of her own. The visual comedy was funny enough for the average person, and he liked it just as much as anyone else. Harley continued to fight, picking off each guard one by one, as she recalled overhearing the guards planning this little plot from her cell. She had decided to join in to save him. Harley planted a kick to his restraints before racing out of the room, pushing his wheelchair along with her.The pair kept going. The underground docks built beneath the Asylum seemed like a great escape option. Due to their pace, however, Joker and Harley nearly rolled down several flights of stairs. Harley explained that before taking her role as a guard, she had escaped her cell to pack a supply boat ready to go to Arkham City, so they could be the first residents. In her mind, that would allow Joker to have achieved his dreams. Joker threw a few comical boat-related compliments at Harley as they left for the open waters.Unbeknownst to them, Batman had added sensors to the boats underneath Arkham, meaning that any unauthorized movements could be tracked and located. Firing up the BatBoat, Batman tried to stop them from leaving the beach and was met with gunfire. After the single warning shot, a missile shot straight at their boat. With the remains of the boat sinking, Batman did not see any signs of survivors. Initially, they had believed that Harley and the Joker had not survived, but they had escaped situations that looked worse at the outset. Going through the sewers to escape the Batman, the Joker asked where they were before realizing they had reached the condemned zone. With the first residents of Arkham City setting foot on the shores, Joker declared the two of them the Mayor and Mayoress of the city. After all, he had to reward her somehow for making sure the two of them made it alive, as he could not have done it himself. Joker found an appropriate building for his mansion, and the old metal works became his headquarters after a few adjustments.A man known as Lester Kurt decided to check out the base of operations for the Joker himself. He traveled on the literal rollercoaster ride to see him. To save some men they already had, Harley held a gun straight to his head as Joker congratulated him. With his attention on the Joker, Harley quickly looked into a GCPD database to get his list of prior offenses and his background. She noted that he had a brief stint at Arkham Asylum two years previously, but the Joker could not recall seeing him at Glee Club rehearsals. Lester retorted, as he was not a master criminal like the Joker, having been there to aid his crazy infatuations for a girl. Harley cleared the air, reading his record to clarify his previous stalking behaviors. Giving him a quick run-down, she told Lester simply that he got paid for each heist, with the wages shared equally amongst those who survived each job. With that, a clown mask flew in his direction to show allegiance to the Joker clan, and Harley showed him to his sleeping quarters.What Harley and the Joker did not know was that Lester was seemingly playing them. He left the Joker clan nearly immediately, heading left to exit the sleeping quarters. Lester threw his mask away in the process to see what the Penguin had to offer. He was the only other crime boss currently residing in Arkham City. He was not one for dealing well with traitors, as he caught one of his men accepting an offer from Harley.A shipment of weapons was due to hit the shores of Arkham City one night, and both Penguin and Joker were determined to reach it first. With Lester on the side of Penguin, the goons clashed. In the heat of the moment, an unconsidered calculation led to Lester blowing up the shipment instead of letting those working for the Joker get a hold of it. He was punished accordingly by Penguin before he escaped such confinement. Lester revealed in secret that he had been Batman all along. Joker had been deteriorating in a private session with a doctor without Harley present, but she was later spotted trying not to cry as Joker cascaded in further madness. He was becoming more unwell, and the Jester was unsure about how to help him.Batman approached a hideout inside the Church Medical Center, knowing it belonged to Harley Quinn. With Joker getting worse, she took over in his stead, being the forefront of his goons. Speaking his words, she acted upon them as necessary. The goons were no longer allowed to see their boss, given his condition, but he was known to be alive. Warning everyone she was coming through, Harley flipped into view to introduce herself to Batman. He prepared for her attack, however, and quickly took her down after her approach. Her thugs warned him that they should let her go, or else the hostages were going to get bullets in their heads. He listened and allowed Harley to stand up and brush herself down, starting a conversation as she went. She told Batman that he should do what the thug said as she did not want to get blood all over her new outfit, slyly asking whether he liked such a fashion statement. Before giving him a chance to respond, however, Harley shook her head. Of course, he liked it. She could not think of anyone who would not like it, after all.More ruthless and calculating, as she tried to be in the hands of Joker, given his condition. Harley offered Batman a deal. She told him Joker was not up to a visit from him or anyone at that moment in time, commenting that he had not been feeling himself. The blonde played on the sexual connotations of her words, saying he had been earlier, but that was not her intention. She revealed that the Joker was not doing so well and the doctors she had found to help were not very helpful. Harley had seen more smarts in the Joker’s goons, who didn’t even need to think for themselves. Telling the goons she had to run, she permitted them to kill Batman if he tried anything funny – which in her own words meant to try to kill him anyway, but they were unsuccessful in this task.Harley was overheard on Joker’s radio signal, talking to their goons from within Sionis Industries. She called them dumbasses, but she still needed them to listen carefully. Harley echoed her earlier words that the Joker wasn’t feeling himself, telling them that the last thing he required was a so-called superhero coming in and stopping his recuperation. As Batman found a way into a building, she was seen on a platform above all the goons, explaining that she had promised them some entertainment. Dr. Stacy Barker, a doctor who had failed to cure the Joker, was pushed into the goon pit as Harley told her that Stacy should have tried harder. Calling her a useless quack, Harley allowed everyone to know that she had failed her beloved Mister J, which meant Dr. Barker had to die. The plan, however, was set to fail, as Batman was crawling through the shaft under the flooring. She didn’t know, but he had been watching the spectacle, trying to find an entrance into the pit as Harley instructed Mister Hammer to start an attack on the Doctor. After declaring the attack, the Joker called her away from the scene. She quickly returned to settle a change of plan. Harley told the goons to escort the Doctor to the smelting room, wanting her to suffer. Harley then instructed the rest of the goons to get out or to get The Snowman and bring him back like yesterday so he could pay for screwing over the Joker. Batman came out of hiding and presumably rescued the Doctor before coming into the clearing to face Harley again. In anger, she asked him what the hell he was doing there, telling him that he was supposed to be dead. There was no way Batman was getting to the Joker, as they were safe and sound, while Batman was going to stay down there and burn. Leading Batman on a false path, Harley, and Joker spoke loud enough to be overheard. Harley declared something to be a miracle, telling the Joker he looked perfect before questioning who it was, as it wasn’t him. Joker shushed Harley as he implied that he had created a decoy made to look impeccably like himself before he fell ill.Harley came into contact with Batman again, face to face, once he was out of the smelting chamber. The blonde demanded to know what he built to help get out, but Joker shouted out for her to come back, claiming he was dying. Blaming Batman, she screamed at him to scram before racing back to the Joker’s side. With Batman on the upper level, following after Harley, he overheard her crying. Harley was kneeling next to what appeared to be The Joker in a wheelchair with an IV drip. As the constant beep on a heart rate monitor declared him dead, Harley questioned why over and over to herself in tears. As Harley saw Batman, a menacing you left her lips as Batman tried to order her out of the way. The blonde asked him to leave the two of them alone, which he denied. Reminding her to move, Batman grabbed her arm and tossed her aside. Blaming Batman more than ever, Harley accused him of the Joker’s death, claiming that it was because he had hounded the Joker for years and beat him to a pulp with nothing really to show for it. Asking him why he was so mean, Batman didn’t answer as the real Joker sprung onto him from behind. With a ‘Surprise’ as Batman had a gas mask thrust upon him. Joker couldn’t help but laugh, telling Batman he’d fallen for the old fake Joker gag. Batman’s vision was hazy as Harley batters up and hits him a couple of times before finally knocking him out.As Batman started stirring, Harley appeared to loom over him before being shouted at by Joker to get back. She told Joker she wanted to know who the man behind the mask was, but he retorted. No one was who you thought they were, and there wasn’t any point in spoiling that fun. Batman concluded that there wasn’t anything wrong with the Joker, but soon realized something was badly wrong as his figures appeared from the shadows. His face disfigured, Joker looked more menacing than ever as he declared there was plenty wrong with him. He explained that his blood seemed to be killing him. Talia Al Ghul had stolen the only viable cure for him. Joker was now injecting this blood into Batman on purpose, alongside a few bags he’d sent to Gotham General and emergency rooms all over the city for one last laugh. Batman admitted that he would be fine if they both died because of it, before realizing that some Gothamites would also be taking their last breath. In frustration that Batman expected more from him, he was kicked through and out of the window, still tied to the wheelchair he had awoken in.Away from Arkham, Harley had instructions to kill a couple of officers at the GCPD for the Joker. Despite this, she was tied up and gagged to one of the posts outside. Batman decided to remove the gag. She twisted and struggled but could not get out of her restraints as she spoke to Batman, unamused by his presence. Asking him what he wanted, Harley pried further, asking if he was there to stick the knife in some more. She still was not going to tell him anything. However, immediately she went back on that word and accidentally told Batman about some materials Joker took from Freeze that had been in the locked boiler room. Harley was re-gagged and left alone but, presumably, escaped. However, she had not been quick enough, as she was not with the Joker when he ultimately passed away. She watched Batman walk outside the building, holding the Joker in his arms, and the shocked look on her face said it all. In that one moment, her whole world fell apart. The man she had been fighting for, and given her life meaning, was gone. Harley could not see a way up from there.

>> [ Arkham Unhinged ]

Harley Quinn, alongside the Joker, first crossed paths with The Penguin at the opening of his Iceberg Lounge. The pair greeted him in their best outfits and were offered the best red wine on the house. The waiter slipped and spilled the wine over the Joker. He had claimed it to be his best black suit, but seemingly took the accident well. Harley argued that black had never been his color anyway. He claimed an apology was not necessary, but quickly switched the cards, using the flower on his suit to squirt acid in the face of the failing server. The Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot, accused the Joker of trying to ruin his opening night. That was an action the Joker would pay for dearly. Realizing they had to flee, Harley giggled as they got dinner and a show. She flipped the table over to give the men working for Oswald an obstacle to pass as she and Joker made a run for it. The pair caused more chaos as they formulated a plan to steal a car. They ran straight through a dessert trolley as the wheels allowed for a little extra speed when it came to busting through the door, finding the fun in it all.Out of sight of the Iceberg Lounge, Harley, and Joker met up with a group of clowns, with an actual clown car and pies for good measure. Allowing the clowns to use their pies as weapons, Harley, and Joker took over the wheel. Joker asked her if she had her seatbelt fastened, which she did, before adding a typical safety check ride vocal, asking for all hands, arms, and pies to have to be firmly outside the vehicle. Asking him where they were going, the Joker responded that they were going to egg Robin. Hours later, an invitation to the Insane Parade arrived at the Iceberg Lounge, left on top of a crate just for him.The Insane Parade consisted of goons loyal to the Joker roaming the streets, pulling a chariot that carried Joker and Harley. Introducing himself as Grand Marshal Joker, he asked the audience to give a warm incarcerated welcome to the Queen and her Court, calling Harley Miss Arkham. He declared that none of this would have been possible without Mayor Sharp. He gave out some other honorable mentions, such as Harvey Dent, and Harley motioned for him to mention Batman, to which Joker claimed it was a shame the pointy-eared freak was unable to make the celebration. Unbeknownst to them, however, Batman had been watching them from atop the walls surrounding Arkham, binoculars in hand to give him a clearer view.Their parade route ended just in time for the after-party of the Iceberg Lounge launch. The carriage they had stood upon had been holding several containers of petrol. Joker commented that they should have started with fireworks, but nothing worked better than the fire itself. They set up, and using a wine bottle owned by Penguin, Harley asked the Joker to make a toast. The comment made the Joker chuckle. Instead of simply raising a glass, he tossed the wine bottle into the canisters, causing an explosion. With a laugh, they ran off, hitting his window with a pie as a goodbye gift. The explosions died down, but there was one more trick to pull. As Oswald sat down to eat, he noted that the food presented to him looked like the Joker. In frustration, he shot his chef in the face. That was his satisfaction that night.The Abramovichi twins, or the Two-Headed Terror of Men, caught the attention of Joker. He sent Harley over to a Russian circus before their entrapment in Arkham City to buy them. As the ringmaster refused, a knife to the chest killed him; a Joker card at the scene for their amusement. There were no further troubles in transporting the conjoined twins to Gotham. They had been separated in surgery by Dr. Thomas Elliot at the request of the Joker. Harley escorted him to see the result; two men, an incision on one side, one arm on the other. Joker started to eenie-meenie to pick his favorite, but quickly concluded he wanted a right-hand man, so he selected the male with the right arm. Harley asked what should happen to the male who had the left arm. He told her to toss him out or think of something, so Harley thought of an idea. Initially intending to dump the body in Gotham Harbor, she took control of the disposal. However, a better plan formed in her mind. She climbed back into the clown gown with two Jokerz and packed up the other twin, dumping him outside the Iceberg Lounge. A note was pinned to the body, calling Oswald a wingless bird. Penguin took in the recruit after realizing he was still alive, intending to put him to use.The Joker set up a shipment of gift boxes from a drop-off point by the Ferris Wheel. This shipment was then subsequently ambushed by Oswald, who had brought his Abramovichi twin for reinforcement. Harley was hot on his tail as she brought along Hughbert, their right-hand man, readying them to fight back as the Jokerz grabbed what they could. It was unusual to see two armed men fighting, but it was happening, and Harley was the brainchild behind it all. After they lost everything in the loot, Harley opted to speak to the Joker, as she thought twice about telling him what had happened with the second Abramovichi twin. She also believed the goons should have handled themselves better in the confrontation. With the information digested by the Joker, he responded to the bad news by wanting to take a ride to match the bad news with fun. Joker gestured to an indoor rollercoaster, where Harley and himself climbed into the first cart, allowing the Jokerz to climb in behind. Telling Hughbert to do the honors, the ride commenced. The cars flew down the track before the first car took a slightly different route to the rest, keeping Harley and Joker safe but sending the Jokerz that had failed to the end of the line, covered by an acid-like vat with that. That solved the matter of their failure, in his opinion.The news got out that specialist doctors were being taken one by one from mainland Gotham. All doctors specialized in blood-borne diseases. Rumor had it that the Joker was deteriorating, and so presumably, he and Harley had something to do with it. Batman decided to keep his thoughts on the matter below the radar. The next visitor to the Fun House was self-invited Poison Ivy. She had made her way in courtesy of her toxins, telling the Jokerz guarding the doors that she had an appointment. Two years previously, both Harley and Ivy had accompanied Catwoman to make fashionista and cosmetics mogul Fervor pay for her actions. Accused of killing exotic animals and plants for accessories and expensive fragrances, Fervor had seemingly been traveling. Her destinations had been countries with slack laws on such matters. With this information, Batman had invited her to Gotham Fashion Week. During one of her public outings, the Sirens bumped into her, leading to an attack on her security, before Batman decided to join the party. Harley had piped up that it was girls only, but Batman had other ideas. Ivy was quick to accuse Catwoman of informing Batman, given their previous encounters. These accusations were fuelled further by her escape with him. Ivy and Harley ended up in cuffs alongside Fervor.Flash forward to the meeting with Ivy, and Harley questioned what the redhead was doing at the Fun House, as there were no guests expected that day. Claiming it was about an old partner, Harley asked another question to see whether a cat had got her tongue. Ivy agreed, as well as adding that she had lost her patience and therefore wanted help. Harley asked what the job was worth, as her rent was cheap. Ivy admitted money was not the motive, but revenge was, as it had been due to Catwoman, that Ivy had been in Arkham Asylum and had, therefore, transferred to the City in the first place. When in the Asylum, Catwoman had promised to keep her plants watered and nurtured and had failed. Instead, she had left them to die, and Ivy vowed revenge on the plant murderer. With Titan, a virus presuming to cause extreme strength and power in the host, wreaking havoc across Arkham City, Ivy offered a cure she had produced to Harley as a chance to save the Joker.Harley went straight into the heart of Gotham City for help, waiting by the Bat-Signal, which she had lovingly attached balloons to, ready to strike out on him to the count of three. Capturing Batman had been easy compared to what Harley had been expecting, and he was dangling upside down tied up in vines as a present for Catwoman. If she had destroyed her plants, Ivy wanted to match the actions with something dear to her. With a giggle, Harley claimed it was just like old times. She had even brought the Bat boyfriend along for the reunion. Catwoman denied the claim, but Ivy was hellbent on killing Selina for everything. They had been working together, the three of them shredding the men in Gotham to pieces. Catwoman claimed her history with the Sirens doomed her, but Harley pointed out that that was only because of Batman. Ivy blamed men for all of her problems, so she was doing Catwoman a favor. Without Batman around, they could be a team again. With Catwoman on edge, Harley took her cue to leave, asking to collect her end of the deal, so she could be on her way.Batman piped up, revealing that Ivy had lied to her. At first, Harley called him a liar, but Ivy had previously told her that Batman and the Joker would die that night. She was distraught by telling Ivy that she had promised. Ivy told her to blame Catwoman as Catwoman knew all about breaking promises. In frustration, Harley pushed Ivy out of the way as she flipped back and switched sides, calling Catwoman her new sidekick. It was clear Harley had made her choice, and Ivy appeared fine with it. Ivy grew herself a companion for them to fight. With Catwoman calling it death by cabbage, Harley asked her Whiskers what the plan was. She had forgotten she was the one in charge, as Harley had labeled Catwoman the sidekick. Together they went into the attack, with Harley telling the plants to leaf them alone.With her concentration on the monster, the vines around Batman weakened enough for him to break free of their grasp. Harley said it was nice of him to join in, as he ordered both her and Catwoman to stay close. With the plant destroyed, Harley raced back to the Joker. Upon her return, she found out that one of the Jokerz had wanted to join the side of Harvey Dent, Two-Face. Deciding to give him a glowing referral, the Joker dropped the recruit into what appeared to be an underground magma pit. Joker demanded Harley to get out his best walking shoes, as they now had a job vacancy, meaning they needed a recruitment fair. It seemed they had recruited Clay Face disguised as Deadshot. The male had gained a deal to Kill Joker and was able to keep any weapons he needed to get the job done. Instead of shooting the male, however, Deadshot had another idea. He delivered all his chosen weapons straight to the clown himself. Harley accidentally interrupted a meeting as she spotted a trail of dirt leading right into his office. Infuriated, she asked what the hell had happened before realizing that the Joker had company. Harley tried her best to ignore it, but given the want to impress with his appearance, Harley thought Joker ought to know his office was filthy. Harley never found out that the mess was the fault of Clay Face, but she was more than just a maid to the Joker. She told him to give one of his goons the task of sweeping up the mess instead.Elsewhere, the residents of Arkham City had concluded that the majority of them were only residents because of actions previously taken by Joker. This information caught the attention of Two-Face, who was serving as the judge. With Joker restrained, he was shoved forward into the defense post. A little late on cue, the former psychiatrist cleaned herself up. Keeping her corset, she covered up with a long white coat and black trousers. Harley told the judge she’d had trouble finding appropriate attire, and with parking being murder, she jumped into the role of Joker’s defense attorney. It had been a while since she’d donned a white coat. Deciding to woo the jury with quick quips and a rhyming tone, she stepped up for his opening statement. Harvey Dent (Two-Face) was unfit to judge. With a judge like him, Joker should automatically be declared innocent.She was a little too quick off the mark as the first witness, Oswald Cobbelpot, was sworn in. He immediately started lying. Harley opted to point this out. Contrary to his words, Harley and Joker had not aided the construction of Arkham City in any way. He had previously claimed Batman and Freeze for the scandal, so it was just him pointing another finger. Judge Dent summoned the council, telling Harley outright he would allow the statements, and she wasn’t to argue or object during the swearing-in process, letting her return to her seat. She did so until she called up to cross-examine the witness. Harley directed her words at the witness, asking if he was responsible for banning her client and herself from his ‘crappy’ lounge, as well as subsequently attacking them since then. He told her that he had the right to refuse service anytime, anywhere to anyone, especially when supposedly Joker had started it all.The witnesses started pouring in, including Poison Ivy, to Harley’s shock, who claimed Joker was solely responsible for the destruction of Arkham Asylum, as he’d poisoned her plants, labeled her children, to tear apart the asylum and the surrounding island. She told the court that he only cared for chaos, pondering on the thought of how many times he had tried to kill Harley. The blonde tried to interject on that statement, but she knew it to be true. Ivy twisted the knife with her words, calling the Joker a perversion of nature and someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to exist.The prosecution rested with Harley having a mountain to climb. Joker decided to start his case, as per usual, with light laughter. He hoped he didn’t need to remove his hand from his straitjacket for the oath. Joker could willingly swear on the bunch of liars that were the witnesses and the jury. He told them all to look in the mirror instead of blaming him. They weren’t trustworthy, they were all on murderers’ row, and the best witness was a drug addict. Without Harley able to say a word, the defense rested, and they went onto the closing statements, which the prosecution wavered. Using it as her last opportunity, Harley took the chance to thank the jury for being fair and just and to continue such a role by finding the Joker not guilty. They could blame anyone, such as Dr. Penelope Young, a former psychiatrist at Arkham, Mayor Sharp, or even the brain behind Arkham City, Hugo Strange, but it wasn’t the Joker’s fault. When it came down to it, as she saw it, the Joker was innocent of all charges because he didn’t force the criminals to come to Arkham City.It was time for the jury to come to a decision, which Penguin revealed was unanimous. He was just about to reveal the decision as Batman decided to make an entrance. He showed his presence by hitting Penguin’s monocle, cracking the glass with the Batarang, which declared the trial finished. Batman was too late to testify, but he was there for the ruling, which sentenced Joker to death, set to take place immediately. Harley began to sob as Joker tried to get a retrial or new representation. However, just before the court adjourned, the hammer was swung and stopped by a second Batarang. Joker now gigged as it seemingly became a trial by fire, the building going up in flames. The fight ensued, and Batman decided to engage in a truce he never thought possible, fighting alongside the Joker, back to back, to escape the fiasco. Harley swung her bat at Poison Ivy, telling her she was about to get a lot sorrier, despite her previously apologizing for her words. Amongst the chaos, both Harley and the Joker managed to get away with his runaway jury.

The steel mill previously owned by Sionis Industries was now in Joker’s possession. Neglected son Roman Sionis aimed to take the mill back within Arkham City for his family name. As he climbed and fell over the fence, he landed in front of Harley and her hyenas, Bud and Lou. Asking him whether he thought it was too early for Halloween with a mask like that, she informed him he was just in time for snack time for the hyenas. Joker told all three of them to leave the man alone before concluding he was trespassing on their property. Telling him the property belonged to his family, the Joker pulled out a gun straight to his face to let him know he was wrong. The intention was to shoot him dead, but unfortunately, he had the party gun as a purple flag with a ‘bang’ sign on it that came out of the barrel. Initially scolding Harley for the accidental gun swap, Joker sweet-talked her into handing over the eviction gun. Black Mask fought back, escaping their clutches, but quickly had Bud and Lou on his tail. Harley promised the hyenas the bones if she could have his skull.He escaped from on threat but ended up being kidnapped and taken to Penguin’s hideaway, where again another male was given the means to kill him. Black Mask took enough explosives to kill the Joker and more. His plans changed, however, as other opportunities presented themselves. There was a weak point in the wall of Arkham City that he could exploit. After causing an explosion, the weak point was exposed and provided everyone, including Black Mask, with an exit strategy. Twenty-four hours later, Black Mask was processed back into the City, the wall even stronger than before.

[ Endgame and Harley Quinn's Revenge ] <<

Seeing the Joker dead in the arms of Batman broke Harley. Seeking revenge, she slapped Batman squarely across the face before collapsing to the ground. Her energy left her as grief consumed her. In the following nights, Harley had set up a trap in the remnants of Arkham City. The police believed she had placed a bomb on the premises and sought out the package she had left. It turned out to be nothing but a decoy as she came up to bat one of the officers right into the box before putting her hands up in surrender. The gang of goons that backed the Joker up was now on her side and, therefore, under her control. In her rage, she screamed at the top of her lungs and swung for an officer. Harley was quickly subdued, knocked out, and taken to the GCPD.She awoke in a temporary holding facility in Gotham and met her new psychiatrist. In an attempt at dark humor, she laughed and requested her old psychiatrist, Dr. Penelope Young, who had been in the blazes of Arkham and had since died. This psychiatrist was not approving of her sense of humor but let Harley off temporarily, given the tragedy. She had decided to treat the female for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), given the violent death of a loved one. Harley had other things going through her head, so her attention had been elsewhere. Before the explanation had finished, she had removed her handcuffs. Harley busted her way out of custody, leaving several members of staff injured without fatalities. Instead, she opted to break into the GCPD lock-up to make explosives. At Arkham City, SWAT teams arrived. Most of them became hostages as Harley held them in the steel mill. Commissioner Gordon noted the building was crawling with circus freaks.Harvey Dent was one of the officers captured by Harley, as she overheard his entire conversation. He planned to get her over the communications system, leaving Harley with the power and the knowledge to pull every Joker string she could. She intended to release footage of his final message to Batman. In the video, Joker stated that Harley would take his death harder than anyone else. He even admitted he should have treated her better. Harley was spotted interrupting this speech. She asked him if they ran any movies in the theater they were filming in, but Joker shot her down. Joker shouted her away as she ruined everything before addressing the camera once again. He asked Batman personally to smack her around for him. That was what the Joker would miss about Harley the most.Broadcasting all over Arkham City, the video showed that Joker had one request. He wanted someone to give his body back to Harley. The person who completed the task would receive one hundred million dollars tax-free. Knowing Batman would have never fallen for the trap, he gave the male a special treat. In an hour, explosives would rip open the walls surrounding Arkham City, freeing every inmate. He compared the event to a game of Monopoly, saying that they would not be collecting the one hundred million and would not be passing GO. With time ticking away, Joker directed Batman to their Paris, Arkham Asylum. A list of names had been left in his old cell, detailing every person the Joker had ever killed. The last page listed just one name — Batman.Instead of wiring up the explosives to the walls of Arkham, they had planted them in one cell. The cell that previously housed the Joker. With a cry, Harley said the joke had been a good one. The building then exploded with Batman inside. Initial beliefs called Batman dead, despite a lack of remains. A phone call to Jim Gordon changed it all, and Batman later met up with him to show that he had survived. Arkham City was now in ruins. With Batman at his side, Commissioner Gordon burned the body of the Joker. He was gone for good, but Harley still needed to act out her revenge.Harley had spent time redecorating the Funhouse to make it her own. An image of her head in her jester costume now decorated the Steel Mill. The GCPD had the area surrounded, and Harley grabbed a couple of hostages for safekeeping. Despite a warning from Gordon, Batman entered to try to defuse the situation. He was the one Harley blamed for her loss, after all. After attempting to rescue one of the guards, Harley came out from her hiding spot. Her hair was now black to match her make-up and a new outfit, and it was clear she was in a darker state of mind.Calling it dead cop time, she pulled a gun out on the officer, who now had the word pig spray-painted on the back of his uniform. Batman came between the bullet and the officer, and Harley shot Batman instead. She asked him sarcastically whether it hurt as she placed a hand over her mouth. His suit may have been armored, but it still would have hurt. It was too bad for him either way. Telling her boys to come on, one was shocked as he removed the GPS tracker from his utility belt. The body of Batman was dragged along the floor by two men. They did not notice they left his belt left at the scene. Two days later, Robin was on her tail as Batman was still missing. Concluding she was planning a siege, Robin overheard Harley talking to a GCPD officer that she held captive. Harley told her goons to shut up, calling them idiots as they were distracting her thoughts. The officer asked her whether it hurt, but she ordered him to shut his stupid mouth. Her hostage was aware that he was lucky to be needed, but he replied by calling her crazy. She explained she was actually in mourning, something he might want to remember.Robin found the GPS and belt but did not manage to find Batman despite knowing he was in the right place. Heading through the buildings, Robin overheard Harley over the radio signals. She declared that the room wanted, no needed, to be kept secure, and they had to find any way possible to keep it that way. Harley warned them not to let her down, as the Joker would have liked them to fail her.Ultimately, Robin got the best of them, and he spotted Harley on the central platform within the room. She carried on, noting that the Joker would have been very upset by their lack of performance. He would have probably killed them all by breaking their legs or gluing their eyes open, or even by eating a grenade. Although, who was she kidding? Harley knew he would have thought of something much better than that as she began to reminisce. He had always known what to do, and now, she was alone without him. All she had were these idiots that had remained loyal to her, so they had better not fail her.Despite the threats, they did fail her as Robin reached her. She shouted at him to get off her as Robin pinned her against one of the rails. Struggling to escape, Robin asked her where the key was, to which she said that he’d never find it, as he was a dumbass. Coming to a quick conclusion, he reached out to rescue the key card from her bra. As she realized he’d figured it out, she protested. Harley told him that it was hers as she asked to be released. Robin still held onto her, keeping the card out of her reach. This time, however, he listened to her pleas. He pushed her off the edge, but allowed his grappling hook to grab her leg as she dangled upside down above the floor.She presumably escaped as Robin overheard Harley talking to Batman. She told him not to worry about the hostages as they’d be dead, much like him, soon. With Robin by his side, Harley unlocked the airlock. It revealed bombs that the jester had planted throughout the building. Sarcastically, Harley wished them luck. However, the dynamic duo quickly disarmed the bombs. Guessing that Batman was feeling pleased with himself, she told him it wasn’t over. She shouted over the intercom that he couldn’t stop her, as she wouldn’t let him. Harley told Batman of a surprise for him that would make her Joker proud. She was there with him now and asked whether Batman was up for finding both of them.Batman was to find Harley in her shrine room as she stood on the platform of a statue placed against one of the walls. It was a dedication to the Joker, there to honor him and everything he had done for her. She asked Batman if he thought it was going to be easy? Then she activated an army of robots to fight for her. But, eventually, Batman defeated them. With them gone, it was down to her and Batman. The trigger in her finger was the only thing stopping the building from being blown up, taking her to Joker. A compartment opened in the monument with a TV placed inside with Joker on its screen. Avoiding the lasers that had started to fire off, Batman grabbed Harley’s leg. He forced her to fall over, so he could climb up onto the platform. Batman stood up, grabbing Harley by the throat. He held her over the edge as he took the trigger out of her hand. She told him to take it, calling him a dumbass as he set the bomb off, causing an explosion throughout the whole of the building, the walls collapsing around them.Keeping Harley close, Batman flew out of the building with her in his grasp. He released her once they both hit the ground, the momentum rolling Harley onto her back amongst the flames, but out of immediate danger as they were in a clearing. Almost humiliated, she told Batman outright that he should have left her to die. Then she could have been back together with the Joker. At least Batman no longer had Robin as he was still inside the building. She asked Batman if it hurt, losing someone, as she knew it did. He turned to ask her what she had done. Her only response was that now he knew how it felt. Getting herself into a crouching position, Harley took out her last weapon. A concealed knife, which she placed in her hand. From creeping to full-on running behind the Batman, Harley jumped at him. She had every intention of killing him. She was knocked off her target, however, by an R-shaped Batarang. It seemed Robin was still alive, escaping the explosion practically unharmed. He knocked Harley out for good and arrested her. With that, Arkham City officially closed for good.

>> [ Arkham Knight ]

Weeks before the start of her imprisonment, Harley found herself in the tunnels underneath Arkham City. Shouting out to the sewers, she looked crazier than usual. Harley yelled out at the sewer that her boyfriend had gotten lost, so the least he could do was have the heart to hear her out. With the Joker gone, she had half of Arkham City looking for his body. Harley knew it would take more than that for Killer Croc to listen. Telling him that change was in the air for all of them after the collapse of Arkham City, she believed things stank worse than a Clayface fart. Offering him home-cooked food and a reason to wake up in the morning, she suggested that Killer Croc would be doing something that he typically did. Taking the bait, Killer Croc sought after a new hideout, the sewers below the Funland.In Blackgate Prison, Harley was locked away, supposedly talking with her therapist. They were nothing more than a pillow she had drawn a face on, wearing the trousers of her Blackgate uniform. Harley seemed to think that this pillow had cured her. Harley admitted that she could not be in a place like Blackgate, looking pretty and smiling stupidly, while grieving for the Joker. She told herself that the Joker would have wanted her to move on and start something new, instead of holding on for future generations. Concluding that the first port of call was to get out of Blackgate by any means necessary, her thoughts were distracted as Batman called out to her. He told her to step back and turn over the bed to shield herself as the wall of her cell exploded. Before she could think, wanting to make sure her shirt was okay, Batman pulled her into what was presumed to be the Batjet.In a giggle, she asked Batman whether he was after her because she was single. He did not even need to ask her for a date, as she was an old-fashioned girl. He seemed to shut down her pleas as there were more pressing issues at hand. Commissioner Gordon had been a victim of a gaseous form of Joker Venom. She knew it to be impossible as everyone had seen Batman murder Joker, a favor she vowed to return to Ratman before questioning why he could not just leave her be. After all, she had just cured herself, but seemingly her companions had not noticed her sanity.As the jet landed, it was clear to see that they had arrived at what had been the Joker Funland in Arkham City. Ignoring her recollections of the place, Batman wanted to see how cured she was. He cut a hole in the ground that led straight into the heart of the old base. With the fall being nothing but fun to her, all Harley had to say was that the Joker had always said Batman had soft hands. Asking for a favor, she demanded to know what the game was and what Batman wanted. He replied by saying that he was sick of the games Harley and the Joker used to play. With the Joker no longer around, Batman wanted to ask Harley the same questions she had. He knew that the Funland was where Joker and Harley had worked on their plans while staying in Arkham City. Batman had intel that a cure for the Joker Venom was resting there, something Commissioner Gordon needed. Harley agreed with no fight as he asked for the Doctor with her to help. If she kept letting good people die, then there was nothing for her to hang onto. She revealed the location of the last batch of anti-toxin, crying and apologizing for her actions, confusing Batman with her sincerity. Replenishment of the anti-toxin stores had occurred just before Batman had killed the Joker. She could not quite bring herself to say the action aloud, trailing off her comment before giving him the location of the entrance gate. Taking her word for it, he warned her that she would live to regret it if she was lying to him, but the blonde only wanted to feel like herself again. With Batman following her instructions, Harley congratulated herself. Every journey started with a first step. She knew there was not any point in being completely honest from the start, although seemingly it had slipped her mind that she had invited Killer Croc into the area weeks before.While Batman was fighting Killer Croc, Harley appeared at the Iceberg Lounge and bumped into Penguin. She was lucky not to be waiting on an ice slab with an umbrella to the heart, by his standards. In her new outfit, Harley had come to deliver some news. Batman and potentially Commissioner Gordon were both as dead as door nails. But even if they could escape, even if they were not quite that dead, they would learn that killing the Joker had not finished things. She still had a lot of his toys hidden throughout Gotham City. Gotham was changing, and Harley needed a puppeteer to help. Penguin was her only resort, as he was the only one who knew where the metaphorical strings were throughout Gotham. Telling him they were both more intelligent than the rest of Arkham, Harley suggested they were friends. When initially turned down, saying that all the plans did not include her, she tried tactic number two. To change his mind, and leaned over the desk to steal his hat and pose, so she could plant a soft kiss on his lips.Bruce Wayne required assistance after a run-in with a couple of goons under the instruction of their boss, Harley. The goons had infiltrated a Gotham planning meeting to help rebuild Gotham. Lucius Fox ordered the Batmobile to come to the brawl to aid their defense. He was distracted, hearing a knock-knock as Harley smashed through the driver-side window. The blonde finished off the knock-knock joke herself as she threatened Lucius with a knife. The confrontation was interrupted as Batman appeared, and Harley jumped on her motorcycle, taking the knife to his grappling hook, so Batman could not hold onto her. Harley claimed she did not feel safe driving it with a passenger, as it threw her balance off. Losing Batman, Harley drove off and opted to head to the Penguin.Back in the presence of her little oval dynamo, she told Penguin she had something. Joker began to tell her off for failing to take out Bruce Wayne, but Harley told him her real intentions. With all the rich men and women of Gotham at the meeting, she had been able to take the tablet Lucius Fox had used to call for the Batmobile. Knowing it was likely to be encrypted by fingerprint, Harley presented Penguin with a present, the severed finger of Lucius Fox. After all, the males in her life always seemed to underestimate her.Despite the fingerprint technology available, Harley had spent almost a week trying to access the files on the tablet, as it had locked her out on the instruction of Batman. Blaming the technology and calling it stupid, the blonde was getting frustrated at the tablet. Penguin seemed smug with her endeavors, however, and complemented Wayne in the process. His people were top-notch, and Harley never found her way past the private property notice, the only accessible screen. After saying he had tried himself, Harley wondered what else they could need to log in; they had his finger after all, and they had been hacking and cracking into the tablet since it had arrived at the Iceberg Lounge. When asked by Penguin what had happened when they had tried to break it, Harley told him nothing had happened, although Penguin disputed that fact. The Penguin himself had found a small hole in the database that had closed itself immediately, as the structure was self-correcting. He had been trying to gain access to the same hole as the data he had seen had given him a date and a location, and therefore a job for the Tweedle Brothers, although actual cousins, Dum and Dee. The Abramovichi Twins had now been stitched back together at the hands of Scarecrow. They had been recovering after having been sent to look for his hideout. To give Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee the best chance of survival, Penguin gave them a third partner, a far more aggressive and trained man - Tweedle Die.Penguin took a drastic measure and purposely rigged his old Iceberg Lounge to explode upon the appearance of the Batman, but to the dismay of Harley, such a plan did not succeed. They had blown up the building, sacrificed a few men to make the Iceberg Lounge appear active, but they had not caught him at all. Warning that he would be back, he teased the blonde further. Once Batman saw the new place, his blood would run cold.In a plan of her own, Harley gained control of the earpiece used by Officer Gage, so he was officially protecting and serving her needs. Congratulating him on such a sweet job, she laughed, telling him she loved a man in uniform. However, the main scheme was elsewhere, and Harley ended up in the middle of other plans. Next seen hovering over the scope of Deadshot, Harley scolded him for trying to aim in a no-free-fire zone with him, of all people, knowing she hated shenanigans. Harley teamed up with Captain Boomerang and Deadshot and asked the two of them to break out Killer Croc from his transportation to Blackgate. Labeling them the New Suicide Squad, she hoped for them to be the best super-team ever. According to Harley, they knew that without first going down, they would be unable to rise. She proved their point by jumping down an open maintenance shaft. Underground, she seemed excited, as there were no nanite explosives in their necks to blow off their heads if they misbehaved. Croc initially felt at home as they traveled through the sewers, but Harley told them outright they were going even deeper underground.On the negative-47th floor, she welcomed the gentle germs to Wonder City, a bustling town underneath Arkham City full of lingerie, toasters, snorkels, and, of course, a new Iceberg Lounge. Everyone seemed to know everyone at the Iceberg Lounge, but it was the place to go to get anything legal and illegal. Greeted by the Penguin, he asked the group a simple question. Would the all-new Suicide Squad want to kill a billionaire, Bruce Wayne?Watching Bruce Wayne work and engage with the community from a nearby building, Captain Boomerang was getting bored. Harley was busy eating her sandwich before asking Boomerang if he was British, as she had forgotten and often got confused. It seemed Harley and Boomerang had only just found Deadshot on the same rooftop as them, even if he had supposedly been there for nine hours. Asking what he had missed, Boomerang filled him in, concluding that watching a rich man doing the heavy lifting on a building site was a lot of nothing. Pennyworth arrived ready to escort Bruce, and Deadshot concluded the team had 137 seconds to reach the control point. In that time, the cargo reached the same destination as road closures and gave them their best shot at taking out Wayne. With a smile on her face, Harley called the mission on. She told them they ought to go out and earn the name the Suicide Squad. Boomerang disputed her definition of Suicide Squad, but she shouted at him, not wanting him to ruin her moment.The Squad hit the tarmac, waiting for the Wayne car to head down the street. Calling the people off the road, Harley declared the place a crime scene. Well, it was going to be one when they had finished anyway. With Boomerang calling her a nutcase and wishing for a head bomb, Deadshot defended her actions. The blonde spotted the car, asking Deadhead to give her a crater. All he told her was not to presume to give him orders. Explosion away, Harley ran over to the cat and spoke up, telling him that it was her who had taken the finger of Lucius Fox, declaring it had been for giggles. Tormenting him further, she took a baseball bat to his car and asked what body part he would be willing to donate to the Fresh Air Fund.Demanding he rolled the window down, he only revealed what she dreaded. Batman was now driving the vehicle. With an oopsy, she admitted they must have the wrong car, as he had managed to open the door with force powerful enough to knock her off her feet. It seemed here that Batman showed his sense of humor, as he told them the name Suicide Squad was something they could use. As a fight engaged, Harley told Deadshot to get over and help her with Batman. She needed the firepower. Batman got distracted by Deadshot going to attack Pennyworth. The butler, tied up in the car, was subsequently found. Batman, however, had his back to Harley, which gave her the chance to creep up behind not-so-quietly. She jumped to get a good swing at his head, but his arm reached out to block her. She prepared herself mentally for a hit back as she flew through the air, landing on her back not so gracefully.On instinct, she pulled her gun out, as she needed to upgrade from the baseball bat. Firing a shot, she hit Batman in the chest and sent him down. As she spoke to herself, she let everyone know that the bullet was to honor the Joker in heaven or wherever he was. She told Batman the Squad was there because Penguin wanted the Wayne character, as he was obsessed with him, but Harley believed Batman was a better prize. With her foot down, and her gun pointed straight at the Bat, she informed him that no one was going to come to the rescue, and Joker would want him to see the shot coming. With the bang echoing through the street, Batman did not seem dead at all. He grabbed her collar and lifted her off the ground. Harley let Batman know of his apparent resurrection and sniffled, trying to calm down, finding hilarity in her situation. She realized she was killing Batman for one man, who was now dead. She had problems, but Harley acknowledged they were deep-rooted as Batman told her she chose to fall in love with a murderous lunatic, so her problems meant nothing to him.Deadshot interrupted the mind game as he aimed his barrel at the back of his head. A quick whirl from The Dark Knight sent both of them flying once again. Crocodile Dundee came to the rescue as a boomerang distracted Batman enough to allow her to get back on her feet. With the job gone, Deadshot knew they just had to leave while their heads were still on their shoulders. With that thought in mind, the blonde picked up her candy-cane-like baseball bat once again and pressed a hidden button that set off a grappling hook. Plan C came into action to get them up and away. Killer Croc came in to wreak havoc on Batman, but it was too late. Captain Boomerang was already dead.Racing the twenty underground stories to get to the Iceberg Lounge, Harley shouted at Penguin to come out to play. However, to her dismay and beliefs about courtesy, she thought the least he could have done was hold the door open for her. He told her to wait a moment, as she was intruding on a creative moment. He was making plans on decorating the lounge. Once complete, Penguin gave orders and asked what troubled her. Informing him that the Squad had blown it, she explained that Batman had reached their target before they could get to Wayne, blaming Deadshot for not having his eyes on him every moment. It was something Joker had always told her, but the Penguin seemed annoyed at her words, reminding her of the rules of their relationship. No dwelling on failure and no talk about the Joker. He explained that he had released Killer Croc into the area as a contingency plan, and therefore, presumed he was with Batman instead of the Squad. After all, Wayne was just a warm-up test for the group as one of his affluent friends was who he was after, and their prize was just outside of town. Unbeknownst to Harley, a metamorph project had been launched, with Deadshot double-crossing the Squad to work for Amanda Waller, founder of Task Force-X, to gain intel of a plan arranged by Penguin.

Watching the security cameras, Penguin, and Quinn witnessed a battle between the metamorph project, Batman, Deadshot, and the GCPD. Penguin concluded that the Suicide Squad was royally screwed. A sentiment Harley could only echo. However, soon enough, this working relationship crumbled. Harley owned a baseball bat she had been working on upgrading to turn it into a fierce gun. Shouting over the shots, she told Penguin that she could not take being with the fat slob anymore and broke up the professional relationship. He tried to console her, suggesting that maybe Harley would want to dress in a more sophisticated manner once in a while. Dressing like a clown could not have a positive impact on her psyche. She needed to let the past go. The thought seemed to shake her as she decided to knock some sense into her head. She took her baseball bat to her head several times, hitting herself as she questioned why she could not forget the Joker. After the whacks, she claimed to feel better before wondering where she was and almost immediately going back onto the Joker, wondering aloud if he was still pushing up daisies. As she clutched her head, Harley proceeded to cry. The conversation averted as the phone started ringing, making the thumping in her head worse, before the Penguin answered it. The phone call was from Scarecrow. He invited them, alongside a few other Gotham villains, to partake in the final plan ever needed; one to kill Batman with the help of a new man on the scene, the Arkham Knight.At a hideout in Chinatown, Penguin questioned how on earth they were going to accomplish this final plan, as he noted the Arkham Knight was suited up as if he worked for Batman himself. With a new Fear Toxin developed, they also had weapons curated by the Arkham Knight at their disposal. If all the villains worked together, they could slowly wear Batman down, little by little. By doing that, they would all get the revenge they desired as the City could crumble for a man, and the Bat was nothing but a man. However, Scarecrow had no experience of Arkham City. After listening to Two-Face, Harley tried to put what he was saying in terms she understood as the Arkham A-team took a chance on the plan. Calling them idiots, the Arkham Knight blew the villains backward, revealing just a fraction of his weaponry. They needed him far more than the Arkham Knight needed them, but the villains had a slight advantage as they had all fought Batman up close. The Arkham Knight wanted them all to play a part in the fall of Batman, so they had to find a way to work together.As Scarecrow went out to prove his point, Harley struck up a conversation with Ivy as the plan made about as much sense to her as working with the clowns, Riddler, Penguin, and Two-Face did. Although, at least the Knight knew how to make a big impression on someone, especially when the Scarecrow was involved. Part of the concern linked to a point Ivy had made. She was not there to impress the men to beat Batman and had supposedly outgrown him, compared to everyone else. As the Arkham Knight came back, it became apparent the male had killed Bane in a fight after his torment with Batman.The story unfolded, and Ivy was captured for unknown reasons and subsequently held at the Bludhaven Police Department. With a plan to release Ivy in place, Harley reluctantly teamed up with Penguin once more. She had an earpiece wired up to his communications and was ready to break her friend out. Outside the precinct, vines decorated a truck which Harley presumed to have previously held Isley. After driving a hijacked Bludhaven van herself, Harley cartwheeled into view, almost welcoming all the security officers on duty trying to hold her down. Harley called them all donut dunkers and declared that she would find Ivy herself, commencing a fight with the Bludhaven Police Officers.It was at this point the Penguin piped up as he scolded Harley for wasting time. He needed Ivy in Gotham to know if their plan to destroy Batman was going to work. Harley told him to quit squawking, as she was only helping Penguin and Scarecrow to kill Batman. As she walked through the Police Department, she noticed that she had officers on one side and a locked gate on another. Harley used a Jack-in-a-box bomb to lure them out and put them down. These actions seemingly impressed Penguin, as he offered her a place in his organization, but the blonde politely declined. The Penguin tried to bargain a price with her, but Harley let him know that she was not for sale. No one could not put a price on her, especially him after the Penguin had tried to kill the Joker. Shouting at him through the communications, he ordered her to keep quiet to limit any undue attention. Harley made Blubberpot aware that quiet was not a part of her vocabulary.Harley entered the control room, but it was crawling with guards, and she had to slowly take them out one by one using her quick quips. Despite her lack of stealth at times, she gained control of the cameras to find the whereabouts of Ivy, locating her in the basement. Penguin wanted things to speed up to keep from delaying Scarecrow. So Harley headed to the elevators, only to be ambushed yet again by officers. The attention had been sweet, but she took them all down and entered the elevator to take herself to the basement. Harley hummed to herself as the elevator seemed to fall rather than descend of its usual accord. That made her question what was going on. As she climbed through the elevator and vent shafts to get to the actual basement, she secured it for her use so she could find Ivy without being watched or caught by Police Officers. She even asked one officer to cut back on the donuts as he failed to take her out.As the officers piled up, the basement was secure, and Harley entered the next room. Penguin warned her that his men had spotted Nightwing outside the facility, labeling him an unnecessary complication. With a giggle, Harley only wanted something complicated, as that meant more fun. Penguin seemed unable to respond to that, so she opened the doors into the next area in the basement. In front of Harley was Ivy, trapped in a cage. The surrounding walls, and the floor, had been taken over by vines. Calling over her favorite vegan, Ivy came up to the bars on the cage, asking Harley if she was there to free her again. The reunion was interrupted by Bludhaven Police Officers, aided by Nightwing midway through the fight. Fortunately, she battled her way through to release Ivy, a surprise to Penguin, having ordered a car that was waiting outside the shop, Harley and Ivy could get back to Gotham. Penguin congratulated himself alongside Harley for their work, but the last she checked, his squawking and talking had not helped her work. But he still had to be nice to her, or else, she planned to keep Ivy for herself. Only telling the redhead that Scarecrow wanted a word with her, she and Harley were escorted back to Gotham.Gotham General and several other hospitals in the area had previously been sent blood donations from the Joker. Batman had worked tirelessly to try to track down every transfusion to reverse it. Five people, however, slipped through the records and therefore still contracted the virus due to unrecorded transfusions or going unnoticed at the time. One male appeared immune, Henry Adams, as all infected personnel had been quarantined within a secure location run by Barman. Effects showed that the infection altered them genetically, forcing them to be more like the Joker due to a mutated version of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Robin was busy running tests on blood samples. Robin believed there was a cure within Henry to stop the disease from infecting the others in quarantine further.Unbeknownst to Batman, Henry Adams had access to a secret communications link. Harley connected to him, affectionately calling him Mista' J as they planned Operation Puddin' Break. She asked how her babies were, referring to the others who were also staying in the facility. Henry told Harley they were in rude health and dying to meet mommy. Asking if she remembered the plan, Harley protested, not wanting to hit him over the head. With a few sweet words, however, she was reconciled. After the call, Henry revealed that he was infected, just far better than hiding his symptoms around Batman, working with Harley to kill him off and rescue the rest of the infected. Their alliance had started after he reached out to her.When they first met, Harley told Batman to come in slowly and with his hands up, as she was informed Henry knew something about the Joker. The blonde demanded Batman start talking, pointing the barrel right at him, not taking any chances. Henry was initially distracted by the gun, but threats to pull the trigger brought him back as he started to laugh to himself, claiming it was because of an old joke. Harley admitted she no longer listened to jokes, but Henry continued to tell them anyway. She said he was funny, and the bond appeared to be made between them as Henry claimed he missed her too, talking on behalf of the disease.With a plan now in action, Batman was at the Computer. The screen flickered from Alfred to an emergency broadcast from the movie studios, the location of the quarantine site. Henry Adams declared the movie studios under attack and mentioned that Robin was in danger. To stop him babbling on, Harley appeared behind him in the feed. She proceeded to knock him out with her baseball bat. Teasing Batman through the cameras, Harley told him he was too late to save the day, admitting it had been a while since their last interaction. As he echoed her name, the blonde seemed shocked that he remembered her. Batman had killed the only thing she had ever loved and then decided to keep all the infected for himself. In her mind, they were a new generation of Jokers, so they belonged to her as they were like her children. Batman informed Harley that the Jokers were unstable. According to her, Batman needed to look in the mirror sometime.Batman arrived on the scene and took out all the thugs in the entrance way. As she went to investigate, Batman used his zip line to get out of the way of the doors to the elevator just as they opened, revealing Harley and some of her team, heavily armed. Talking on the radio, one of the thugs came to the clever conclusion that things were going downhill as they stepped over the unconscious bodies of the thugs that had been guarding the area. She gained no new intel from her goons and knew it was because of the Bat-faced loser. Ordering her men to get her chopper down on the ground now, she told the rest of her men to get onto the roof with Sentry guns covering the entrance. Turning on her heel, she left to head downwards, leaving a few final but menacing words with the goons; they were to not even think about coming back down until Batman was dead. As Harley listened to them through the comms, she told her men that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. There was a new Joker, and Batman was ruining it by still being alive, which meant her dumbass goons had been unsuccessful. Later on, she spoke to Batman directly, simply asking him why he was doing it, as all they wanted was the Joker back and Batman dead. It was mainly about the Joker though, killing Batman would have just been a bonus.Batman continued to disable the sentry guns, and Harley retaliated by threatening her men even more. She warned them she had a list on how to discipline them, given to her by the Joker. Although, she had not yet read the list due to the pain it caused her. Harley vowed, however, to use it if they kept slacking like they were. With this threat not appearing to work, she tried what she believed was a better motivation tactic. Using her best impression of the Joker, Harley shouted at the goons before asking if it was good. Batman managed to squeeze into the movie theater, as Harley suggested that such a building was one the Joker would have picked himself. Her musings continued as she questioned Batman on whether he knew what it was like waking up day after day knowing she would no longer see the Joker? It had been emotional for her, and she wanted Batman to know that. The thought of three new Jokers made the whole ordeal seem a little easier, as they were all perfect in their way. They were a special gift from Joker from beyond the grave. An idea made even sweeter by the fact all the new Jokers wanted to kill Batman too.Batman had a small break from Harley until she appeared on the other side of a set inside the cinema. She appeared out of a side door surrounded by guards as Batman hid from immediate view. Harley had asked them to open the gates just after asking for them to be closed, and one of the thugs pegged her as crazy. To prove her dominance, Harley reminded him she was paying him to protect her, not to think. There had been some form of Bat-trick, Harley never giving the closing order herself. Yelling out, she told Batman to show himself unless he no longer had the guts to face her. Batman was a no-show, but Robin appeared with a smile. Harley welcomed the little helper from the other side of the gate, as she presumed that Batman had left him all alone. Robin said that neither he nor Batman was taking her very seriously, which hit a nerve. She asked whether he thought he was funny as she readied her gun, decorated with two fuzzy dice. Telling them that this was for real this time, Harley demanded her goons to open the gates.The barrel of her gun was aimed straight at Robin, forcing him to take a few steps backward as she walked toward him. With one of the Jokers in her protection, there was no way he was going back to the cell. He was hers. He had the Joker in him. The infected male was going with her, whether Robin approved or not. Robin told her it would be highly irresponsible of him to let that happen. But Batman had taken the Joker away from her once. Would he be so heartless to take Henry away from her too? Harley knew Batman was in the shadows and made it clear she did so. Batman came out from under the flooring to knock her to the ground just. Robin had nearly had his head blown off, so Harley wondered whether Batman cared for the safety of his partner. She was knocked out but started to stir and kick up a fuss as Batman picked her up and held her over his shoulder before going to find a responsible place to leave her. In frustration, she took her emotions out on his suit and cape as she punched them several times before Batman arrived at the quarantine cells.Harley protested as she demanded he put her down. Batman cautiously agreed, placing her down, as Robin headed off to prep one of the quarantine cells for her. Robin tried to unlock one of the cells, only to find all the infected Jokers dead. Henry held the offending gun in his hand in the middle of a laughing fit. Rushing to his side, Harley placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, but Henry quickly brushed her off. Shouting, Henry activated the Jailbreak policy. There was no one to rescue and no one to break out, as all the Jokers were already dead. It was clear that Henry had reprogrammed the security as he took control of the situation. With Batman refusing orders, Henry aimed the barrel of his gun at the side of Harley. Batman made the safer move to join Robin as Henry asked. In his state of mind, Henry was fighting for control over the virus. He went into laughing fits as he danced. As he spoke about evolution, he claimed the strongest always survived, even though even amoebas could do it. Henry shot one of the Jokers that was incapacitated again for fun. Harley screamed in response, as in her mind, he was killing her children. Henry justified his actions by claiming he was purifying the gene pool. Stopping the virus just long enough, Henry took control of himself, aiming the barrel at his head and committing suicide to stop the infection within him from hurting anyone else.

In disbelief that she had lost everyone and everything related to the Joker, Harley broke down and cried as she had lost every part of the Joker, just as she believed she had before. That had been a chance to move on and start afresh, and it was gone. Distraught, she was left in one of the containment cells, cross-legged on the bed, before Batman approached. It had not been enough for Batman to kill her, one and only. He had to go and grab the rest of them too. Claiming he had been jealous of her and the Joker all this time, she told him he should be happy now, but then told him to leave her alone as he was nothing but a murderer.

This world is based on the comics that were inspired by the Batman 1966 tv series. Although Harley was never an official part of this despite many fan theories, since her introduction wasn’t until 1992, she did make a few appearances in a slightly altered story under the name Dr. Holly Quinn within the Batman ’66 comics. For any threads that are set in the 1960s, this is the verse and storyline that will be used.

>> [ Batman '66 ]

At the Arkham Institute for the Criminally Insane, Dr. Holly Quinn welcomed Batman and Robin as she introduced herself. Holly was the new psychiatric specialist for the deep-security ward at Arkham, where the Joker stayed. Despite the oddness of his request, she honored the wishes of Batman, knowing he was a good friend of Bruce Wayne, who was a benefactor of the Arkham Institute. She escorted Batman to the end of the wing, making him walk past many criminals he had sent there from Gotham City, including The Riddler. Most of them seemed calmer than usual, which Dr. Quinn reassured was due to the treatments used, as most of the patients had very erratic brain function in her professional opinion. She invited Batman to meet with Professor Overbeck. He explained how their new system could curb thought processes, with Patient J, given his erratic history. Deciding not to acknowledge his criminal name, Dr. Quinn spoke aloud to let the Joker know that visitors were here for him.Surprising his doctor, and Batman, he came out from the shadows to show they had been talking to a dummy, made by himself. Trying not to fall for his nonsense, Holly scolded the male telling him that it was enough as Batman was on urgent business. Supposedly apologizing for his actions, the Joker gave Dr. Q a thousand pardons, as it had been a while since he saw his friends. Joker did, however, want something in return for the help. It seemed Holly freeing up the schedule to approve a deep-security ward Comedy Night was just the motivation he needed as he left Arkham in the careful hands of Batman.Dr. Quinn, alongside Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon, showcased her rehabilitation in action. Just as they walked into the talent show, it initially seemed as if Catwoman was ready to attempt a breakout. Dr. Quinn reassured Bruce that she was polishing up her dance routine. There were a lot of acts, and Catwoman apologized to anyone who had to follow her. Commissioner Gordon was still concerned, as the criminals were already narcissistic. He believed performing would fuel their egos and tendencies. However, Holly reassured them that these performances provided creative outlets for their egos while protecting society. Here, they gained the same attention they would have received for their crimes.A few hiccups followed, including Siren trying to gain control, but Dr. Quinn was back on the microphone as Siren took a side step from the music. She introduced False Face to the stage to give impressions. Such an act nearly struck a nerve with Bruce Wayne, as he transformed into Bruce before being taken away. There was just one last act Dr. Quinn had on the cards; The Joker. After all, the promises of a comedy night had turned into a talent show. He started his act, and Holly took a liking to his jokes, as had everyone else, or so it seemed. It turned out he had teamed up with Catwoman to create a device hidden in his hair that made everyone cry with laughter, barely unable to think of anything else, allowing him to escape.Slowly the motions passed, and Batman and Robin were able to formulate a plan alongside Batgirl. Dr. Quinn informed them that Professor Overbeck still worked at Arkham and had an office just down the hall from where they were. After making a discovery, the Professor had been captured and tied up. He concluded the Joker was attached to an antenna, which the Joker would not have had access to; that meant someone within the facility had been working alongside him. It turned out that this had been none other than Holly Quinn, who replicated the machine outside of Arkham. Claiming the beam to be fully functioning, Holly was nervous about what would happen next. Catwoman leaned in close, proclaiming she was too deep to back out now. Holly could not take the guilt, and her help had only meant to stretch so far. She had only intended to help the machine finally work. With it working without flaws now, Holly burst into tears. She knew full well she should have gone to the police. Catwoman told her not to confess to anything. The Joker stepped in to help, wooing Holly by letting her know that law enforcement would never understand brilliance like hers. He told her they would have treated her like a common criminal instead of a modern mind. With tears in her eyes, Joker pulled Holly in close to help imagine his visions for Gotham. He claimed Batman hated him because he competed with the mission, order, and rules. Rules he was about to break, as it was showtime.Chaos took over the streets as the Joker was infecting the whole city with laughter with the machine Holly had made, pushing every citizen to the brink of sanity. Holly Quinn recognized the mayhem now and was fearful for her actions, blaming herself for it all as she began to cry. Joker, however, never planned to give her all the credit, although she had been a great help. He threw Holly aside as he looked forward to working with her in the future. With Batman captured, Holly was frantic, apologizing to Batman as she knew he had tried to warn her. Ordered to get down from the car by the Joker, Holly convinced herself that her brain had made these shenanigans and, therefore, her brain would be able to restore sanity to the city. Sliding her head into the machine, she whirred it into life, hoping she had what it takes, even if it took everything she had. Batman played along for a little while, but Dr. Quinn realized that her alterations to the ray were successful. She took a moment to compose herself before Batman ran over, asking her if she was okay, but her answer was clear. Within moments, she erupted into laughter, the effect of the ray bouncing back onto her, leading her to be as insane as the Joker. Professor Overbeck held little hope for restoring her sanity, but promised to try using every therapy he knew as guards escorted Holly to a cell in a straitjacket.Time had passed, and Batman and Robin both came to check in on Holly Quinn and her mental state after a Joker calling card had been left behind at a crime scene while Joker was still in Arkham. Initially, there seemed to be no way to reverse the effects, but recently Holly was recorded to be in a good mood. However, this was a total lie as the female in her cell was Nurse Fitz under the influence of Nitrous Oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. With the nurse, Holly had left a note. She had a new career set out for her, to make The Joker proud, signing the letter as the Harlequin. Batman guessed that as she sacrificed her sanity for the good of the people, her knowledge in insane hands could make her more dangerous than the Joker, a point the Joker overheard.Knowing Batman and Robin would go back to the Batmobile, the Harlequin tinkered with the controls, pressing a button that meant they ejected themselves from the car. A red, black, and white-hot air balloon in the shape of a jester hat drifted overhead, the Harlequin leaning on the edge of the basket. With a giggle, she greeted the heroes as the bat and the bird were where they should be – up a tree – a real honor really that they had come all that way to greet her to their gallery of rogues.Here, the Harlequin promised to live up to their standard of villainy by coming up with a plan that would make chasing her around Gotham extra fun. Batman requested she returned to psychiatric care, but she knew most of them would be no help. They would be typically daydreaming while telling their patients to pretend they were kids again. It was a technique she used herself. She wished them well as she had to get back to her crime spree, but was thankful she could say hello in person before firing up the hot air balloon and flying off in the air, Commissioner Gordon unable to call the dreamboat. In a desperate attempt to capture her there, and then, he threw a Batarang at the balloon to puncture it. A net she had on board stopped its path. Annoyed, she asked if Batman knew how much the balloon had cost, not that she did, as she stole it. She intended to do a lot worse than that, as she said with a wave that she would see the caped crybabies in the funny paper.With that, madness and mayhem descended on Gotham City by Harlequin’s hand, which included giving the mayor a whoopee cushion, stealing pizza, robbing banks, and painting a diamond-eyed face across one of Gotham’s more prestigious buildings. As Batman considered what would stop the one-woman crime wave who would seemingly relieve a girl scout of her cookies, she had stolen the bat phone and held a jeweler at gunpoint for his most precious diamonds. The gun in this incident was a fake and only revealed a ‘Bang!’ flag after pulling the trigger. It was chaos, and it was down to Batman and Robin to stop it.Two weeks later, fully believing Gotham knew her name, even if they could not spell it, the Harlequin was cooped up in a warehouse looking to expand and progress as a villain. Thanking everyone that had received her whispered messages, she surrounded herself with potential henchmen who were willing to help her. Catching her breath, Harley admitted she was worn out, as causing this much craziness was a lot of work. This meeting was all because she asked herself, ‘what would the Joker do?’ as she addressed her companions as henchmen, goons, and lackeys. The jester had big ideas and money, and they had the face and the muscle she needed. It was tough, selecting who would get the job done and work out the jobs available. Part of her wanted to hire them all, but then her hard-stolen money would not stretch very far.Taking an idea from one of the henchmen, she ordered them all to fight, with the last five standing getting the jobs, using the chaos as a way for them to present their resumes. Asking one what they believed their worst weakness was, he responded that sometimes he just wanted to slug everybody. Things quickly got out of control as five went down to two, as only two males were left standing. Trying to order them to stop, one told her that he just really wanted the job. With an oh-well, she declared that one of them already had a mask she wanted, although he hadn’t brought a clown nose and a labeled shirt. The other, however, donned a cape, as he revealed himself to be Batman, as Robin, still in disguise, slapped handcuffs on the female. With a cry, she couldn’t believe it but asked one thing; on a scale of Catwoman to Egghead, where did she lie on the scale of villainy. Robin admitted she was up there as she was taken back to Arkham Asylum.

Although strictly a part of the DC Animated Universe, due to its length and popularity, date difference and features that are slightly different to the DC Animated Universe (such as the introduction of Superbabes and Harley's complete separation from the Joker), it has been separated from this group of verses.

>> [ Batman and Harley Quinn ]

There was a break into S.T.A.R labs enacted by Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, with the intent to steal research from Dr. Alec Holland, who had previously turned into Swamp Thing after an experiment gone wrong. With Batman and Nightwing on the case, Batman enlisted Nightwing to search for the potential hideout of Poison Ivy and Jason to get last known addresses and known associates; meaning he had to find and talk to Harley Quinn. There had been rumors she had gone straight, or just straight up disappeared and off the grid, but her link to Ivy meant she potentially knew the location of her ❛ gal pal ❜.With no one having potentially seen her, Nightwing realized Harley may have simply hidden in plain sight. As it turned out she had done exactly that, having applied to be a waitress at Sugarbabes where pay was minimal, and tips came in the form of unwanted physical contact, which had led to one customer having his arm broken by Harley herself. The restaurant owner only pointed to the signs, however, as the message was clear. Look at the girls all you want, but don’t touch. On her walk back after a shift, Harley completed a crossword. The blonde reached her door before demanding someone stepped out, as she felt someone had been following her. She hadn't known it was Nightwing until he revealed himself. Claiming it was because her ears were mighty sharp after time in Arkham, she was greeted by the male. After all, things went bump in the night there and she had to stay alert.Harley made it clear she had every intention of keeping the distance that had grown between her and the Bat-Family. After asking where Ivy was to be found, Harley told him to save it, as she didn’t hang around with the costumed crowd anymore. Nightwing tried to press on letting her know the urgency and potentially volatile situation Ivy and Jason had gotten themselves into but she was done with capes and masks and was trying to lead a normal life. This seemed suspicious to Nightwing, however, as he knew of her previous psychiatric training. He noted that dressing up as Harley Quinn for minimum wages plus tips was a weird way to kick a habit. Nightwing believed she was itching to get back into the game. Harley appeared annoyed but unfazed as she declared that he was on his own. Nightwing tried one final push, as she hadn’t been in contact with her parole officer for months, which in one phone call could lead her going back to Blackgate instead of the asylum.The thought tipped her over the edge as she kicked him square in the chest, almost daring to try to drag her back to prison. The blonde swung at him with her bag, which later showed to have a ten-kilo kettle bell resting at the bottom of it. With a grin, she took out the weight and slipped off her coat, claiming Nightwing was going to be her payback for all the unnecessary pinches grabs and butt slaps she had received in the last three months. Harley managed to hold her well with a few tricks up her sleeve. When she appeared to be giving up, Nightwing asked if she was, but why would she when things were getting interesting, as she attacked him with a plank of wood from a pallet. The fight carried on, and Harley was knocked down by a garbage can lid that Nightwing threw. As she was down, she frantically and aimlessly tried to throw whatever she could find on the ground. Nightwing loomed over her before he uncharacteristically burst into laughter. It seemed one of Harley’s tricks was a ring, with a needle-like point, aimed to prick Nightwing and give him a small dose of low-grade Joker venom; the only useful thing she ever got from that asshat. With a ❛ night, night Jerk ❜, she kicked Nightwing unconscious, before dragging him into her apartment.With Nightwing tied to her bed, Harley was unsure what to do next. She couldn’t just let him go as he knew of her location and would tell Batman, but killing him was out of the question as she didn’t want to go down that path anymore. If she was honest, in her mind, he was too cute to kill. Harley knew that Ivy could be in some serious trouble, and helping her might also be the best idea. Conflicted over her options, the blonde let Nightwing know that the building they were in was condemned, so there wasn’t any point in calling for help. Nightwing corrected her on his name, to which she was taken aback, claiming she was thinking of the mullet he used to have which had given him a decade of bad hair days. Letting her know he had taken trash talk from bigger criminals than her, Harley snapped. In her mind, he hadn’t noticed the fact she’d gone straight, becoming a waitress at Sugarbabes. To prove her point further, she showed him her huge pile of rejection letters for psychiatric based hospitals all over the world as well as other, more exotic job titles. It seemed she was either labeled a criminal or a whore in their minds, and she was sick of people telling her who she had to be.Sitting in her anger for a moment, Harley shook it off, telling Nightwing that he had given her a great workout, although she was now sweaty. Without a second thought, she stripped herself of her dress right in front of him, his face letting her know that he wasn’t trying to react. As Harley was bending over to choose a new outfit to wear, she turned back to see how Nightwing was, questioning him on whether he used to be Robin. It seemed, however, that Nightwing’s mind was elsewhere, the embarrassment clear as he was excited at what he had seen. Asking her not to get any funny ideas, it was already too late, and she flicked the light off. Harley crawled over to him in her underwear, learning into the male. She had previously thought that Batman and Nightwing weren’t really into girls, but that was a mistake. The blonde had been lonely the past couple of months and if Nightwing had something she wanted and, well, she had something he wanted, what was the problem? It was something Nightwing did for Gotham as he caved into Harley's affection but he got something from it too.Shortly afterward, they were interrupted giggling and tickling each other to a point where Nightwing almost made her wet herself. Batman walked in on the antics, causing the pair of them to freeze. Harley dressed herself in her classic Jester outfit, but several other outfits were scattered across the floor and the restraints that had held Nightwing in place had been ripped. Standing to attention, Harley told him she was reporting for duty, as Nightwing admitted he had been about to call Batman. A disapproving look flashed Nightwing’s way as Harley waved, letting them know she’d meet them at the car. It wasn’t like Batman had never made out with a super villain, though.Leaning against the Batmobile, Harley tried to lay down some rules for her involvement, as no one knew Ivy as she did. Harley wanted the chance to talk Ivy out of her plan before Batman and Nightwing used force, despite the potential dangers in Ivy's plan. Then, after the incident, she wanted both of them to put in a good word for her with the parole board to let them know she had been an upstanding citizen in Gotham. Batman didn’t seem to think about it for too long, before denying her requests, which confused the jester and almost left her speechless. She fully believed he truly needed something from her, but Batman didn’t make deals with psychopaths. Harley was quick to correct him — she was a sociopath, not a psychopath. Why did everyone seem to get that wrong? Annoyed, she crossed her arms, questioning Batman why she should help him if he wasn’t going to agree to her terms. Batman responded, telling her that he knew she enjoyed living, and the world she knew would cease to exist if she didn’t help. Harley wanted something out of it to sweeten the deal, hoping to get a spa day, or a signed photo for her little cousin, as in her words he was sick. Batman simply didn’t respond, so she shrugged. After all, he was the boss.Nightwing seemed skeptical to bring Harley along but it was a precaution Batman felt he had to take so that she didn’t tip off Ivy they were onto her. Making fun of his words, Harley pulled a face, labeling herself a dangerous loony before sarcastically remarking that they never knew what she was going to do. Hitting her hand against the side of the Batmobile, the jester attempted to open the door with no success. She tried to repeat the action before simply tugging on the door to try to force it open. Nightwing tried to offer her some help, letting her know there was a trick to it but before she could climb over the door to get inside she swiped a hand dangerously close to him, warning him to watch his hands. He tried to be apologetic as she climbed into the car, a look on her face like she had been violated. After all, it had only been twenty minutes of a naughty fun time, he didn’t own her. Trying to offer something in return as she settled into the Batmobile she told Nightwing she would call him when she was out of batteries or something. With the last comment made, and a grumpy look apparent on Harley’s face, the Batmobile revved and sped up the street.Whilst in the car, Batman explained that Poison Ivy and Floronic Man were going to synthesize and recreate the mixture of chemicals that created Swamp Thing and turn it into a fast-acting virus, so in their mind, they were saving the world. However, the consequences of this would mean that everyone would live as animal-plant hybrids, in the best situation. Harley wasn’t a racist, a lot of her best friends were plant people but she didn’t want that to happen to herself. Nightwing tried to find a bright side, as it meant they weren’t specifically out to kill anyone. Despite intentions, if any calculation was off about their measurements, by any means, then the experiment would fail to cause the death of every human on earth and that was enough to put the fear in Harley. The research stolen from Dr. Holland would prove to be a shortcut as attempts to reverse engineer from their DNA could take years, and neither Ivy nor Jason was ever fully human, to begin with. Poison Ivy was a natural mutation, and the Floronic Man wasn’t even from this dimension. All Harley had to do in this plan to stop them was find Ivy, and that wasn’t a problem in Harley’s own words. Harley knew this guy who used to be tight with Ivy, hoping he had a few more ideas than she did on Ivy’s whereabouts.Almost instantly distracted, however, Harley told Batman to stop the car. At first, he refused, but Harley insisted it was him, leading them to believe it was the guy that would be the informant for Ivy. Jumping out of the Batmobile, calling after Bobby Liebowitz Harley to pursued their male as he started a chase through the streets of Gotham. Nightwing and Batman followed her to make sure she doesn’t cause too much damage, despite the multiple car crash that was caused by her pursuit of the male. She followed him up the fire exit of one of the taller buildings as he attempted to jump from roof to roof, something Harley did far more successfully. Reaching the end of that row of buildings, Bobby balanced on the edge of the roof, slipping and falling into one of the dumpsters below. As he climbed out, Harley gracefully landed next to him, with a face that meant business. Annoyed about something, Bobby tried to run off again, but the entrance was blocked by Batman and Nightwing. Harley jumped him, pushing him to the floor, throwing slaps and punches at the male whilst calling him names, as she implied her attack was because the man had cheated on her mother. Grabbing Harley round the waist, Batman picked her up to escort her away from the male, covering her mouth to muffle any further words Nightwing tried to offer his condolences, as Harley was off her meds, but warned him that really, he'd had it coming even if it wasn’t going to happen again. On her exit, now over Batman’s shoulder, Harley shouted that Bobby had made her mother cry, asking whether that was what she was worth to a douchebag like him.Back in the Batmobile, Harley was facing a punishment of her own. She tried to start explaining herself, telling them she’d been waiting 10 years for an opportunity to hurt him. Every time Harley opened her mouth, Batman held a hand up, warning her to stop each time until it got too much for him. Forcing the car to a halt, he turned around, warning her that if she were to pull another stupid stunt like that again, she would be dropped off at the nearest police station. Hitting him with a more sarcastic response, Harley put on her best deep voice for her Batman impression. She declared that as she was under his roof, she had to play by his rules before giving the real Batman a newsflash right to his face. He wasn’t her dad! Warning her that this wasn’t a game, he told her she needed her focus on the task at hand.Focus-smokus, admitting she was starting to rethink this whole deal, she was here helping them pro bono and now they had to get mega control-freaky on her. Do this, don’t do that, sit up straight, brush after every meal, don’t bite your toenails, keep your knees together when you're wearing a dress. Addressing her again, more direct this time, he reminded her there were lives at stake here, as if she didn’t already know. Putting her hands to her face, she tried to control her frustration. Yeah, yeah, the whole world was gonna plop she got it. Looking at him straight in the eyes, Harley told Batman he thought she was just a dizzy airhead that didn’t know anything. Asking him what she was, Batman responded that she was his punishment for dropping out of med school. That answer was wrong, as she was the answer to all his prayers. Telling him to take the expressway to Bludhaven, Batman didn’t move but coerced him to trust her, heading towards her suggested location.During their travels, Harley warned Nightwing and Batman that they did want to stop the car this time. The meal she’d had at Superbabes was doing a tango in her tummy, making her stomach feel more than a little off. Her request was ignored by Batman as she pleaded that she was dying in the back of the car. With his silence as her answer, she shrugged a small smirk on her face as the build-up of gas from her stomach released itself, filling the Batmobile with a rancid smell. Nightwing immediately held his hand over his nose, but Batman decided it wasn’t so bad as it smelt like discipline. The smell continued getting worse, as Nightwing now begged Batman to pull over, so the smell could be released from the car, opting to pull up at the gas station as Harley made her way to the bathroom before their journey continued. Barman finally pulled up at what seemed to be a small shack as Harley claimed they had arrived at their destination. She knew it looked like a total dump, but that was because it was a total dump. However, all the cool henchpeople did hang out here, so getting information on Ivy’s whereabouts from a man known as ❛ Shrubby ❜ was plausible. She was willing to bet donuts that he was inside, as he loved to dance.The three of them entered but it was only Harley who seemed to blend in with the crowd as there seemed to be a rather full dance floor. Nightwing muttered that he had nightmares similar to this, but wasn’t sure how welcome Batman and himself were. Harley told him he’d be fine, as long as he looked a little less stuck up his ass. Blending herself into the crowd on the dance floor, she danced her way over to Shrubby in an attempt to get some information but it seemed for Harley this information would come at a price, as Shrubby forced her to sing karaoke for it.

Making her feelings known towards his decisions, Harley flipped him the bird before bursting out into song and dance to the tune of Blondie’s ❛ Hanging on the Telephone ❜. Her rendition wowed almost all the crowd, including Batman, who had to stop himself tapping his finger. As her song finished, she dropped the mic and the crowds dispersed, collecting a slip of paper from Shrubby that would give them Ivy’s location. The trio turned to leave, but the crowd blocked their way out, noticing that Batman and Nightwing had put a lot of their buddies in the slammer and the only way they were leaving the shack was in a black bag with a zipper on it, which another peer happily clarified that had meant a body bag. Gulping down an entire glass of milk that had been prepared for him before by one of the goons, he smirked, placing the glass on the table and, to make it even easier, unclipped his utility belt and threw it on the ground. With a ❛ let’s dance ❜ from Batman, the fighting commenced, Batman, Nightwing, and Harley winning easily.Heading to the destination provided by Shrubby, Harley smiled, asking Batman and Nightwing whether they had thought the excursion was fun. She didn’t get a response before a signal went off in the Batmobile from the Watchtower with Booster Gold on the other end of the line. Harley occupied herself by reapplying her lipstick, as the Watchtower had finally received the emergency alert from Batman about Ivy and Floronic Man’s plan. Running through a list of the lesser-known member of the Justice League, as all the major members were occupied, Nightwing signed to Batman a reason for each one not to join their quest, especially now they had Harley on their hands. As Booster even offered his services, Nightwing crumpled a piece of paper near the microphone, Batman claiming they were going under some high tension wires as they quickly ended the call. Nightwing had labeled it a close call as Harley asked whether he had any fries left as Batmobile continued its journey.Just as Ivy and Jason had believed they cracked the key to finishing their plan, Batman, Nightwing, and Harley quite literally crashed through their ceiling, as Batman told them that it was over. Ivy was far more outraged that Harley was on the Bat's side, calling her out from behind Batman, but all Harley could do was smile and wave uncomfortably at the level of confrontation. Ivy seemed confused as to why Harley didn’t believe in her plan, but really, what was she doing? Harley questioned whether they were going to turn everyone into plant people, as after all, Harley had never looked good in green. Ivy apologized but apparently, there was no other way, humankind had had their chance at looking after the planet, and Batman declared that they had had theirs, throwing a flash bomb towards them and Dr. Harold Goldbloom, who was under Ivy’s control and had been helping them with their formula as he was the world’s leading expert on the Holland Formula and other bioweapons.Using a plant from the corner of the building and her powers, Ivy reached out to tie all three of them up, but all the vines seemed to miss. Batman headed for the Floronic Man, as Nightwing tried to take on Ivy. Harley fluttered between the two, trying to help where she could. The fight soon got out of hand as the building short-circuited and set alight, timber separating Ivy and Jason from the rest of them. Collecting the work they needed to finish the project, the Floronic Man decided on his own to simply try to kill Dr. Goldbloom, aiming a root through his heart. He wasn’t considered useful to them anymore and was too hard to rescue from the fire. Harley tried to call after her friend, telling Red she couldn’t leave her there as she burnt easy. Jason reminded Pamela that Harley had betrayed her and become her worst enemy, so pulled Ivy away, leaving Harley to her fate. As the fire engulfed most of the building, the rest of the ceiling collapsed in on itself, causing an explosion out of the side of the building.As the flames seemed to calm, Harley had gone quiet, comforting Dr. Goldbloom and his injury. Goldbloom tried to tell her in his last few breaths that they were heading to Louisiana, but Harley shushed him, telling not to talk as Batman came over to the two of them. She told Goldbloom that it'd be okay but he told Harley that Ivy and Floronic Man needed swamp water to complete the process. As Nightwing felt Goldbloom’s pulse, he informed Harley that they were losing the male. To try to comfort him, Harley told Goldbloom that he had done a really good job and that she and Batman would take it from here. She then spoke about her grandmother, Fran Quinzel, informing him that in heaven, he might meet her and that she was super nice and that he would get along with her. With that, Dr. Harold Goldbloom took his last breath and died in Harley’s arms. Laying him down on the ground, the female closed his eyes as the three sat in silence until the ambulance and other emergency services arrived.In the back of an ambulance, Harley sat with Nightwing, accidentally calling him Nightwig again as she asked him how he was doing. He sighed and she realized her mistake in a facepalm moment. She apologized, and called him Nightwing, telling him it was like trying to remember which version of ❛ there ❜ to use, knowing she had a 50% chance of getting it right but somehow always chose wrong. He didn’t respond, noting the solemn look on his face, she fell quiet towards the end of her explanation, apologizing again to him. There was a moment of silence between them before Nightwing told her to forget it, she smiled softly, asking if they were good. His smirk turned into a small smile back. Sure, they were good for now. Trying to brighten the mood, Harley, playfully, knocked his chin with her fist before Batman came over, clearly back to business as the two stood up from the ambulance in his presence.The police had set up roadblocks covering buses, trains, and planes, as Batman concluded they had to go to Louisiana. He wasn’t specific about who was going as the Bat jet flew overhead, looking for a position to land. Batman added the GPS coordinates for Dr. Holland’s old lab as he told them to saddle up but it soon became clear Harley was now out of the plan. Batman gave Harley his thanks before starting to walk off, with Nightwing following but she wasn’t going to be dropped that easily. She speed-walked to catch up, telling him to wait a goddamn minute. She was confused. Was that it? Now he got what he wanted from her, he was just going to drop her? Like after what happened with Nightwing ❛ Captain Kirking ❜ her for information, that was it, with just a see ya later toots? Harley wasn’t going to stand by that. Nightwing started to protest, implying she was the one who started it and that he’d never…well, that protest wasn’t finished, but Harley wasn't listening. She caught up to Batman, standing in front of him, telling him outright that he needed her, even tapping on his chest for emphasis. He had seen how tough the plant guy was, tossing him and Nightwing around like rag dolls. If he kicked their butts again, then what were they going to do? It was almost funny, as Harley could imagine Batman failing to sweet talk Ivy into giving up her diabolical plan. He jokingly called Batman Mr. Smoothie, but his line was not that great, especially on Ivy, and Harley wasn’t afraid to tell him so.She intended to carry on but was scared into silence as Batman told her that that was enough. Leaning right into her, Batman made it very clear that he couldn’t trust her. She started to protest, started to think that maybe he could, but she was the walking definition of a loose cannon. For all he knew, she might start thinking at the last minute that Ivy’s plan wasn’t so cock-eyed after all because the wind changed direction, or because it was a Thursday. She began to protest again, but Batman made it clear he couldn’t risk it, as the stakes were way too high. She said but again, and aggravated, Batman questioned her but. Harley admitted she’d never survive the veggie apocalypse. Once she had begged her mom for a cat but it ran away, and then she got a hamster she forgot to feed for a month, so then, begrudgingly, her mother agreed to get her a fern in a cute yellow pot which she forgot to water. During her storytelling, Harley sank to her knees and began to cry, as she knew she’d forget to water herself. Crawling over to Batman on her knees, she blew her nose and cried into his cape, calling him Mr kinda-scary-but-actually-really-nice Batman. She begged to join in, she knew she could make Ivy change her mind and give up her diabolical plan with Tree Guy, she knew she could. They were pals, good pals like Jack and Jill or pork and beans. She pleaded again, and Batman glanced at Nightwing, who reminded Batman that they should always have a contingency plan. Batman questioned him as his Plan B was Harley Quinn, but seemingly she won the two of them over as the Batjet took off. Batman seemed to pray to the gods that everything would be okay, but Harley only mentioned her travel sickness now as the Bat Jet headed to Holland’s old lab in Louisiana.In the Swamp, flies began to quickly circle the trio, Batman seemingly fending them off with some form of a spray. Harley asked if she could borrow it, only to find out it wasn’t bug spray, but concentrated sulfuric acid. Out of all the crazy, weird, and random gadgets and stuff he had in his utility belt, It seemed weird to Harley that he didn’t think to bring bug spray to a swamp. It was annoying but also funny. Asking him what was he good for, he held out a pill, telling her she was likely just low on vitamin B. Never mind, she strutted off, what a Boy Scout he turned out to be, after all, opting to smack herself in the face and yell to try to bat the flies away from herself. Nightwing questioned how Ivy and Floronic Man could get to Louisiana ahead of them given all the police blocks, but Batman noted that sometimes super villains could be very resourceful. All Harley knew was that if they were already there, some plants around them would-be spies for Ivy and Floronic Man, changed into watchdogs by Ivy herself — like Little Shop of Horrors on steroids. She wasn’t kidding. One time, Ivy had changed a lollipop stick into a three-headed snake tree thingy, whilst Harley was still eating it. Harley admitted she hadn’t had a lollipop since.As they kept going, Harley started laughing to herself. Nightwing questioned what was so funny but it was just her imagination at play. Harley had been picturing a Plant Guy on the subway in a large trench coat and hat like some form of seven-foot-tall flasher all made out of celery. Nightwing had found that pretty funny too, but a loud noise shocked the trio and they held their guards back up. One by one, the armed guards surrounding them were picked off by plants, dragged into holes alerting them to the presence of at least Ivy and presumably Floronic Man as well. What seemed to be a normal log, Harley had dubbed as an Ivy trap, directing Batman and Nightwing away from it. All three of them were walking over a dead tree that could act as a crossing for the river. As they started to cross, Harley kicked off both Batman and Nightwing and made a run for it. No one was going to hurt Ivy and in Harley's mind, that would be the consequence of this. She had to prevent it, had to stop everything. Batman asked her what she was doing and she smiled. It was just what he expected her to do, sucker because it was Thursday.Ivy turned around to see her gal pal, and Harley waved. Batman and Nightwing were tied up out-of-reach behind the jester. She apologized about before, she had to make the jerks think that she was really on their side so she could bring them to Ivy and wrap them up especially for her so she could carry on with her plan. Ivy seemed stunned or even confused as Harley leaned into Ivy just a little more, calling her Pammy and Honey Harley asked her to give up on her crazy plan, babbling and not taking a breath but telling her she was tampering with things man was never meant to know. She was sure she could put a good word in for her at her trial because her heart was in the right place even if she did kill all those people but she just had to give up her plan. Harley was begging her, calling her every nickname she could think of; Pam, Pammy, honey sweetie, baby. It wasn’t, however, that simple as Ivy said no. The earth was dying, she wasn’t the one destroying it, in Ivy’s mind she was saving it from the takers and the users. They had been surrounded by men like that their entire lives, but Ivy believed they could change them, trim them, shape them like a good gardener. She didn’t want to do it, but she felt like she had to do it.Well, Ivy couldn’t blame her for trying. Concealing what seemed to be a pill in her hand, Harley threw it up in the air and right at the base of the tree that was holding Nightwing and Batman. It was a concentrated weed killer and she had kept some on her since the lollipop incident as it set the two males free. Ivy gripped Harley’s collar, shaking her as she thought they were friends, but friends didn’t let friends kill seven billion people. Holding her steady and frustrated with her words, Ivy punched Harley straight in the face, starting a fight between the two of them as Batman and Nightwing tackled Floronic Man. Ivy positioned herself in front of a tree and dived out of the way as Harley threw a punch, it landed squarely on the tree. Ivy called Harley an idiot, picking up a branch as she still defended her actions. They were trying to change the world, not destroy it, and Harley was too dumb to see that. Harley quickly gained control of the fight by relieving Ivy of her stick. She was smart enough to do that and as she swung it around, Harley believed that the move had been pretty cool. Ivy wasn’t having it, the branch was transformed into a monster as it seemingly tried to eat Harley. That, apparently, was cool.Declaring that Ivy sucked, the pair kept fighting, now on the ground. With Harley on top, she made it clear to Pammy that her plan was batshit bonkers. To Ivy, though, men were simply killing the world and this was the last plan to stop them. Asking what else she could do, Harley said she didn’t know, but had a couple of ideas. Maybe Ivy should vote Democrat or give money to Greenpeace? Harley forgot that Greenpeace was actually for whales, and Ivy pointed that out, calling her a moron in the process. But whatever, there had to be a better plan than turning everyone into walking brussel sprouts. The fight carried on, becoming more aggressive between the two as both of them landed a punch to the jaw at the same time. As they approached Ivy’s workbench, Harley told Ivy that she could do this all night, but Ivy didn’t have that kind of time. Ivy raised a root from the ground to send Harley to the floor, tying her down by her ankles. That wasn’t fair. Ivy was only a few feet away from her, so the jester tried her best to reach out, but Ivy backed off to finish working on the virus.Harley asked whether the jar of green liquid was the finished product. Ivy called it the solution to all the world’s problems, one way or another. Harley questioned what that meant before realizing that it meant it hadn’t been tested yet. Batman had told her that if Ivy had gotten even one teensy-weensy thing wrong, she could wind up killing everything on the planet. Harley reminded Ivy of this as every plant, person, and animal were at stake. According to Ivy, that didn’t matter, even though she seemed less sure, as the earth would die anyway even if she didn’t act. Picking up the jar, Ivy apologized to Harley but she had to roll the dice. Harley managed to pull herself up to a kneeling position, as she was still tied to the ground. She realized that Ivy was going to make her do it. When this was all over, Harley wanted Ivy to know that she had given her a chance.

Slipping off her hat and mask, Harley wiped the make-up from her face, her blonde bunches now visible. Ivy realized what was going on, and started to protest, but it was Harley’s last effort, sweetie; the nuclear option. She had promised Ivy she would never do this again but she had to this time as the world was at stake. Closing her eyes, Harley took a deep breath before showcasing her bright blue eyes to Ivy, giving her the best puppy-dog eyes she could muster. Ivy was warning her, as her frown started to quiver, her eyeballs filling up with tears. Ivy told her she shouldn’t dare be doing this, but Harley persisted, as the tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks, the look was perfected and made Ivy cry. Walking closer to Harley, Ivy collapsed onto her knees, putting down the virus jar as she clung to the blonde and cried, letting her know she hated her so much. With a gentle smile on her face, Harley hugged Ivy, it worked every time. That was a relief.The sweet moment was interrupted by Batman and Nightwing dropping in, making Harley jump. Floronic Man headed into the clearing, asking Pamela whether she had finished the virus. Wrapped up in Harley’s arms, the two of them blinked. Floronic Man concluded he was now on his own with this plan as Harley was where Ivy’s true allegiance lied, calling Harley her cancerous mate. Ivy tried to defend herself, telling Jason they couldn’t do this, as they could have made one miscalculation that could cause the death of the world. That was something he labeled a small risk that he was willing to take. But Ivy wasn’t willing to take that chance anymore, which was a pity in Jason’s eyes, as a monstrous plant seemed to burst out from the ground to attack Ivy. Harley sat down in shock before smiling, telling her Red to go and get him. She was nervous watching the fight happen between Ivy and his monstrous plant fist, but Ivy ran the plant world and eventually managed to seize control of Jason’s plant, ripping it in two.Frustrated, Floronic Man punched Pamela, knocking her down as Harley shouted, calling him fugly to get his attention. He had awarded himself the first-class beating, and with Ivy down the vines around, Harley's ankle undid. She stood up, but with a quick push, she found herself flying through the air, landing on the ground between Batman and Nightwing. As the three of them tried to find the strength to continue to fight, Floronic Man picked up the jar that contained the virus, calling it the end of humanity’s lunatic reign. No longer was the beautiful world to be ravaged by poison and ignorance. As Floronic Man finished his speech, the ground began to shake as the real Alec Holland, or Swamp Thing, appeared out of the water. Harley originally believed that this would be the end of Floronic Man’s plan by turning him into a stump, but Swamp Thing didn’t seem to argue either way whether Jason should continue his quest or not as it wasn’t his place to judge and things would be, as they were meant to be, even if he didn’t think Jason's actions matched his cause no matter how just the cause was. He disappeared as quickly as he reappeared without stopping or helping anyone, to leave everyone in the area confused.In Harley’s mind, that was a big ass bucket of nothing, as Floronic Man laughed. Batman tried to think of a plan, and Harley believed she had something, but Nightwing assured her they had tried everything. Had they tried everything, though? The sonic disruptor barely fazed him, and the biofeedback batarangs didn’t do squat. She had it! Screaming guys to get both of their attention, she smiled, as they both asked what she wanted. Sure, they were the pros here, but she couldn’t help noting how Floronic Man was all leafy. They all seemed to have the same idea, as Harley asked whether either of them had a match. As Batman readied a match, both him and Nightwing smiled, each planting a kiss on one of Harley’s cheeks, which shocked her but caused her to blush as presumably Fluronic Man was subsequently taken down.

Due to the jump in time in Batman Beyond it was thought best to separate this world from the other DC Animated verses. A lot of Harley’s bio is actually backstory events retold through memories of the Batman Beyond characters. For current events in this world, Harley will be an older version of herself with twin granddaughters, typically spending her time trying to bail them out of situations.

>> [ Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker ]

Robin, Tim Drake, overheard a young girl calling out for help. She was trapped in the shadows, cornered by goons, so of course went to offer his assistance. The situation, however, wasn’t as first believed. Tackling the two men to the ground, he ended up behind the woman, letting her know that that should have evened the odds. The woman, Harley Quinn, disguised by a blonde wig and a gray overcoat covering her jester costume, lifted her mallet striking at the Robin who had just helped her. She smirked, admitting that hadn’t evened the odds, calling him Bird Boy in the process. She spun around, the mallet swinging with her, causing her wig to fall off and reveal her jester hat. Harley grinned, approaching Robin, who was now sprawled out on the floor from the attack. Her attack was stopped by the appearance of the Joker, who opted to capture Robin for himself. The pair had taken him to a mostly dilapidated Arkham Asylum, which had not been used for patients in years.Batman barged into the old operating theater after hearing Harley sing to herself through the door. Alongside the Joker, she’d been doing her best to turn the building into a real home for herself. With a smile, she let him know that they had company whilst organizing the flowers on their dining table. The Joker seemed to light up at the appearance of Batman, welcoming him to the couple's happy home. Quickly cuddling Harley, the male glanced over to see that Batman did not appear at all impressed. Taking a few steps toward them, he demanded to know where Robin was. The shocked look on their faces indicated they had no idea. Joker was confused, as there was no Robin there, but Harley wondered aloud if Batman had meant her and Joker’s little J. With a snap of his fingers, Joker believed that was it as he eyes up a suspicious-looking curtain. Batman walked over to the curtain and Harley was shoved aside by the Joker, but there wasn’t to be any peeking behind that curtain. There were far better things to be doing.Climbing under the table, Harley rescued a rocket launcher before aiming it straight at Batman. Instead of firing a weapon, however, a bundle of streamers flew across the room in his direction, wrapping around Batman sending him crashing to the floor all tied up for the couple, like a housewarming gift. Tapping the rocket launcher, Harley labeled it ❛ Mommy’s Little Helper ❜, smiling at Joker as she did so. He planted a soft kiss to her cheek, which she gently rubbed, almost daydreaming about her puddin’ and getting far too distracted.Joker spoke directly toward Batman, letting him know that they had been doing this little number for years. There had been a load of laughs, but the sad thing was none of them were getting any younger. Harley piped up that her clock was ticking whilst tapping her stomach. She was quite right, in Joker's own words, as he and Harley had both been thinking about settling down and starting a family, to add a Joker Jr to the mix. Harley admitted she didn't want to go through the joy of childbirth, her tone implying it was anything but joyful, so the pair had decided to adopt. During their chat, the pair hadn't noticed Batman had started to cut through his ties, they had more important things to show him anyway.Hand in hand, Joker, and Harley stepped around Batman, towards the curtain they had previously kept shut. They couldn't legally adopt a child, but then Joker remembered that Batman had always had a few spare kids hanging around, so decided to borrow one. Pulling back the curtain, only the pale legs of a young boy could be seen as he was strapped down and surrounded by machinery. Batman called out, presuming the child was none other than lost Robin, Tim Drake. The boy had needed a little molding of course as the trolley was brought forward and Joker assured Batman that in time the child could be loved as the Joker's own. The child wore a matching purple suit and donned slick green hair. He grinned as Joker proceeded to ask JJ to say hello. JJ started to laugh, unclasping himself from the straps, which seemed to make him laugh even more. He seemed eager to do something, but at that moment Batman had cut enough strings to break himself out of his hold.Batman immediately threw the knife he had used at the Joker, the male ducking so he missed the shot. Now Joker himself was laughing maniacally as Batman shoved him in a stretcher and pushed him away. Harley remained by the curtain, clutching at J’s shoulders in the most motherly way she knew how, which wasn’t much. She had believed they had escaped the fight, but JJ glanced up just in time for Harley to notice that Batman had company in the form of Batgirl who came swinging into view. She kicked the jester hard, sending her flying onto a stack of giant wooden blocks, with some falling on top of her. JJ tried to run over to his mother, although he had a permanent smile in place, seemed concerned for his mother. Batgirl held a tight grip on his own, trying to call him Robin so he would snap out of it, but JJ simply laughed at her. Whispering, she told Tim that it was Barbara, but that also didn’t seem to stop his giggles.Joker and Batman briefly ran through the room of the girl’s fight, and JJ broke free of his grip from Batgirl. As she tried to call out to Robin, Harley punched Batgirl, pointing at her on the floor. Harley told Batgirl it was handed off. Before JJ ran too far away, Harley instructed her sweetie to get Mommy’s bazooka, which he went to get for her. The conversation gave Batgirl a chance to recover as she was back on her feet, returning the punch Harley had given her. They exchanged blows until Harley gripped a chair, using the back to propel herself and jump through the double doors. Batgirl raced after her as she opened the doors into the ruins of the demolished part of Arkham Asylum.Harley was hidden behind some debris as Batgirl asked Harley how she could let Joker do this to Robin. She admitted Joker had roughed the kid up a little but she could make it right. Batgirl sarcastically noted that she would because Harley was the mother of the year. With a laugh, Harley told Batgirl that she would see, picking up a boulder and carrying it out of her hiding place. She continued, stating that one day they would all be one big happy family. The jester lifted the rock over her head without Batgirl seeing, ready to throw it, but a whistle caught her attention. JJ had returned with her bazooka. Calling him a good boy, JJ threw it towards her, and Harley leaped through the air to catch it in her tumble. She landed with the barrel aimed straight at Batgirl, so she fired almost immediately before adjusting and firing a couple more times as Batgirl attempted to dodge each attack. Harley thought she had cornered her as she fired one more time only to see her jump and land right in front of her. She swiped at her face, causing Harley to drop the weapon, but it fired on impact, hitting them both and sending the two of them off the edge of the ruins and into the abyss.As they fell, Batgirl grabbed a hold of Harley as she just gripped onto one of the ledges, breaking the fall. Picking Harley up by her white cuff, Batgirl tried to maneuver the jester, so Harley could grip the ledge herself. However, the cuff ripped, sending Harley downwards. She wasn’t seen again that night and hadn’t been found since, although now she claimed she wouldn’t have been causing any trouble, especially with the Joker gone. That night, even Harley herself didn't know she was pregnant and now she was not only a mother but a grandmother to the Dee Dee twins who she decided to raise herself. The twins had joined the Jokerz, Gotham’s large street gang who take their inspiration from the Joker without his humor or finesse. They were wreaking havoc in Gotham like their predecessors. It seemed both Delia and Deidre had been outsmarted by new-age Batman; Terry McGinnis and had found themselves in jail.The pair were bored behind bars, but things were going to get better as their grandmother had paid their bail. The twins still didn’t look amused and it was clear to see why as Harleen held no remorse for them. Calling them rotten little scamps, Harley declared that she had struggled to make a home for them and this was the thanks she got. Waving her walking stick around, she hit the twins, spanking them on their shorts as their punishment started. As they walked off, Harley told both of her granddaughters that they had broken their grandmother. She hoped the cops had thrown away the key on them, but the twins told their Nana Harley to shut up.

Originally a digital comic, this series has water colour-like artwork and a more joyful tone as the comic ==passes through time with one-shots ==focusing on special events that take place throughout the year.

>> [ Batman Li'l Gotham ]

Harley and Joker were surrounded by other villains such as Catwoman and Ivy. With it being Halloween, they were free to be them, all dressed up without Batman and Robin being able to identify them as everyone seemed to be in costume, Gotham villains at the forefront of people's minds that year. The villains held a toast to being able to fit in like normal folk, so they could eat out on this night. The group were interrupted as Batman and Robin entered the premises, pretending to be other people, simply dressed up as them. Robin added a hood to be the majestic ‘Robin Hood’ without a bow and arrow. Getting food to go, Batman paid for everyone’s food, knowingly including the villains in this gesture. Robin asked why, as he knew full well they weren’t simply kids in costumes. It was at this point, Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the GCPD showed up outside the restaurant, respecting Batman’s wish of allowing them to finish eating before presumably busting them.The jester was next spotted during New Year’s Eve. She fell through Selina Kyle’s window alongside Poison Ivy to wish Catwoman a happy new year. On her knees, she was begging Selina to do something to celebrate the new year and had been bored since the Joker had been dragged back to Arkham by Batman. Despite trying to put her best foot forward and leave her life of crime behind, Selina was persuaded by Harley and Ivy to join in. This was only as they had decided to make their errands for a good cause, for the planet, or children or animals. In costume, the Sirens climbed to the roof to begin their New Year’s Revolution before heading out. Harley used a Pogo stick and verbally announced every boing as they headed off towards Ardora Cosmetics. Their CEO, Fervor, had been cheating their way through the regulations causing damage to the environment by releasing unnecessary toxins into the air and water. As punishment, the factory was sent up in an explosion, causing ‘maximum fervorcity’ in Harley’s mind.The next stop was the toy store, as they raced through in a kid’s play car picking up items for children in the orphanage. With a giggle, they crashed through one of the glass windows on their way out, reminding Selina it was all for the children. They finally won Selina over with the release of the animals from their cages within the shelter. Harley picked a dog that reminded her of her hyenas and declared that she was going to keep him and that he could stay with her whilst the Joker was away as they continued on their adventures. The direction of the Siren's actions changed as Harley used her mallet to smash open a glass case, taking a golden egg for herself. Questioning her motives, Harley told Ivy and Selina that she had been kicked out of the male’s nightclub for improper attire, as her jester hat wasn’t appropriate headwear for the black and white event. In return, she was taking the golden egg as the night continued.The girls found themselves in a bakery and with the baker asleep, they smashed their way through the displays. Harley even gave Selina a cake in the name of candy. Scoffing down the cakes, Harley and Ivy cheered for teamwork, Selina begrudgingly joining in. On the rooftop, the girls deliberated what to do next. Harley chimed up with an idea to join the circus so they could ride the animals and teach them to dance, but to Ivy that wasn’t revolutionary enough. Ivy had the idea to break into Downtown Gotham's Atrium and take out the security personnel before watering all the plants, but to Selina, that wasn’t revolutionary enough either. Harley offered to go and rob “goody-goody” Bruce Wayne, but Selina suggested they go shopping for shoes and hats and maybe even ice cream, an idea which won Harley over. Luckily, one by one all suggestions were completed with the girls seen riding an elephant to music and watering the plants, as well as wearing questionable outfits; Harley opted to sport a more ‘cowgirl’ look. As the plants were watered in the Atrium, Botanical Gardens, and Arboretum, the girls headed back to Selina’s. Her room was a mess and Harley appeared to be sound asleep on top of the couch, dreaming of kissing the Joker.It was now Valentine’s Day, and Harley was trying to be as loving as possible. She fired an arrow at Joker, hitting his head with the sticky end, despite aiming for his heart. In Joker’s mind, he was spending the day as Harley’s love prisoner. With a smile, she wrapped her arms around him, telling him not to be stupid but to come to Cupid, before asking him what was wrong. He let her down, letting her know that crime was calling him and that maybe he would pick a present up for her. Joker broke into Ivy’s greenhouse and splashed an unknown chemical onto himself. This happened to make him irresistible, according to Ivy, who was now under his spell. This caused him to wonder how Harley would react to the scent. Believing he had to get rid of the smell as he didn’t personally like it, he bumped into Catwoman, who also fell for him. This led him to run through the streets of Gotham, bumping into many people including Zatanna.With the Joker now on the run, he tripped into the backseat of Harley’s car as she had taken it and her hyenas for a ride. Although he was glad to see her, Harley came under the aroma’s spell and jumped onto the back seat to kiss her puddin’. The hyenas seemed to take over the driving, as a lot of women were seen to be following the car. Joker admitted that he was trying to run away from every woman in Gotham, leading to him having to call the Justice League. Huntress was on scene at the Greenhouse as Joker had busted into to collect an antidote. Joker and Harley were both found in a pile of Gotham’s women, simply trying to get away. The antidote was sprayed, and everything seemed to go back to normal despite the Joker being visibly shaken after the experience, but soon took to running as Harley chased after him. There wasn’t an antidote for being the cause of a scorned woman.St. Patrick’s Day was a different one for Harley, as she and the Joker found themselves being accused of robbing the Central Bank of Gotham. A Joker card and a shamrock were left at the site of the crime, so they were the prime suspects. They had both, however, been clowns simply clowning around, as Harley attested to Harvey Bullock that the Joker wouldn’t go all Clyde without his Bonnie. Joker pulled out his sane certificate from Arkham, but the two of them weren’t believed and were piled into the backseat of the Batmobile alongside Selina and Two-Face. Shortly after, Penguin was added to the mix, as Harley again was shocked at the thought of the Batmobile having a backseat. All of them were locked up together, alongside an unnamed green criminal who was already imprisoned. As time passed, Oracle, Nightwing, and Batman with the help of Alfred realized the locations that had been attacked formed a rainbow. Heading to the end of the rainbow led to no one else but the Riddler, who had committed all these crimes and pinned the blame on the others. Harley and the others were released as they smiled and left the Riddler alone as their boat sailed away.Harley was briefly spotted during the April Showers laughing and having fun in Arkham, drawing of Catwoman, Ivy, and the Joker on her wall. It wasn’t until May fifth, or Cinco de Mayo that she was seen in her jester outfit again, sleeping on a rooftop next to Catwoman, asking to pick up Ivy as it was “Make Your Own Taco” night in Arkham that night. A week later and it was Mother’s Day. Harley and Ivy were spotted taking out their anger on flower sales on Paul’s florist shop. When the police arrived, however, the girls were already entwined in the vines hanging in the air as if waiting to be arrested, which they were.Time jumped to July fourth, as Independence Day rolled in. Harley and Ivy headed to
Gotham Observatory and with the Science Guy under Ivy’s control they had space for themselves and some other villains to hold a meeting. With Joker at the helm, they didn’t want to pass up the chance to celebrate independence from Arkham Asylum. On their RSVP it had BYOF written but it seemed nobody had understood what it meant. Because of this, the Joker gave everyone an hour to Bring Your Own Fireworks. After pairing up the teams, Harley automatically on his side, Joker declared it a race to see who could get the most fireworks. When everyone was back, Harley revealed a huge rocket firework, allowing the two of them to win above everyone else. Everyone was ordered to bring all the fireworks to a blimp so they had the best view of the city as the fireworks went boom. With the boxes stacked and the blimp in the air, Batman had one rocket aim for the blimp itself to send it tumbling to the ground. In a panic, they had to abandon the blimp, but before given the chance it exploded, sending everyone crashing to the ground. Harley held onto Joker tight as she squealed.
Fortunately, the large rocket Harley had brought seemed to float on the water as they used it like a jet ski, riding away from Nightwing and Robin and straight into Batman. With a target on their heads, Joker and Harley held onto each other as the net caught them both, sending them to a joint room in Arkham. Joker wasn’t in the mood for watching fireworks from their cell window, but luckily Harley had packed a box of her own they could use. Joker hoped it would blow a hole in the wall but in fact, Harley had just brought sparklers and she didn’t need to escape as she had everything she loved right in that cell.It was on Bruce and Selina’s Tropical Getaway that Harley and the Joker were seen again, captured by Greenbeard and Helena Queenie, who did look very much like them. Bruce asked if Joker knew the two pirates, but Greenbeard replied. He only knew that Bruce tried to steal treasure from him, which meant they had to walk the plank. Bruce and Selina’s company for the plank was Harley and Joker, and Joker commented that Greenbeard had pirated his look. Bruce asked the Joker not to look as he walked the plank but he was never going to miss watching the billionaire getting chomped by sharks in the water. As Bruce seemingly disappeared into the water, Joker, Selina and Harley were all readied to walk the plank. Batman, however, came splashing out of the water and onto the ship’s deck, engaging in a fight with Greenbeard.When questioned on what happened to Bruce, Batman replied that he was caught as he fell and that Bruce was on the shore. As fighting commenced, Harley took on Helena Queenie, hitting her straight in the head. Calling out to the Joker, she noticed he had his fingers in his ears, leaving the fight to hide in the crow’s nest. Batman realized Joker had lit all the cannons on the boat, which caused the boat to explode. Batman noted that he and Selina should see Joker and Harley back in Gotham when they returned. Before the coast guard arrived to rescue them, however, Joker and Harley found a small island to rest and wait on. It seemed typical that the only time Harley didn’t pack a balloon was in this instance when they needed one. Harley told Joker that she took the balloon out so she could pack her shoes before finding a message in a bottle. As Joker smiled at her, she took out the message and told him it was a drawing of him she threw out into the ocean before now and that it had come back like true love.Harley rang Jenny Duff on Labor Day to put in place a fix-up as soon as possible, ignoring the whole concept of Labor Day, as Batman had broken many of the Joker’s ‘wonderful’ toys, but this was seemingly fixed as it turned to Fall and Ivy was in the middle of her least favorite season. Hanging upside down in one of the barren trees, Harley told Red that she was missed at Roller Derby. As she and Selina lost to the opposing team as they had found many ways to cheer. The weather had Ivy down and Harley could see that as even her place looked pretty dead with all the empty trees. Telling her that the gang and herself would cheer up the redhead, she told Ivy to wait and just sit there as she was as Harley set to work.Running straight home and ringing Selina with a code red, Harley had her plans in motion, telling Selina Ivy felt blue, in an orangey-brown kind of way and that Selina was to meet her at the treehouse right meow, meaning now. This gave her a chance to run to the Joker is a more appropriate outfit compared to her usual Jester attire. Shouting for her puddin’ she told the Joker she needed him to get something nice for Ivy as she had the autumn blues again. To that he laughed, asking why on earth she was talking and looking different, and why on earth he’d do anything for her as he was the Clown Prince of Crime. For once, though she was asking nicely with a stern stare, he finally caved and agreed with a laugh, getting as close to and I love you as he could.Back with Ivy and Selina and in her jester outfit, Selina suggested that they could wreak some havoc on the town, just the three of them. Harley asked what their motive could be as she was smiling at the fact it was still on the ground. As they turned to Ivy’s wardrobe to help her get dressed, they noticed all of her outfits had also wilted into the oranges and browns. Selina commented on her need for a long-overdue makeover as Harley let her know that she didn’t always sport her jester hat as it was strictly for business. It was at this point Joker came strolling in with many bouquets which were the equivalent of giving Selina a fur coat. Noting he wasn’t bright, she sent him out for a second attempt which also didn’t go to plan after the misunderstanding of the term greenhouse. The attempts became uncountable as the Joker repeatedly failed to Harley’s disappointment until he came up with a fall sale that sold Halloween costumes, carved pumpkins, and already decorated fresh Christmas trees. This was the Joker's idea of retail therapy and didn’t settle well with Harley as she believed that was more Selina’s thing, but all the torture and dangers to the plants this time of year seemed to resonate with Ivy. She protected all the plants all year only to have many harvested for seasonal consumption, which didn’t give her a motive but gave the female purpose as the plants needed her; and that meant Ivy and the Girls had work to do.On Sandwich Day, Harley, and Ivy were first spotted walking out of a pet store just as Batman and Robin entered to investigate the case of a missing turkey. The girls were then caged up amongst others, presumably by the Condiment King. As Batman went up to the cage, Harley protested that she and Ivy didn’t do anything and that Batman simply had to believe her. He told her to step back as he started melting the metal on one of the bars. Declaring him her hero, she giggled as the Zookeeper showed up claiming the citizens were caged because of him, the Condiment King is a simple distraction on his beloved Sandwich Day.Back in Arkham for Christmas, however, didn’t seem to dampen Harley’s mood as she turned the twelve days of Christmas into her version of her twelfth stay of Arkham; 12 Deadshots shooting, 11 Penguins playing, 10 Creepers leaping, 9 League Assassins, 8 Man-Bats Mutating, 7 Sirens Stealing, 6 Al-Ghul's decaying, 5 Golden Riddles, 4 Cobblepots, 3 Fireflies, 2 Face’s coin and a pardon in a pear tree. It seemed the pardon was real as she chewed on the candy cane as Selina picked her up from outside Arkham, greeting her with a smile as they presumably spent Christmas together.

This verse will typically be used for any anime/manga characters that Harley may interact with as well as those who simply just wish to explore it. Please note that Batman Ninja is a mash of ideas from the Japan studios. There are lots of anime tropes and plot points that need to be simply taken for granted.

>> [ Batman Ninja ]

Gorilla Grodd used a Quake Engine in Arkham Asylum to send everyone back to Feudal Japan, causing a small distraction that landed Batman in that world two years later. Two years in the making and Gotham’s villains were taking over as Feudal Lords; Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and the Joker with Harley alongside, were all the Lords of their state. The Joker and Harley were considered to be the closest to uniting the kingdom to be the one true King of Japan, the Joker was known to be labeling himself as the Demon King. They were working on a project known as “Arkham Castle” when Batman showed up in the country.The pair first bump into Batman, using Harley disguised as the Joker to tease him as they realize he is now in Feudal Japan. This distraction allowed Joker to engage Batman in a fight, asking Batman to call him Lord Joker as he was believed to be the most powerful man in Japan. After changing into her outfit, she met up with the Joker and the Batman after he finished throwing razor-edged fans. To keep the Joker occupied, she poured him a drink so they could instead watch Batman against seven of the Joker’s samurai warriors. As Batman and the warriors fought, Harley asked if they should follow, to which the Joker just sighed with his drink, asking her to simply enjoy the moonlight as they had all the time in the world.Batman subsequently joined forces with Catwoman as he learned that the secret to going home was in Grodd’s time machine, currently owned by the Joker in his temple. He then learned Catwoman was lucky enough to find Alfred, who was in the Batmobile, and had been maintaining it as best he could for the occasion when Batman was to return. The loud motor roared down the street straight to the temple, which Harley overheard, rushing to the Joker to inform him. Pushing open the doors of the temple, she shouted at the top of her lungs that Batman was coming. She dropped her knees in front of Joker as she told Joker that Batman was coming in the Batmobile. Trying to demonstrate her point, using a puppet show, she told Joker that the Batmobile had passed their gunmen and the canons that were in place to try to hold him back. Then, Batman was always so clever with his technology, but Joker believed he was nothing without the Batmobile. Joker demanded Harley activated ‘Arkham Castle’. At first, she protested, after all the castle wasn’t even finished yet, but it had been made for Batman, so there wasn’t any time like now to use it. She agreed, and after licking her lips, she clapped with a giggle. Behind the doors that had opened to her command was a piece of the Quake Engine that had been lost to Gorilla Grodd.With the castle activated, the temple started to rise out of the ground, as Batman was seen approaching the building. It seemed to transform into a mechanically charged robot in the form of the temple. Batman labeled it a form of madness as the left arm of the mech readied a set of giant throwing stars. Each one was thrown at the road in an attempt to stop Batman from reaching them. The three throwing stars narrowly missed the Batmobile as Batman blew up the gate with a rocket launcher extension to the Batmobile. He was storming the gates, and the mech tried to squish Batman in the Batmobile as it plucked it from the ground. The Batman escaped, dropping from the wreckage with part of the car that converted into the Batjet. To Joker, though, it was a persistent yet predictable move. With Batman locked on the top floor of Arkham Castle, he was trapped by two prongs, the wings severed on the Batjet, leaving Batman in midair. That wasn’t the only trick Batman could pull, however, as dropping the wings converted the Batjet into a Batcycle, a motorbike he used to drive along the arm of the fortress straight into the top room.Harley had fled from the floor to drop a trap on Batman. As the right hand of the fortress came crashing down to the ground, Batman had to choose; save a woman and child down below, or finally get the Joker. Batman used the cycle to try to crash to the ground ahead of the hand and managed to fight off Bane to save the poor woman. The woman, however, was no more than Harley Quinn and her mallet. With Batman narrowly escaping being crushed to death, she had time to perfectly line up her shot before her mallet hit in straight in the face and sent him flying across the floor. Using a giant slide to get out from the tower, the Joker joined Harley on the ground as they were both laughing. Harley noted that it was typical Bats, as he always fell for the same tricks. Joker continued to taunt Batman, as Harley and a few of his armed guards surrounded the Batman. Joker could only wonder what Batman had in store for a second act, as he’d destroyed all of his toys now and there were no friends here to save him. A short and worried shout from Harley seemed to change the tides, however, as she pointed behind the Joker and tried to get his attention. Behind him, a huge colony of Bats seemed to fly toward them. During the flurry, Harley tried her best to swat them away with her mallet but it didn’t seem to do anything. The bats aided the arrival of what Harley could only describe as Ninja Batmen. As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared, taking the Batman with them, and leaving Harley and Joker confused.On a handmade ship, made in the vision of the Joker, Harley, and Joker met with Gorilla Grodd. They stood within the bird’s nest to see as far as they could in case anyone should sneak upon them. Joker told Grodd that he wouldn’t kill him if he handed over the Batman, and wanted to see where he was. He quickly made himself known as flotation devices were set up in the water, which from the Joker’s viewpoint looked like people. Batman told him he was surrounded, but this wasn’t going to over that quickly. With a laugh, Joker admitted that he was surrounded as his samurai warriors appeared, firing at sticks of bamboo in the water. Harley came tumbling, laughing as she was firing her gun at whatever she could, hoping to hit a few people on the way down. Then she opted to throw a bomb into the waters, which she knew would cause more damage. Batman seemed to shout out ‘no’ but as Harley hit the deck she laughed, what else was he expecting? They knew he’d have men hiding in the water. As she joined Joker, who opened fire on Batman, Batman told them that maybe he would another time, but right now he had a trick up his sleeve. The tiny boat that Batman and Grodd had arrived at rose up to expose a huge underground deck. Despite looking confused at first, the pair still laughed and Joker claimed they were still doomed, opening firing on them again.The boat nudged forward, rocking Harley and Joker off balance as the hull of Batman’s ship opened as the Batman Ninja Clan and members of the Batman Family started to attack. Harley was confused, as they’d already killed them all, but the people in the waters were simple decoys to distract them from this new attack. As Harley put the pieces together, Catwoman reached out to attack her and the pair started to fight. When swinging her mallet failed to land a hit, Harley took out her gun, trying to aim for the Cat, who seemingly didn’t want to be put down. As she continued to fire, Harley was recklessly splintering the boat’s woodwork. She laughed until her bullets ran out, which was when Catwoman proceeded to fight back, backflipping over Harley to kick her across her face.Soon enough the fight was over, and Gorilla Grodd siding with Batman in the hopes of gaining an advantage. Harley and Joker were subsequently tied together around the mast of one of their sails. Batman was happy to disappoint Joker by stooping ‘that low’ and siding with Grodd. But if Grodd had turned on the Joker, then Grodd would also turn against Batman. Joker didn’t have a chance to say anymore, as he had been gagged alongside Harley. In Feudal Japan, trust meant nothing as Grodd used his mind control in an attempt to control everyone on board the ship. Or at least he tried to, as the Bat Clan had mastered their bodies and their minds and could not be under the influence of Grodd’s mind control. Now everyone had to prepare to be annihilated by Two-Face as bombs destroyed the Joker’s ship. With the boat in flames, they had the chance to escape from their chains and climb back up to the bird’s nest with a barrel containing explosives. The pair laughed, as Joker told Batman he’d see him in hell before Harley lit the fuse and sent the explosive to the deck. After all, only Joker could kill the Batman, he couldn’t forgive himself if anyone else had done it. The explosion destroyed the boat and bats left the flaming embers. Supposedly ending the battle.There were no signs of Joker or Harley after the explosion. Some believed them to be dead or simply gone. In the fields away from the villages, a couple had been found. The male donned green hair, the female, blonde. They had seemingly spent years on a field that didn’t seem to grow any crops. A male in a red helmet, Red Hood, was taken for a monk who was traveling through the region and he asked the couple for a glass of water. The green-haired man happily agreed as the blonde woman walked past him to sort out this water. She commented that the traveler must be exhausted as it was a rather hot day after all. As she leaned over the pot to fill his bowl with water, the traveler grabbed the blonde, causing her to cry out, telling her to ‘break it’. Helpless, her man told him to stop, as he genuinely had no idea what was going on and why someone would go out of their way to attack his wife. He was threatening for the blonde to show her true face, or else he’d break her arm.This traveling monk knew the Joker was alive when everyone else had said he was dead, but there was a confusion to his face no one could fake. He questioned why the man was insistent on calling him Joker. Kicking the blonde to the floor, Red Hood grew more irritated. The green-haired man ran over to his darling, feeling threatened and scared. He even questioned the male’s sanity, as none of the situations made any sense. Supposedly that insinuated the man in the red helmet was stupid, as he was expected to believe that the Joker had taken up farming. Harley covered her eyes, whimpering as the pair received a beating from the visiting male. They didn’t understand, their confusion was genuine. As he was assaulted, the male continued to deny the allegations, and he dropped to his knees as a bamboo barrel was pointed at his head. Gunfire went off but just scraped past the male’s head as they were rescued by a man in a Bat costume. Supposedly they were both here for the same reason, as reports of foreign farmers in the area matched the descriptions of Harley and the Joker had been found, but the couple genuinely didn’t remember anything of their past. They had come to Japan to live a peaceful life and had spent time plowing the fields.As the danger seemed to pass, the blonde woman had gotten straight back to work when a miracle appeared before her eyes. It seemed like the pair had waited forever for this moment. She shouted for her honey to come and join her, her voice filled with excitement as there was finally a sprout in their fields. They laughed and embraced as, finally, they had gotten somewhere, the blonde calling the green male her puddin’ as they toppled to the floor. Batman had concluded that the couple had at one point been Joker and Harley Quinn, but had lost their memories to a point where they were no longer a threat. He promised to keep an eye on them and to take them back when the Quake Engine was fully operational, but for now, they were harmless and they just had to let the couple be. Things were not quite so simple, however, as the travelers left the couple laughing in their euphoria. The sprout that had finally grown was blowing pollen across the field, and over the couple kneeling next to it. This pollen had been created as a trigger to the couple’s memories. The seemingly harmless duo would now once again become the Joker and Harley Quinn as their memories were restored.A month later, the Joker and Harley Quinn were ready to make their comeback. The Feudal Lords; Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Deathstroke were all manipulated by Gorilla Grodd to develop a mechanical structure each which was far beyond the technologies of Japan at the time. Grodd had been setting up the battlefield to take over and become the one Lord of Japan. As the mechs joined together to become one, the party crashers made their entrance. No one had known that Joker and Harley had regained their status, and now they were ready to make a comeback. Throwing a laughing bomb into the hub of Grodd’s machine, a form of knock out gas was sprayed around the room, affecting Grodd and Catwoman who was in the hold at the time. Other identical bombs seemed to explode through the mech as floating above in a hot air balloon donning the Joker’s smile was Harley Quinn and the Joker laughing hysterically and spinning around as they declared themselves back! It was out with the old and in with the new as more bombs were dropped on the battlefield as Harley made sure they knew that there were no exchanges or returns. The color bombs covered the mech as Batgliders identified the couple. Batman couldn’t believe it to be true, but Joker greeted him as there was no way you could keep a crazy man down.The hot balloon crashed through the roof of Grodd’s castle, the same one that had previously been owned by Joker and Harley themselves. He didn’t want to be too late to the party but it seemed he had come at exactly the right time. As Catwoman glared Joker down, she was pushed to the floor as Harley stood on her, whilst wearing a jester hat that mimicked her modern-day attire. She grinned and waved at the pretty kitty. Grodd had taken them by surprise back at the lake in which their ship sank but now it was time for payback. The flower that had triggered their memories, wasn’t too potent yet but Harley admitted that they were thinking of increasing the dosage. The plant had been one Harley had previously taken from Ivy, who had the best plants. As the plant seemingly paralyzed Grodd, Harley kicked Catwoman over to join Grodd on the floor before wielding her mallet and taking her place at the Joker’s side with a giggle. Now it was a turn of events, Joker intended to take over Grodd’s plan and ejected Grodd and Catwoman from the castle as they were pushed down the slide and sent falling downwards. They were caught by the Bat Clan and carried carefully to the ground as Joker took the central seat and Grodd’s tools to play a few mind games using the mech he had developed.Activating the full transition, the mechs assembled again. This time, however, the transition seemed more fluid as each of the villains controlled a part of the mech, with Joker’s hot air balloon forming the structure's head. Now they were all serving Lord Joker to take over, and the contraption was better than anything the Joker himself could have created. Chaos ensued as the Bat Clan struggled to withstand the force of the mech and the power it had. He had attacked Gorilla Grodd, injuring him badly. Despite being saved from death, however, there was no telling of his injuries. In return for the said, Grodd gave Batman his commanding flute which summoned many monkeys to help the Bat Clan defeat the fortress the Joker was in control of. The monkeys created a giant structure, a samurai monkey, to take down the mechs. In one punch the mech was sent to his needs, which was unexpected, but the structure did pick itself back up.

As the Joker controlled the head of the structure, Harley was left to control the main body. Joker suggested cutting down on the monkey business by greeting the guests with a warm kiss. Pushing down on one of her levers, activated a huge central flamethrower, but the monkeys seemingly withstood the heat as only their armor was damaged. The flurry of bats at the Bat Clan’s disposal doused the flames as the bats now enclosed the monkey samurai to take on the form of a giant Batman. Harley pushed down on the lever again, at the command of the Joker, as he told the Batman figure to feast on the fire of hell. The flames had no effect on Batman and with a single punch pushed straight through into the head, destroying the Joker's hub and freezing the machine. Batman opted to take Joker alone as each hero took on their villain to destroy the mech section by section. For Harley, this meant facing Catwoman who had, in her opinion, chosen the wrong side to play with. In Catwoman’s mind, Harley needed a good ass-kicking after their previous encounter.As Harley intended to go and help Joker, Catwoman almost whipped her mallet straight out of her hands, but Harley bashed it out of the way just in time with a little giggle. Catwoman declared it was time for some girl on girl action as the two began to fight. Harley laughed her way through the hits, even jumping with intentions of smashing the cat to the floor. As she looked, Catwoman had disappeared but she smirked, throwing her mallet to her left and striking the feline. Trapping her in her grip, using the mallet to help, Harley told the pretty kitty to take her medicine and say goodnight, before licking the woman’s cheek.It all seemed to be going well, but the monkey army had split, tackling the structure individually to slowly tear it apart piece by piece. As Harley held her grip on Catwoman a shudder throughout the building had caused her to slip, and Catwoman freed herself, taking advantage by kicking the jester squarely in the face as she crashed into the wall. Resting her back against the wall, Harley tried to catch her breath as she’d been winded by the motions as Catwoman tightly gripped her costume, pulling Harley up by her collar. Catwoman told Harley to keep her tongue to herself as she threw the Jester into the main system, causing it to explode and completely crash, which was where the Jester remained. Out cold, and hopefully not burnt.After the fight, the Quake Engine was restored, presumably returning all the Gotham residents to the present day.

Based upon the 2019 animated feature, the end of this bio is canon divergent. Because of the events described, Harley in this verse is able to shapeshift at will into a hyena form using icons from this film as a reference. For any live-action icons of Bruce in Birds of Prey (2020) will be used. This should not need to be mentioned but just to make things crystal clear - no threads of a sexual nature will feature Harley’s shapeshifting ability.

>> [ Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ]

In Arkham Asylum, Ra’s al Ghul and his companion, Shredder, were trying to field a certain inmate. As they walked down the hall, Harley was found in a cell next to Poison Ivy. She turned around and called to grab their attention. Shredder paused as Harley told them to come over to her. It would only take a second. He demanded she spoke, but Harley was adamant that he had to come closer, her finger curling in his direction. The male admitted defeat and headed over to the transparent wall of her cell. He leaned in, causing her reflection to bounce off his mask, which allowed her to check her lipstick. As the rest of her makeup wasn’t smudged, she thanked the male and told him he could leave. She cartwheeled backwards, calling him Mirror Hat, leaving Shredder be. After this encounter, Shredder reiterated that he hated Gotham.During their meeting, the Joker and Ra’s al Ghul exchanged items. Joker gave Ra’as a formula and in return received a chemical labelled TCRI. The chemical was a mutagen, or ooze, as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called it. The chemical gave Arkham and its inmates a chance to be even more dangerous than they were on their own. Joker proceeded to take over the Asylum with Harley’s aid. He gained access to the control room and unlocked all the cells, including those holding Ivy, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Bane, and Mister Freeze. Joker declared himself their new warden as he told them over the P.A. system that he had a new medication regime for them.He called over their new nurse but nothing appeared to happen, so he coughed in an attempt to gain the nurse’s attention. Harley refused to simply play nurse and showed her annoyance by withholding the mutagen from Joker, holding it against her chest. Since she was playing that game, Joker sighed, recasting her as Dr. Harley Quinn. He was damn right about it, too. Knocking off a panel to the water supply for the sprinklers, Harley vocalized her complaint, waving her mallet around as she did so. After eight years of college and a three-year residency, he still had the nerve to call her nurse. Taking out the tank for the water channel, she replaced the capsule with the TCRI. It emptied into the sprinkler system, causing the mutagen to rain on the inmates. Having been closest to the chemical previously and now in the central hub for the sprinklers, Harley was infected first. As it rained down on her, she began to laugh maniacally as she transformed into a hyena.The Batfam and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrived at Arkham Asylum prepared for anything. Harley’s hyena self donned a costume imitating her jester outfit. Still able to talk and wield a mallet, Harley welcomed the group to the asylum as the Bats had made some new best friends. She jumped onto the railing on the floor above. Harley rested her arm on her mallet as she asked whether she was going to be introduced to the turtle pals. Calling her Harley, introductions complete, Batman asked what had been done to her. The turtles rightly concluded that it was because of the ooze, but presumed they had injected themselves with it. Harley stopped the questions there, as the time to ask them would come after they found Mista’ J and their guests. He had a whole thing planned that she didn’t want to ruin.Batman and Leonardo arrived in the main room, opposite Two-Face, who had mutated into a two-faced cat. He was simply there for show as on a balcony on the other side of the room, looking down over the arena, Joker revealed himself. He had transformed into a white and purple snake. Skipping the pleasantries, Batman asked where Ra’as and Shredder were. Outraged, Harley came into view trying to comfort the Joker, claiming she loved his scales. Joker told Harley he had gone through all this trouble and Bats hadn’t even noticed. She cupped his scaly face, letting him know what he had worked so hard, he was her workingest Joker. The paid had an Eskimo kiss, rubbing their noses together affectionately. Robin, Michelangelo, and Raphael all barged in as Joker and Harley kissed, or more flickered their tongues against each other, which was weird and gross. To distract him, Two-Face regained center stage on the floor. He supposedly had two hostages, but before Batman could explain that Joker always had a trap, Raphael raced to rescue two people who had bags over their heads. As he removed them, however, it shocked both him and Leonardo. Joker and Harley watched with smiles on their faces, and the joke was on the turtles.Harley jumped down from the balcony to join in the fight. As she readied her mallet for the fall, Batman threw one of his batarangs. It opened up to itself around the hyena. She dropped the mallet on impact with the batarang and she toppled to the ground, unable to break her fall. She growled at Robin before chewing on the binds, hoping to set herself free. Two-Face started shooting as apparently she’d had her turn, but soon enough the rope snapped and Harley was back in plat. She picked up her mallet and ran straight for Batman. Before she had a chance to wing, however, Mr. Freeze showed up after having mutated into a Polar Bear. He proceeded to fight Michelangelo and Robin, giving Harley access to Batman. Her mallet whacked Batman in the chest, knocking him to the ground. She shouted at him to just stay down. Mr Freeze ensured Batman would obey her orders as he used his ice gun to freeze him in place, with only his head exposed.Joker revealed that he had struck a deal with Ra’s al Ghul and Shredder. They gave him some ooze to play with, and he gave them the formula for his Joker Venom. Harley smiled, mallet draped over her shoulder, as Joker mentioned that combining the formulas not only transformed a person but drove them mad. It would have been difficult to make in large doses, but Batman only needed one as Joker injected it into his system. Batman transformed into a mutant bat. He picked up Two-Face by the claws on his feet and sent him crashing through one of Arkham’s stained-glass windows. Harley questioned the action, as she had thought Two-Face was on their side. Joker reassured her that it wasn't about sides, but about selling the joke. They both laughed in response as chaos ensued.Batman seemed consumed by madness and rage, as Joker believed the Bat monster was after his own snake heart. The vigilantes teamed up as they had a retromutagen or anti-ooze but it was untested. They could leave him be, give the effects time to set in permanently, or risk the potential retromutagen and any unknown side effects. The city required Batman as he had previously been, so the vigilantes didn’t have a choice but to try to save Batman. As they fought the Bat monster to inject the anti-ooze, Leonardo dropped the syringe. This gave Harley a chance to run in and take it. She squished Leonardo’s hand for good measure, as she didn’t want them ruining the fun. She laughed as the Bat monster took Leonardo to play with as the rest of the Bat Family, and the turtles, split up. Batgirl and Robin went after Joker and Harley. The scene that had unfurled was pure comedy to them.Joker was knocked over by Batgirl, but Harley jumped backwards to avoid Robin’s landing. She laughed as the Boy Blunder, engaged in a fight. Harley didn’t have a chance to finish that thought though, as Robin kicked up her mallet, causing it to hit the hyena in the face. He tried to round off the move by jumping on her chest before pummeling her over and over. She fell over, but still had the anti-ooze in her grasp and wasn’t going out so easily. Using her hand, she pushed him away but she had gotten too close to his mouth. Robin bit her finger and she yelled out in pain. The gave Robin a chance, he stood her on her jaw and used the distraction to pull the retromutagen from her hands. Robin threw it to Batgirl, who passed it to turtles. It was Michelangelo who was picked up by the Bat monster. He was thrown the anti-ooze and managed to inject the Bat. On the Bat’s descent, Michelangelo rode the Bat like a surfboard as the Bat picked up Harley before crashing into the wall, burying the hyena and the Joker in a pile of rubble. The snake was able to slither out, but Harley was down for good.Batman returned to his usual self and after defeating Ra’s al Ghul and Shredder the antidote was mass-produced and sprinkled throughout Arkham Asylum, returning all the inmates to their former selves. It wasn’t so easy for Harley to return to her normal self. Harley had been the closest to the mutagen, having kept the presumably radioactive substance on her person until it was time to launch it into the sprinkler system. She had also been in the sprinkler hub, the mutagen raining all over her. In a way, she had been patient zero as the anti-ooze hadn’t been so successful on Harley Quinn. Instead, the female could now mutate in a hyena at will. Now she balanced on the fine line between human and hyena, and shifted between the two at will. Harley Quinn now had full access to a hyena form if she wanted to use it, which was going to be fun. When the guards found out anyway.

Within this series it is acknowledged that in an alternate universe a creature with magic called Bat-Mite exists and that within this world Batman is acknowledged as a comic book hero alongside Robin as they fight the Joker. Bat-Mite has the ability to force/alter the reality that Batman and Robin live in, like a writer of fate as he pops up in time ‘fangirling’ over the Dynamic Duo.

>> [ Batman: the Brave and the Bold ]

With Bat-Mite forcing the hand of the Batman, releasing the Joker from his personally built cell, the Clown Prince of Crime is tracked to a warehouse with a few goons and Harley Quinn, who was wearing a flapper girl inspired outfit. Joker asked his goons to destroy Batman as Bat-Mite got distracted by Harley and went in pursuit of her. She started to battle Batman, attempting to swing with her mallet before dropping it. Holding up her hands, Harley asked Batman whether he would hurt an innocent girl led astray by a fiendish criminal mastermind. Presuming not, she went into attack mode, aiming a knee straight at his groin and taking him down. Shortly after, Batman threw a bolas at her, two balls connected by a rope, to wrap her up and take her down. Still tied, Harley eventually managed to suit herself up. Now sat up next to Bat-Mite watching the action. She claimed that Batman and Joker brought out the best in each other, a comment Bat-Mite agreed upon before asking Harley her name, clearly smitten with her. Harley returned the questioning by asking Bat-Mite who he was meant to be.With Batman in trouble and a promise not to use his powers himself, Bat-Mite tried to give Batman his powers to rewrite his own story and win. However, Bat-Mite misfired and gave these powers to the Joker himself. The Clown Prince commented that he felt like a million bucks after, claiming the shock of the powers entering him was a similar feeling to that in shock therapy. The money appeared directly in front of him and after this the Joker decided to keep the powers for himself, giving Bat-Mite a smaller version of the Joker to fight as things quickly spiraled out of control. The Joker went on to calling himself the King of the World and Emperor Joker, even giving himself a cape and a crown.As Joker saw it, there was only one issue with the relationship between Batman and Joker, and that was the fact that Batman always won. Harley approached Joker about the idea of unmasking him and revealing who Batman was, but this thought was only met with disappointment. The Joker had no intentions of stripping his enemy down to that of a mere man, there wasn’t any fun in that. On that thought, he revealed an electric guitar and microphone before bursting into a song aptly called ‘Where’s the Fun in that?’. With the signing done, he went to plan the death of Batman and executed it perfectly. Taking a moment to remember him, the Joker brought him to life so he could have the same kind of fun over and over again, finding many ways to kill Batman.Bat-Mite’s Joker also had him tied up. Joker questioned what to do with the smaller Dork Knight, so Harley asked the Joker to go easy on him, as she thought he was kind of cute. Reluctantly, he did as she wished, and turned Bat-Mite into a court jester wearing a more traditional Harley Quinn-esque outfit. Batman’s deaths were still getting laughs from the Joker Bat-Mite and Harley had had enough, as Batman was all the Joker seemed to care about as if no one else existed. In a thought, they both agreed that maybe they were both better off without them.Batman decided to gain control back, by telling Joker that his sanity was all he had left. With a laugh, Joker went into his mind to loosen a few screws before setting up to kill him some more. However, just as he tried to proceed with entering Batman's mind Harley tapped him on the shoulder, as she had been thinking, which in the Joker's mind was her first mistake. She continued by asking him if going into Batman’s mind was a good idea. With a grin, the Joker shouted, claiming she talked too much before literally ridding her of her voice and jumping straight into Batman’s mind.With the Joker running around in Batman’s head, the smaller Joker tried to use his goons to take over. He intended to kill Batman, which would take the Joker out too as he was lost in Batman's head. With Bat-Mite trying to lip-read Harley, he sought to attack the henchmen and the smaller Joke. Harley patted him on the head to show her gratitude as a fight continued between Bat-Mite and the Joker. Harley decided to take on the henchmen, sticking out her tongue after hitting one of them down. With Batman tied, Harley tried to ask if there was anything they could do but it was a fight between mind and matter within Batman’s head, as Batman mentally took control of the situation. After creating a world in his head where Batman didn’t exist, Joker had no one to corrupt, no enemy to stand up to, resulting in a world where the Joker didn't exist either. With that thought, the Joker lost control of his powers and gained his sanity, something he refuted. With no power in this world, the Joker gave his powers back to Bat-Mite in return for losing his sanity again and going back to the Joker.Back in reality, Bat-Mite received his powers and Harley was able to talk again. She showed the Joker how he was as the room went back to the warehouse they had first been spotted in as the mess the Joker made was undone. Hovering over to Harley, Bat-Mite asked if maybe she wanted to hang out with him sometime, and softly she let him down as she was a one guy type of girl, and nestled up to the Joker.

This is based upon the stand-alone story from Enrico Marini featuring a whole new look for Harley Quinn whilst Joker seeks to find her the best birthday present. The Joker within this verse seems to genuinely love the Jester even if she plays hard to get.

>> [ Batman: the Dark Prince Charming ]

It was Harley’s Birthday and a failed heist meant Joker had turned up empty-handed trying to find the perfect gift for her as Bats had thrown it into a river. Aside from her present, though, the scene was set. Red, green, and white decorations covered the room, but a last-minute joke from a recruit led him to the punchline and at least some present for his girl. Joker just hoped she liked it. The goons gathered around her cake, a huge smile iced into it with lots of candles as she entered. They sang Happy Birthday as the jester smiled sweetly, telling them all how adorable they looked before blowing out all the candles. She counted them all, but the cake was a few short. Running a hand down the Joker’s chest, she told her puddin’ there were only sixteen candles on the cake when she was twenty-five. The Joker reassured her that it wasn’t an error, because she was always going to be his sweet sixteen.The comment sweetened her up, and he needed that as he handed over a courtier case, wishing her a Happy Birthday as he did so. She asked him whether he was serious as she took the case from him. Before she had a chance to comment, Joker made a sly joke that he’d made it with his fingers. He couldn’t have been serious, and well he wasn’t. He had tried previously, but this was a gift he’d had to make on the spot. As Harley opened the case, she was horrified, for it wasn’t a courtier necklace, but a set of teeth strung together to act as a necklace. How did he think that would be a way to express his love for her? It was lousy and pathetic, and the only thing worth doing with it was throwing it at his head. He complained, asking her to calm down, calling her honey in an attempt to keep her sweet. But right now, Harley wasn’t going to let him honey her, he didn’t love her, that’s how she felt and in frustration had taken her baseball bat to her birthday cake. She ran off crying, leaving the celebrations, convinced the Joker didn’t love her at all.After shooting down most of his men, as they had failed him, Joker joined Harley in their private suite, where she was watching the news. A forty-five-carat diamond known as the Blue Cat was in Gotham City, set to be sold at Bernie’s Auction House the following Saturday. With an estimated worth of fifty million dollars, Harley found the present she wanted for her birthday. Joker appeared bored as Harley became overly excited, almost bouncing in her seat to let him know what she wanted. He was far more bothered about changing the channel, he found the news boring, and would rather have been watching cartoons. Snatching the remote off her, he changed the channel to Gotham Gossip, much to her annoyance. She was quickly silenced, however, as the gossip channel had new news on Bruce Wayne, as they speculated whether the billionaire’s playboy lifestyle was over.It wasn’t interesting news to Harley though, she had her beau, and Bruce Wayne was just another ‘rich bastard’ in Gotham. She wanted to go back to the diamond, but it wasn’t her call to make. After all, the gossip channel seemingly had the news that one woman was calling for a hundred million dollars simply because Bruce Wayne was supposedly the father of her child. Having denied paternity, she wanted to backdate the child support he owed her. To the Joker, this was news, labeling Bruce Wayne a little devil, claiming he knew the man had some skeletons in his closet. Whilst Harley was listening to this garbage though, she made herself comfortable, resting her head in the Joker’s lap, her feet kicked up in the air. But it seemed Joker had been thinking more than he’d let on, as he let Harley know as he had figured out a way to get her present. She beamed up at him, letting him know that she loved her Puddin' sooo much. But his plan wasn’t what she thought, as the alleged daughter of Bruce Wayne was kidnapped by the Joker and he’d been spending more and more time with her, leaving Harley out. Opting to try to confront him on the matter, the jester folded her arms, commenting that he’d been getting rather cozy with the little brat. But he told her not to be jealous of the kid, no matter how atypical she was.It seemed eventually, though, the male found some time for Harley as Archie, the only remaining original henchman Joker had, had been preparing Sushi for the pair. The meal was laid out over Harley's body as she had her ideas for dessert. Whilst he’d been waiting, the Joker had been playing on their grand piano, so it was time to drop the Beethoven and move his butt in her direction. He was quick to correct her, as he’d been playing Rachmaninoff, but it didn’t matter to Harley. She just wanted him to play with her instead. After waiting a moment, she apologized for hurting his feelings, he could play Beef Stroganoff later, but the Joker had already left. She cried out after him, as she was getting cold, but after no response, and with the Joker nowhere to be seen she became increasingly frustrated, declaring he couldn’t leave her like this, but her Puddin’ could. Being abandoned in favor of Mr. Wayne and the little brat, Harley took matters into her own hands.Waiting on top of one of the many pipes throughout the facility that the brat had been kept in, she simply smiled upon seeing the little girl. With a smirk on her face and a bat in hand, she told the girl that she knew she would have been in trouble right from the start. The girl started pleading, asking to go home to her mom, asking Harley to please let her go. But that wasn’t the plan. Harley faked a pout, asking the baby girl to stop pleading, before Harley got all emo and messed up her mascara. It was clear the girl knew she was no baby, though, which was fortunate as Harley was no babysitter. There was nothing she would have done rather than make the girl go away, but the Joker needed her, on Harley's birthday of all days.She didn’t know why it was so important, but it was a part of his strategic plan, he never told her. Harley was sure he had it all figured out because he was a freakin’ genius, but the girl wasn’t going to let her finish that thought out loud. The girl kicked her shin and Harley let out a cry, gripping her by the wrist so she couldn’t run off. Harley told the little monkey that they had to get something straight. Mista’ J was hers, and the kid was to stay away and stop charming him with her eyes as no Stockholm Syndrome would be allowed between the kid and Mista’ J. She was corrected, as the kid told her that Lima Syndrome was when the kidnapper falls for the hostage, the opposite of Stockholm Syndrome. With a careful threat with her bat, she declared the brat too smart for her good, telling her that if she wouldn’t leave the Joker alone, she wouldn’t have any eyes. Harley simply dragged the kid back to her cellar before she did something the Joker would make her regret.It was the night of the auction of the Blue Cat Diamond, and Harley and Joker were snuggled on the couch watching the auction together. Harley sighed, commenting how beautiful the diamond was as she rested her head against him. He smirked, asking her again whether she wanted it. Questioning whether he was being serious, the Joker seemingly picked up the phone, asking her to watch him. Talking into the phone, he offered sixty million dollars for the bloody stone. At first, Harley seemed ecstatic, until she quickly realized they didn’t have sixty million dollars. Looking worried, she told her puddin’ to wait but then he showed her the phone, as it wasn't connected to the line. He was joking and labeled her stupid for not picking up on that. Harley tried to smile with a sheepish giggle. They continued to watch the auction together as it got tense. According to Joker, it was all up to Bruce, but Harley simply didn’t understand. But Bruce Wayne didn’t win the bids. At sixty-five million dollars another bidder had pipped him to the post, but then all hell broke loose.The lights turned off in the auction as a chandelier crashed to the floor. In the next moment, it was clear the Blue Cat was stolen, as the information of the theft was broadcasted during the auction. The Joker shouted at the television before picking it up and smashing it to the ground for good measure, claiming that was what happened when you worked with amateurs. He asked Harley to bring him a phone as he needed to make a call, to which she joked, offering him the one she already knew to be broken. After getting an actual phone, however, the Joker tapped in a certain number and dialed straight through to Batman.He had agreed to meet Batman at an abandoned factory. He’d brought a lot of people there, so Harley simply sat on the sidelines. It turned out steps made quite comfortable seats when you didn’t have another choice. She had her baseball bat in hand, but wasn’t feeling overly excited. Her puddin’ had promised her a birthday present and instead, Joker had only gone and given himself a bunch of soldiers, which wasn’t cool. A smile did creep up on her face, though, as Joker revealed that her present should have been arriving any minute. Harley asked whether her present was what she thought it was, but Joker trailed off, claiming it landed on Bruce Wayne caring about his reputation or the girl he’d previously kidnapped. Speaking of which, that reminded Harley to tell Joker that the surveillance monitor to their cellar, where the girl was being held captive, had gone black. Harley even popped a strip of bubblegum into her mouth to keep her occupied.By the time the Joker brought the girl up from the cellar, Batman had arrived. As Batman gripped the Joker, she swung her bat around the back of his head telling the brute to let go of her puddin’. Joker applauded her, then asked her to frisk him to find it. Bending down, feeling through the Batman’s utility belt, she slyly commented that she was digging his Bat-Butt. That was when she found the Blue Cat diamond necklace. With it in her grasps, Joker officially wished her a happy birthday. It was wonderful and proceeded to tell him that she loved him over and over, planting a soft kiss to the cheek. He informed her that he already knew, but the celebrations were cut short by Batman. With the diamond in his possession, Joker now had to let the girl go. Harley wasn’t fully paying attention to the exchange, doing up the clasp on the necklace instead.That was until she saw Joker point the barrel of his gun straight at the kid, knocking it out of the way with the baseball bat in her hand. Between them, they had agreed not to kill any kids. Fathers, mothers, uncles, and cats were okay, but grannies and kids were off the menu. According to the Joker, it was all for show, to make the Batman suffer, shouting at her that she had spoiled it. But it had genuinely looked real, so real to her, not that that stopped her from apologizing. That’s when he turned the tables, claiming he was getting a headache and calling Harley’s existence annoying as she was supposedly never happy with anything, always opting to argue. Pointing the barrel at her, he did his best to frown despite his makeup. After all, they had never agreed not to kill each other. Harley protested as if he was to pull the trigger, it was over between the two of them and the shot went off with a Blam!It seemed Joker wasn’t the only one to have brought backup, as Catwoman pushed Harley to the ground out of the way of the shot, grabbing the Blue Cat necklace as she went. Despite being on the floor, she reached out to grab Catwoman’s ankle, ready to swing her bat at her. Harley demanded Catwoman gave the necklace back. A boot to the face and Harley was out cold, the diamond now Catwoman’s to keep. Harley didn't see the rest of what happened that night, only awoke in the factory with a pounding headache and Archie the clown at her side. Mista’ J hadn’t been seen since. Without the Joker around, Harley spent a lot of her time crying, trying to move past the heartache of what she believed was bereavement, trying to spend her better days convincing Archie to become the next Crime Boss in honor of the Joker. Despite the pain she was feeling, Harley was trying to find a way to continue. But in his twisted way, the Joker always seemed to find a way to come back, even supposedly back from the ‘dead’.

This plot is taken from the Birds of Prey television series that aired in 2002 featuring Mia Sara as a highly psychopathic yet controlled version of Harley Quinn, typically under the name of Harleen Quinzel. This is a world where Huntress fights alongside Oracle and a teen Black Canary to help control New Gotham, a city Harleen wants for herself after the death of the Joker. This is not to be confused with Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn (2020) which is listed under Worlds of DC.

>> [ Birds of Prey (2002) ]

Acting as therapist for Huntress’, known as Helena, Dr. Harleen Quinzel tries to get to the bottom of Helena’s anger management after her referral by the courts. It was her last session, but Harleen wished to see her more, even if Helena now believed she was officially sane. Harleen knew Helena didn’t have to come back, but also knew that Helena didn’t feel like she could trust anyone, and Harleen could help with that, if Helena let her. She shook her head, so Dr. Quinzel asked the hard question; why was it so difficult for her to let people in? It had been seven years to the day, of Selina Kyle’s death and Helena told Harleen that it was only after her mother was killed that she found out Bruce Wayne, the billionaire, was her father. Harleen couldn’t quite understand it as most people would be excited to have a billionaire philanthropist for a father, but Helena only wanted one thing from him.It wasn’t his money, or his social status, she just wanted him to find the man that had killed her mother, and she wanted him dead. The second part, wasn’t something he could deliver. In what would turn out to be a contradictory statement, Harleen made a perfectly valid comment, after all, no one could just go around killing people. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard that, but if it was the other way around, her mother would have done it without hesitation and they hadn’t been together for years. That was where Helena’s own beliefs came into play, as she realized that her mother had taught her well, and that she wasn’t to rely on anyone but herself.Harleen was next seen taking a shower, as villain Slick, a meta-human who could turn himself into water, seemingly came through her water pipes to greet his boss. It was like she was expecting it as the blonde didn’t hesitate, simply telling him that if he was looking for his paycheck she didn’t reward failures. He interrupted, calling her beautiful, exclaiming that he had done his job as he got her a truck, and that she didn’t mention anything about the police. All she did was ask him to hijack one armored truck which she was assured he could do in his sleep and yet, he’d been arrested for the matter. Getting caught wasn’t an option when you worked for Harley Quinn. Reaching out to grip him, he asked his baby to calm down, a shocked, almost scared look on his face. She laughed as he tried to convince her that no one had to lose any body parts here. Harley asked him not to be so sure. Okay, so she’d only been in New Gotham for a few months and maybe usually, this kind of screw up still passed for crime in this city. But now she was here, it was all about to change.Her hand kept running across the male’s chest, her sultry tone almost distracting him from her words, but after the Joker got locked up in a prison far away from the city, the city was going to pay for what they did to her sweet Mr. J. In a quick movement, she turned the male around, he cheek flat against the glass panel of her shower as she told him exactly what she wanted. She wanted vengeance that would only be spoken of in terrified whispers for generations. Asking him whether he understood, the male said no, which made her eyes roll. To put it simply to the idiot, she was going to take over New Gotham. Slick asked her whether she was seeing someone about her mood swings, but Harleen had decided to give him one more chance and, in a flirtatious tone, reminded him that he wouldn’t let her down this time.In her office, Slick showed up, manifesting out of his water state. As Harleen was reading a newspaper, he asked her if she was catching up on current events. The headline read of a man who had killed an ex-girlfriend, followed by himself. Harleen expressed that the story had professional interest as the man had been a patient. Joking, he asked if he didn’t take to therapy, but that wasn’t how Harleen would put it. She told the patient that the key to his mental wellbeing was to express his rage, so the headline wasn’t bad work for an amateur. He asked why. As a super villain, she had a day job, as it made no sense. But to her, her patients weren’t work but more like hobbies, like golf they were recreational.Changing the subject, but still on point, she asked whether he’d heard of the Greek goddess she wandered around her office, she explained that she knew she looked like the ultimate career woman but that all she’d built up had meant nothing to her. She felt unfulfilled and fully believed the child would give her what she needed. She and the Joker had always wanted kids in her mind and with her Mista’ J there was only one way to have a kid with her green eyes and his green hair now. As she spoke, she gripped Melvin’s hair forcefully, using it to get him to look at her whilst she was speaking. Instead of looking at her, however, he scrunched his eyes closed so she let go. With the Joker gone, and a want of a baby on her own, the best she could do was have the doctor custom make the baby for her. Her biological clock was ticking, and so she felt the need for him to be returned now. Almost professionally, Melvin acknowledged that he would get the baby back. But Harleen assured him he’d do nothing of the sort, as the pocket protector brigade certainly wasn’t up to the task. She decided that she would outsource, bringing in professionals for the retrieval. Only then, with the baby back in her possession, would she decide if Dr. Melvin would be killed or not.As the professionals arrived at her office, Harleen asked the male to introduce himself and his friends. He seemed a little confused as she was a psychiatrist, and Harleen agreed as it was a part of who she was. She very much doubted he told people at cocktail parties that he was a mercenary for hire, willing to kill as brutally as necessary if the price was right. He admitted usually left out the killing part, which was precisely her point as she usually left out her plan over the whole of New Gotham to bring the city to its knees. That was why she wanted to hire the hitman. Due to what she called a regrettable level of incompetence in the scientific profession, she had lost an integral part of her plan, the baby. She needed the mercenary to bring him back to her. Now she had briefed him on the task, Harleen wanted to know why the male she was talking to and his assistants were right for the job. To prove her point, he grabbed a sharp knife off her table and threw it at one of his assistants, who caught it mid-flight inches from his nose. With a shocked, but impressed look on her face, the men could consider themselves hired.As they proceeded to search for the baby boy, Harleen and her mercenary came across the lair in which he was developed alongside the scientist who aided his creation, lying on the floor surrounded by broken glass. She labelled the scene delicious, commenting that he must have come home to find his daddy. Checking the body’s temperature, confirming him to be dead, Harleen noted that it was nice work. The death had been quick and precise and was, therefore, perfect in her mind. This was why she was so anxious to find him. The mercenary smirked, wondering how it was possible for a baby to have created such a mess. But he had grown up fast. Harleen explained that he was designed to go through an entire human life cycle in three days, making him the perfect child for a busy career woman. He was low maintenance, she was able to sleep, and he didn’t live long enough to ask her to borrow her car. It made sense to the mercenary but he did wonder aloud why she couldn’t get another one. The issue was, this child was nothing more than a prototype to be perfected into a blueprint for her baby assassins. They would grow to be completely loyal to her and would do mommy’s bidding.Loyal seemed questionable, though, as the mercenary questioned whether Harleen had asked him to do this. This mess was one he had created on his own. Free will was pesky, and apparently the scientist hadn't bioengineered it out of the boy. That was just another thing on his to-do list he hadn't been able to achieve. However, they were here because Harleen still believed the child was controllable. Reaching down, Harleen took what appeared to be a remote control from the breast pocket of her dead assistant. This remote could tap into her boy's programming. All they had to do now was track him down. Back at her office, Harleen's hunters intercepted a police call. A Caucasian blond in his mid-teens has started a riot at a teen bar in New Gotham. They labelled him violent and extremely dangerous. With a smirk, Harleen noted that was her boy and went off in pursuit.At the club, Harleen was walking towards the danger with two of her men at her side. He had such a flair for destruction, and people were running away, coughing from the smoke. She smiled as the building was engulfed in flames but he was no longer at the crime scene. Harleen doubted he had travelled too far, though. Telling her men to go find her baby, she told them that it wouldn't be too difficult as all they had to do was follow the mayhem. On her controller, Harleen tapped the screen to enable his programming to shift to allow his instinctively violent behaviors to come through. Huntress was found with the boy, whom she had called Guy, in a nearby park. The men failed to capture him, although his attack instinct had some up his aging process. Although Harleen had never found him, Guy died that night amongst the Birds of Prey.Harleen was not impressed when this news reached her ears. The woman who constantly thwarted her plans was still alive and unidentified, the prototype that had been her child was now completely lost and the ability to create more went in the meantime as the scientist working on the project had been killed. She asked her mercenary how this had happened and he explained that they seemed to work together with a coordinated attack against them. He likened them to a team but he had been programmed to kill her and anything in his path. That led Harleen to wonder aloud how she had done it, as she had no idea what would have been more powerful than the neural mess. The mercenary's answer was not helpful, as he implied the power of friendship had cost Harleen millions of dollars in bioengineering research and surgical procedures.She had been pacing behind the male she was talking to, but now leaned in close, her arms wrapped around him as she leaned into his ear. That idea was insane. She stroked his head as she supposed there was an upside. Grabbing his head with both hands, she snapped it to the side, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. As he smelt his hair, she smiled, at least they gave her the mercenary back so she could kill him herself. That made her feel better. Harleen pushed him forward in his chair and slapped him on the back before walking over to take a look-out at the view of the city skyline. Whoever they were, Harleen knew they were out there somewhere, and she vowed to find them.A few days later, Harleen was meeting with an associate. She made it very clear that it was important not to withhold anything from her as she asked how the last few days had been for him. He declared that things had been profitable, holding a briefcase of money and gold out to her. She flicked through one of the money stacks to check its legitimacy, and it was clean. All the money but not a single death seemed like such a waste to her. He declared that she was a difficult lady to please but he knew the way to her heart. Courtesy of Gotham's Upper Crust, he held out a small handful of diamonds just for her. Picking them up she was in awe, and she could buy such pretty things with them like guns, bombs, and shoes. Planning a fashionable overthrow of the city was so expensive. He chuckled at the comment as he informed her he had a new member for his team, claiming Harleen would like her as she was a natural-born thief. Harleen had still been admiring the diamonds but she acknowledged a woman like that could prove useful. When the time was right, Harleen wished to meet her. Unbeknownst to the blonde, this new member was in fact Huntress, working under the nickname Cat. The associate was subsequently captured by Huntress and left for the police, meaning that Harleen had lost another ally.She couldn't dwell on the matter as she had another therapy session with Helena. Dr. Quinzel asked whether Helena and her policeman friend had worked things out. She admitted that they came to an understanding for the moment. She smiled and called it a beginning for the two of them. Dr. Quinzel seemed to ponder on this thought as first times were hard as they had to compromise. Helena knew she didn't play well with others, and Harleen told her that there was nothing wrong not compromising with people. Helena denied that, as that would leave her to be lonely and isolated. Dr. Quinzel asked why Helena worried about other people as she would always be there, which gave Helena something to think about.This detective later came to see Dr. Quinzel at her office. Harleen divulged in the art of profiling, discovering the origin moment for a person underneath all of their layers, their bedrock personality traits. It was from there the reconstruction of a killer’s mind could begin. He asked for insight into a case he was working on, his killer known only to him as the Crawler. Detective Reese wanted a little clarification on whether that meant the killer’s first kill. It wasn’t quite that simple, as Dr. Quinzel explained that she would want to know what happened to the killer that turned him from a ‘normal’ person into his current persona, what he was now. She believed there was always a single defining moment at which everything changed, or when he turned into a vicious, sadistic killer to use Reese’s terminology. Dr. Quinzel suspected that it was all in the eye of the beholder, as the Crawler would presumably see himself very differently and could even see his own actions as heroic.That was a confusing concept for the detective to understand, as the killer sought out helpless young women. The doctor argued that the killer may simply be seeking out targets he felt needed to be punished but she wasn’t sure what they were being punished for. He seemed to choose victims in relationships which she suspected would help answer that question. That thought made the killer seem almost rational in his attacks, but maybe he was just trying to find something he had lost, whether that was youth, happiness, or even love given his victims. All the detective had to do was look for a trigger, a suspect with a badly broken relationship in his past as someone at some point had been very cruel to their suspect. If he found that, he’d find the killer. Detective Reese labelled the doctor’s insight into the criminal mind as very impressive. It was a fascinating study to her, as she found that evil was much more interesting than good.The killer she had spoken about was apprehended and taken to Arkham Asylum. Having piqued her interest, Dr. Quinzel opted to visit him. She peered in front of his cell, asking him to talk about himself. He informed her that he was into abductions, mostly, but also enjoyed torture and murder as it was all about the pain. That was interesting, and she wandered around the edge of his cell whilst she questioned his choice for picking lovers. Harleen wondered aloud if he had something against love. He denied that, but did think that not everyone deserves love. He noted that she was the Joker’s girlfriend and asked her what that was like. She told him not to be psychotic, as she was just a doctor. He knew things about split identities, warning her to drop her act. He called her Dr. Quinzel, before asking whether she preferred Harley Quinn. It was obvious that was a name that Harleen hadn’t heard for a long time but she remained silent and tried to simply stare him out.

He tried to change the topic, asking whether she could get him out of his cell, and presumably the asylum itself, offering to give her whatever she wanted. Harleen stepped inside his cell, wondering what he could possibly have that would interest her. He explained that he almost had Huntress, the woman Harleen had been looking out for. Clarifying that he knew who Huntress was, the man didn’t answer but simply smirked. It was the start of some form of alliance. She didn't have too much time to dwell on this alliance however, as she had another therapy session for Helena.Dr. Quinzel spoke to Helena, who claimed she had been feeling better than she had been for a long time. She asked what attributed to this more cheerful outlook, but Helena wasn't sure, but things seemed to have just been working out. The police officer she had been talking about previously was someone Helena had decided to trust and had told him about whom she really was. Harleen probed for a little more information, but apparently it was hard to explain. Dr. Quinzel informed her patient that if she was serious about therapy, about dealing with her unresolved issues, then she was going to have to share her life with Harleen. It wasn't that she didn't want to share, but Helena didn't dive any deeper.She was grateful for everything Dr. Quinzel had done for her but she felt as if they had gone as far as they could together, within her therapy sessions. She wanted to end therapy, but Harleen admitted that they were both still discovering who she was. Helena apologized but claimed she had to go, ending the session fifteen minutes early herself. Helena thanked Harleen for everything, but Harleen asked for Helena to see her just one more time so they could tie up loose ends, but Helena only said that she would try. Dr. Quinzel shook Helena's hand but grasped it for a moment too long, as Helena tried to leave but couldn't pull her hand away. Harleen smiled away the motion as it let go, but appeared a little startled by Helena's exit.Harleen decided to blow off some steam at a fashion show for Gotham's Elite, she was conversing with a few men with a glass of champagne. She seemed to be keeping an eye of her surroundings as she watched the women parade on the catwalk. Some models on the catwalk went rogue, a team assembling as they took the show hostage. The bartender that had been serving Harleen jumped over the bar, gun drawn. She wasn't phased, watching in awe at the surrounding chaos. Chaos was something she needed to create herself, and she was so close to breaking free of her own routines.That was when she spotted her patient Helena, beating up the ringleader of the hostage team. Dr. Quinzel thought it was rather impressive but it was okay as she understood that this was the part of her life Helena couldn't tell her about. She appeared confused, but in a way it made sense as Helena agreed with her. Now she knew the truth, Dr. Quinzel suggested therapy once more, as she believed she really could help. It was another comment Helena agreed with, which made Harleen smile. Helena's secret was out, but that mission was over and it was almost time for the Grand Finale.A final therapy session for Helena, as Harleen watched her look out of the window with a smile on her face. She seemed to be enjoying the snow out of the window. Helena felt as if she had been born again and Dr. Quinzel agreed it was a major transition, and writers throughout the ages had used the same idea of rebirth to explain similar feelings. Helena had exposed herself, revealed her secret identity and crossed the threshold that had been holding her back. She was no longer defined by her secret. She was just Helena now. Harleen wanted to try one more exercise and asked Helena to close her eyes. Helena admitted she didn't do closed eyes, but Dr. Quinzel tried to coax her with a smile as Helena could trust her. She seemed hesitant but did as asked.Harleen started circling Helena, asking her to answer without thinking too hard. She wanted to know for each answer whether it was Huntress answering, or Helena. Harleen toyed with her, telling her that she was worrying her secret was going to get out, as she couldn't stay in the dark forever. Helena responded by declaring she had a job to do that she couldn't do if everyone knew who she was. When asked why, Helena explained that there was an advantage to having an air of mystery. The fewer people knew, the more of an edge she had. Harleen questioned who did know her best, and her response was Barbara and Alfred. A little probe and Helena told Harleen it was Alfred Pennyworth, who had been her dad's butler and seemed like he had been around forever. He had been keeping an eye on her and the others.The word others piqued Harleen’s interest, her professionalism slipping as she questioned who the others were. Helena didn't give any more, but there were other people with secrets like hers. A change of questioning, and Dr. Quinzel asked how many there were. In New Gotham, Helena recalled three; Barbara, Dinah and herself. She seemed satisfied with the response, but Helena was uneasy. Things were changing. Harleen offered her the chance to tell her. According to Helena, Barbara told someone the secret too but she thought it was someone Barbara was falling in love with. Harleen asked whether that had been a mistake, which Helena denied, as Wade Brixton made her happy. They worked at the same high school. Mulling over the thoughts, Harleen almost smiled. Harleen joked that soon they should take out a full page ad to unload all their secrets to New Gotham.On a more serious note, Harleen told Barbara that secrets strained the soul, paralyzed the body, and she wouldn't be any kind of psychiatrist if she didn't do anything she could to relieve her of the burden. A quick glance at the clock, however, and the pair were out of time. The session of over and it was now the official end of Helena's therapy. With a thank you, Helena reached out to hug Dr. Quinzel, thanking her again for her services. Harleen simply thanked her in return, as it was every bit as satisfying for her as it was for Helena. With a charming smile as she said her goodbyes, it seemed Helena had been down to share enough information for Harleen to get what she wanted.At an undisclosed location within New Gotham, Harleen had been the head of a little project; a metahuman transfer machine. She was sitting in one of the chairs linked to the machine, as a researcher who had been working for her admitted it hadn't been synced up yet. She was impatient, however, as she was ready and wanted the machine to work now. Harleen asked the male to say he was ready, but the researcher was unconvinced. The machine wasn't calibrated and he didn't know if it was stable, but Harleen wasn't listening to his excuses, talking over him. She wanted to just do this thing. Regardless of his concerns, he complied and Harleen sat back. Next to her was an unconscious metahuman and the idea was for her to take the powers from this metahuman. With the flick of a switch, the lights went out and sparks flew. The blonde had a brave smile on her face as the metal plates either side of her head sent a current through her brain.After a moment the machine powered down and the lights came back on, concerned for the metahuman, the researcher checked him out only to find he had been killed during the transfer of his power. Harleen, however, felt very much alive. The machine was destroyed in the process, but that didn't matter if her transfer was successful. The doctor was panicking, convinced he could make another, but Harleen shushed him and asked him to relax as maybe it had worked. She asked him if he would do anything she asked, her eyes shifting to a whirl of color, causing the doctor to fall into a hypnotic state and follow her lead exactly. He patted his head, and hopped, which was quite the entertainment for Harleen. The problem was he knew too much. She asked the doctor to run and jump out of the window so he would no longer be a concern. In short, the transfer had worked, and the hypnotic power that the metahuman had was now Harley's. She believed herself to be unstoppable.She wandered over to the metahuman hang out, No Man's Lands collectibles. Walking her way up to the bar, she asked whether the bartender knew how to make a Red Devil before taking a seat. He smiled and introduced himself as Gibson, sliding her drink across the table before shaking her hand. Harleen shook it, returning the introductions. After confirming she was the Doctor Harleen Quinzel the male was familiar with, he admitted they had a friend in common. She questioned it, before the male explained that he knew Helena Kyle as she was a very close friend of his. How wonderfully coincidental. He thought a moment before realizing that Dr. Quinzel wasn't a meta, questioning how she got in. Harleen admitted that was true, as she hadn't become a metahuman until just recently. He didn't understand but he didn't need to as he just needed to listen. She was here to test a theory, and asked him whether he would do anything she asked. He couldn't imagine why he would disobey the word of Dr. Quinzel. She corrected him, now it was Harley Quinn.She asked him to bark, just to see if it was working, and he said bark, as opposed to mimicking a dog. Harley corrected her words, and the male asked her what kind of dog before reeling off a list for her to choose from. Harley allowed him to pick before a high-pitched bark left his lips, declaring that it was a chihuahua. He also gave her a list of animals that barked that weren't dogs, including hyenas and tree frogs. His information was annoying her quickly, so she simply asked him to stop, and the male fell quiet. Although this was her first test on a metahuman, it seemed to her that he was just as susceptible as everybody else. There was, however, one more thing she was curious about. She wanted him to lose his mind, his sanity flicked off as the male lost control working off animal instinct as a riot was kick-started at No Man's Land.Harleen has left hoping her plan had worked, deciding to wait in her office. Sure enough, Helena had found Gibson in his psychotic state and thought it best that Dr. Harleen Quinzel should handle the matter. With a soft smile, she took a step forward, noting aloud that someone obviously needed her help. Helena admitted that Dr. Quinzel was the only person she could think that she thought could help. Hypnotizing Helena, Harley used her to get information from Barbara who had just confirmed Harleen's ID, knowing her to now have hypnotic powers. Under Harley's control, Helena knocked Barbara out before returning to Quinzel's office.Helena admitted to Harley that Barbara knew. Questioning how, Helena admitted to hitting her, which would have most certainly given it away. She did, however, bring what Harley wanted. It was a disc that contained blueprints of the Clock Tower and all of its defenses and security and computer systems, so Harleen could make her way inside unscathed. Gibson started babbling to himself about nothing, but with a quick word Harley silenced him once more as she had a question for Helena. Harley wanted to know why Helena hadn't killed Barbara. Helena wasn't sure, but Gibson had an answer. Superheroes didn't kill no matter how hard they hit. Helena wondered whether it was because Harley hadn't directly told her, to which Harley admitted to being an oversight which she would soon remedy.Under Harley's control, Helena went after Dinah and her police friend, following a little way behind her. On the scene, Harley walked up to one of the police officers as he asked whether he could help her, and Harley had a few ideas on how he and a few of his men could. Back inside, Barbara showed up using a bright white light to hypnotize Helena and rescue Dinah and the cop she had captured, explaining that Harleen was the big bad that they had been looking for. With Helena distracting the team, Harley took advantage using the cops she had gathered from the scene and Gibson to head into the clock tower unnoticed.As the doors opened, Harley revealed a slight change in outfit. A red top with black diamonds with one cut-out panel and a bright smile on her face. Harley felt right at home. She was immediately comfortable as she looked around, but the place wasn't as empty as she had hoped. Barbara's new boyfriend asked who Harley was, and she returned the question with intrigue. He introduced himself as Wade as Harley wandered around him, claiming that she had been having the best day. New Gotham's Finest were protecting and serving her, and Huntress was doing her bidding. Harley was unaware that the hypnosis had been broken on her. Here she was, though, about to move into her new home and the man Barbara Gordon loves was right in front of her. Wondering whether he would do anything she asked, Harley asked Wade to kiss her, to complete the fantasy in her mind. She wrapped her arms around him before revealing a knife in her hand, stabbing him. As he went limp in her arms, Harley asked him to kiss her goodnight before collapsing to the floor. She smiled, borderline laughing as he was at her feet.A ringing phone brought her out of her head as Harley rushed over to answer, admitting she was disappointed that Barbara hadn't been there to welcome her into her new home. It obviously wasn't the voice she'd been expecting on the other end of the line. Asking what was the matter, Barbara applauded how witty Quinzel had been. With a smile, Harley corrected her by reintroducing herself as Harley Quinn. Quite soon the city, or at least what was left of it, would be hers. Barbara asked her not to count on it, but what was she going to do. Helena wasn't playing on Barbara's team anymore and had told her about lots of useful things about Barbara and Dinah and the Clock Tower, and now she was about to make her dream come true, all thanks to Helena Kyle. Barbara's friend, and betrayer. Barbara tried to defend Helena, claiming she hadn't betrayed anyone, as the Helena she knew had nothing to do with it. That was funny, and spoken like a true friend as she was so sure, so Harley asked Barbara another question. How would she feel if Harley told her that it was Helena who told her about Barbara's lover boy and sweetheart, Wade. Harley knelt down to stroke the male's hair as she wondered whether it would flick a switch deep in Barbara's psyche. Harley smirked, admitting that she and Wade had kissed, and that she had stabbed him in the heart, and that he was now dead. She asked again how Barbara felt before ending the call, leaving her to contemplate those emotions.As the phone call ended, Harley and her companion Gibson were virtually dancing around the Clock Tower pressing buttons as they pleased, Gibson imitating a marching band. She shut him up with a hand over his mouth, and with a few more adjustments she had every screen in Gotham receiving her signal. Her signal was a close up of her eye in its hypnotizing state, believing it could help everyone to listen to her command. Gibson was just as excited as Harley declared that she was going to send the city mad, or stark-raving full metal jacket nuts to be precise. She clapped in delight and laughed, knowing the city would be on its knees. With a click she summoned Alfred, she needed a drink. Alfred offered her a bottle of something strong from Master Bruce's private stock. That sounded perfect. Giddy with joy, she held Gibson, bouncing on her feet as Alfred went to prepare the drinks.

Harley had made herself a seat, Alfred polishing her shoes, as Helena finally decided to show up. Harley asked what happened, as she had been worried about her. Helena admitted to killing Dinah and the cop slowly, so had taken her time. Harley started to believe that Helena had a future in her organization. Helena took a step closer, as Harley took her hands in her own to take a closer look. Helena questioned whether her makeup was running again, which Harley denied as Helena looked lovely. Harley told her to rest and eat, as they had work to do later. Helena wandered off and Harley stroked Gibson, who was sitting by her side like a lost puppy. Instead of following orders, however, Helena had gone to try to bypass the security but was caught by Alfred. Mistress Harley would be sorely disappointed.Helena was rounded up back in the main room of the Clock Tower under the watchful eye of Harley Quinn, held in place by two officers. The blonde smiled, licking Helena's cheek before slapping her in the face. Harley admitted that she could do this all night. That had been one of Helena's two favorite sentences. Harley asked how Helena had managed to break her hypnotic spell. Helena wondered whether it was because she was psycho, which earned her a punch in the face. Gibson ran to hide, and Helena thought about her words. Harley wasn't just a psycho, but an evil psycho, which earned her a second punch. It seemed that didn't phase her, as Helena corrected herself once more. Harley Quinn was an evil psycho bitch. The punches weren't doing enough, so Harley took a step back and roundhouse-kicked her in the side of her head.Helena asked whether that was all she got, much to the blonde’s annoyance but she was impressed. Brushing Helena’s hair out of her face for her as she’d taken the beatings a long time, cupping her cheeks as Helena admitted she had to. There was always some superhero code, wasn’t there. Harley took a step back as Helena seemingly denied that idea, but as she shook her chains again Helena admitted that she’d only been taking her beating to give Alfred enough time to disable the security system, having broken Harley’s hypnosis on her. She was confused as to how, but as Alfred returned, he was all set for Mistress Helena. He recommended that Mistress Harley bottles this; an assault rifle he had loaded and ready.Harley smirked, clearly they had an antidote. That was annoying, but at least all she had to do was give her another dose. But that was a no-go as Helena admitted she was wearing contacts developed to directly counteract the effects of her hypnotic power. Harley sighed, that was nice, but who was Helena kidding, Alfred was like a hundred years old, her guards would kill him in like two seconds. Helena believed it was going to be a little more interesting than Harley thought. As if on cue, Barbara and Dinah swung in, breaking through the main window of the Clock Tower, and a fight started. Reece backed up Dinah as she was nearly taken out as Harley focused on Helena, trying to use her gymnastic ability to beat her. It was a closely fought fight between Helena and Harley, and they exchanged blows. She was knocked to the floor several times but even a kick to the head couldn’t keep her down. She jumped up, onto one of the higher walkaways, closely followed by Barbara, who narrowly missed her.She wanted to know where Wade was, and Harley smirked. He was gone, and she had to ask whether it bothered Barbara to know that her lips were the last his had touched. In anger, Barbara kicked Harley down and she scrambled backwards to try to get away. This fight was far more scrappy as the pair fought between themselves, breaking many items of furniture and a few glasses in the process. In a quick motion, Barbara had the upper hand, pointing a blade right at Harley’s throat as she pinned her to the balcony. Harley laughed. She’d seen it, he was sweet and tender and there was a cute trickle of blood running to him as he died. She threatened a little more directly with the knife, ready to slash Harley’s throat, but Helena called out to stop her, joining the pair on the balcony.According to Barbara, there was nothing left to say, but she was wrong. Helena had been saved by Barbara so many times, it was time for her to return the favor. Revenge might dull the pain, but the less that was felt, the less they were. Barbara was convinced at that moment that her own words were a lie. But Helen knew they didn’t kill, and she’d have taken Wade’s place if she could, which was weirdly sweet of her. Helena couldn’t let her kill Harley Quinn, as it made them less. Harley winced, closing her eyes as the pressure of the blade seemed to increase for a moment, before Barbara decided to pull away, and pull Harley onto the balcony, instead of pushing her over the edge. She was down and out, and soon Barbara was too, having only temporary use of her own legs. Presumably she was escorted to the nearest facility, but it wasn’t likely to hold her, for now she was a meta-human. They just didn’t know it.

This is set during World War II so Nazism and the Nazi Regime will be mentioned. I don’t want to offend or cause any harm to any of you but it is a prominent theme. Also please be aware that the end of this plot is considerably jumpy. A lack of Harley’s involvement jumping through the end of the main storyline makes rounding off this retelling difficult without it becoming irrelevant.

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